Legendary Loyola coach Joe Brune and long-time school administrator John Stewart join the Turkey Bowl Tales team to share their memories

by Gary Adornato
Joe Brune was not only one of the greatest football coaches in Loyola Blakefield history, he was among the best in Maryland state history. Considered “old school,” Brune believed a player needed to prove his worth in the class room before bringing it to the field.
Coach Brune, who is a special guest on this week’s Turkey Bowl Tales podcast, played in the game for the Dons before going on to legendary career as coach. You’ll find his memories and stories priceless.
Joining Brune on this week’s episode is John Stewart, who spent many years as the Dean of Students at Loyola, where he played lacrosse and football. Eventually he returned to the school and coached under Brune in both football and lacrosse and eventually took over as the head lacrosse coach.
Enjoy the passion and memories as we continue this special podcast series leading up to the 100th anniversary of the Turkey Bowl.