Video on the web is evolving rapidly and it is difficult for publishers to provide services that work with all technologies.  Our system works with nearly everything, but older web browsers seem to load our video player very slowly or not at all.  We are looking for solutions, but the fastest fix is to update your web browser.  It is free and takes just a few minutes.

If you prefer Internet Explorer, you should upgrade to version 8.0. Also, we highly recommend Firefox or Google Chrome, which work well in both PC’s and Mac’s.  Here is where you can download the various browsers.  We hope this helps and please share this message with others who experiencing problems with video.
Google Chrome
If you still have issuess viewing videos after upgranding your browser to the latest version, please send us an email to: and include the following information:

Browser Type —  Internet Explorer,  Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ,etc
Version:   Sample:  Internet Explorer 6,  Internet Explorer 7, etc

The Varsity Sports Network Team