Bridgette Andrzejewski, McDonogh School

Bridgette AndrzejewskiMcDonogh soccer sensation Bridgette Andrzejewski has made history in her sport once again.

The talented striker who will play for the University of North Carolina next fall, has received scores of local and national honors and, in 2015, she becomes the first athlete, male or female, to be recognized as a Varsity Sports Network Athlete of the Year for a third time, as we are proud to name her our 2015 VSN Girls Soccer Player of the Year. In 2013, Andrzejewski shared the honor with teammate Anna Bialczak before claiming it for her own the last two years.

The choice was hardly difficult as Andrzejewski has proven herself as one of the best players in the country scoring 34 goals and adding 14 assists to complete her four year career with 107 goals and 38 assists.  A member of the Maryland United FC, Andrzejewski also has experience with the U.S. Women’s U20 National Team.

In addition to her natural talent, Andrzejewski’s success his rooted in her tremendous passion for the game.

“What motivated me to strive, improve and keep winning would be the passion I have for soccer. Ever since I started playing soccer I’ve only gained more passion each time I would play. It’s the feeling of achieving my goals and improving that makes me want to strive to the best I can be,” said Andrzejewski. “The success earlier in my career just makes me want to push myself even more to have even more success in my future. I never want to look back in my career and say I could have done more. I want to look back in my career and say I’ve done everything I could.”

One of the things she did to help progress her career was attend McDonogh.

“I definitely think that my career at Mcdonogh has helped me in my game, but I would say it’s how an individual pushes themselves. Playing with good players and getting coached by good coaches is a great opportunity, but it’s how an individual player either takes that for granted or uses that to become better. I reacted to that situation knowing that I pushed myself and had a strong mentality to only get better. I knew that pushing myself was not only making myself better, but made the players I played with better, and that will always stick with me.”

When asked to point out a significant moment in her career, Andrzejewski immediately turned to a game in her freshman year.

“There has honestly been so many great moments that I’ve had. The one that stands out the most is my freshman year playing Good Council. Going into my freshman year I was told that Good Council was one of McDonogh’s rivals. I remember going into that game so excited to play my first big game. I remember each goal I scored and how extremely happy I was leading my team as a freshman. We finished that game winning 5-4 and I scored three goals and had an assist. It was a game I will forever remember.”  

Andrzejewski expanded on her decision to attend the University of North Carolina.

“I chose UNC because I know that Coach Anson is going to make me the best player I can possibly be. Knowing how much success that UNC has had in the past with wining 22 National Championships made me believe that UNC is where I’ll reach my goals.”

The goals lean heavily on a desire play for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

“The statistics of UNC’s soccer team and how many girls join the national team in their career playing there is impeccable, and is the most out of any college in the country. That shows right there that Coach Anson develops players in a way that no other college coach is capable. Playing for the best coach in the country and with the best players in the country will open up my game to a whole other level.

“My goal for my college career is to become the best player I can be, while being a role model to children who have big dreams in soccer. I also want to win as many National Championships as I can playing at UNC. I want to be on the U.S. Women’s National Team and play professionally, overseas or in the United States, after college.”

There is nothing to suggest Andrzejewski won’t accomplish what she sets as a goal. She already has extensive experience on the national level, starting on the U.S. U13 National Team and working her way up through the various age levels.

“Knowing how much work I’ve put in at such an early age sets me apart from many players. Growing up through all the U.S. camps I’ve played in and everything that has made me become a better player, doesn’t give me one doubt that I will achieve this goal. It’ll take focus, passion, heart, and success in my career to be on the U.S. Women’s National Team. I strongly believe that I will one day be wearing the crest over my heart and representing my country on the U.S. Women’s National Team.”

Always prepared, Andrzejewski does have a Plan B and she will study nursing at UNC.

“I want to major in nursing because I have a strong passion for helping people.”