Arundel junior wrestler Tyler Goodwin had a productive summer.  He made a trip to Brazil in July to compete in the Pan American Cadet Championships with Team USA.  

Goodwin went from an alternate to the gold medal winner in the 58-kilogram (127.75 pounds) freestyle weight class.  Last year, Goodwin was the state runner-up in the 125 weight class.

VSNHow long was the flight from Atlanta to Brazil? What did you do to occupy your time on that long flight?

The flight was 8-9 hours. But my plane had a touch screen TV on the back of the seat in front of me, so I played games on it for 9 hours straight.

VSNDid you get a chance to sightsee in Brazil, if so what was your favorite place?

We did get too look around a lot. We got there and I was only wrestling freestyle which gave me two days to wonder around. The Amazon River was like a mile down the road tops so we got to see that. But I liked going in the Brazil market area, that was fun.

VSNYou were selected as an alternate on the U.S. team, did you think you would get the chance to wrestle or would be a reserve?

No, not at all.  I didn’t think I would wrestle on the team.  I think you had to win Fila Cadets in Akron, Ohio. I ended up not going to the tournament and my dad just got a random e-mail asking if I was up for it because of my achievements at Fargo [Tournament] the year before.

VSNI heard a kid from another country stole your singlet? How did you get it back from him?

As bad as it sounds, I wasn’t there to play around or talk to my opponents until it was over.  Team Ecuador stole my singlet so I walked into their room and told me to give it back.  He [Dave Giron] acted like he didn’t steal anything and I couldn’t confront him about it because I’m not that good at Spanish. So I was in his room, I picked up two of their shirts and a warm up and walked out. And I said you’ll get it back when I get my singlet back.

VSNWinning the title in Brazil, how did it feel? Did you get to stand on the podium as the American anthem played?

It felt great because when I saw the medals from Greco, I was dying to get a gold of my own.  And yes the National Anthem played as I stood on the podium.

VSNDo you have any funny stories about the trip?

I guess a funny/ironic story was the kid that had stole my singlet was my second match. So I made that a physical match and went a little over aggressive.

VSNYou also wrestled in the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Virginia with other local area wrestlers, how did it go?

That was the most fun I have ever had a tournament. It was a last minute decision so I was thrown around weight classes.  I would go 130, 135, 130, 135.  I think I ended up 14-1.

VSNHow do you feel your summer helped you prepare for your upcoming season at Arundel?

I feel that I’m a better wrestler all around.  I think I’m stronger.  I’m still in shape from never getting a break.  And it’s a big confidence boost to go out of country and wrestle and win.

VSNSchool starts in a few days, are you ready to get back to the grind of being a student athlete?

Yes, I have actually just finished my first week of my junior year and I think it’s going to be the best year yet. I love going to Arundel.

VSNWhat is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I’d say most people don’t know is that even though I do not play the sport, I practice lacrosse at my house more than I practice wrestling.