Putting four wrestlers into the Howard County finals, the Wilde Lake Wildecats have taken a lead in the weekend tournament over Glenelg and Reservoir to hopefully seal the 2011 county title.

With 112-pound state champion Alex Polonsky pinning his way to the county finals, ilde Lake added three wrestlers to Polonsky’s lead, seeing Marcus Coffield decision in the 135-pound semis,  and both Alvin Harris (171) and Zathy Ndiang (189) advance to the final round.

Just three points behind the leader, Glenelg and Reservoir sit tied for second in the team standings, taking three and five wrestlers into the county finals, respectively.

Reservoir will start the finals early with Mason Kilcarr taking the mat at 103, and will follow with Seth Rowell (130), Donovan Peek (140), Mark Colabucci (171) and Josh Hamilton (285).

Glenelg won’t see a finalist till the 140-pound final, but will then be there for four bouts with Parker Dymond (140), Jack Borkowski (145) and Charles Walla (160).

Dymond pulled an upset at 140, earning a 13-4 decision over the weight’s number one seed,

Oakland Mills enters the finals with five wrestlers, seeing Zach Hensley (103), Tony Farace (112), Jerry Fumba (135), Alex DuQuang (152) and  Joey Yarn (160) all earn semifinal wins, with Farace pinning quickly in his semifinal bout to see Polonsky in the finals.

The battle will consist of two state champions, battling for not only a lonely county title, but pride and seeding rights in the regions and states.

River Hill fell back in the standings to fifth, but two wrestlers in Cameron Kirby, pinning in the first period to take on Reservoir’s Rowell at 130, and Jacob Benedict at 215.

Team Scores after semifinals:

1. Wilde Lake 157
2. Glenelg 154
3. Reservoir 154
4. Oakland Mills 145.5
5. River Hill 141.5
6. Mount Hebron 112
7. Hammond 109
8. Centennial 64.5
9. Marriotts Ridge 64
10. Atholton 51
11. Howard 29
12. Long Reach 10

Howard County Semifinal Results:

Mason Kilcarr (RES) maj dec 13-0 Ethan Eckley (WLK)
Zach Hensley (OKM) fall 5:11 Taariq Mohammed (RH)

Tony Farace (OKM) fall :37 Hans Wicklein (RES)
Alex Polonsky (WLK) fall 3:50 Colin Morse (MRR)

Iam Hochuli (MRR) fall 2:58 Eric Lee (RES)
Alex Stewart (MTH) dec 7-6 Ryan Carter (GLE)

Nathan Kraisser (CEN) tech fall 18-1 Ryan Blum (RH)
Drew Vickers (MTH) maj dec 11-1 Ethan Trinh (WLK)

Cameron Kirby (RH) fall 1:47 Zach Fernande (MTH)
Seth Rowell (RES) forfeit Richie Randall (OKM)

Marcus Coffield (WLK) dec 3-1 Macon Stanley (CEN)
Jerry Fumba (OKM) dec 10-3 John Milani (GLE)

Parker Dymond (GLE) dec 13-6 Tola Morankinlo (WLK)
Donovan Peek (RES) dec 7-5 Brett Kaufman (ATH)

Jack Borkowski (GLE) maj dec 14-2 David Ulysse (OKM)
Bryan Overton (HAM) dec 3-2 Cory Daniel (RH)

Alex DoQuang (OKM) fall 1:50 Kyle Eckart (HOW)
Mathias Ngang (HAM) dec 9-7 Anthony Pagnotta (GLE)

Charles Walls (GLE) dec 6-1 Ryan Noonan (RH)
Joey Yarn (OKM) fall 5:30 William Kelly (HAM)

Mark Colabucci (RES) tech fall 19-2 Logan Kirby (RH)
Alvan Harris (WLK) dec 6-2 David Pruett (GLE)

Zathy Ndiang (WLK) fall 1:26 Glenn Lucas (GLE)
Jon Iwaskiw (MTH) maj dec 16-8 Omar Messallam (RH)

Jacob Benedict (RH) fall 5:03 Matt Herlihy (RES)
Baldwin Asala (HAM) maj dec 8-0 Matt Gochar (GLE)

Josh Hamilton (RES) fall 5:58 Nick Hoyt (GLE)
Payton Rose (HAM) dec 7-3 AJ Wade (MTH)