EPSN national analyst Mel Kiper, a graduate of Calvert Hall, shares his Turkey Bowl memories; head coaches Donald Davis and Anthony Zehyoue conclude our series

by Gary Adornato
Just 24 hours from the 100th Turkey Bowl clash between Loyola and Calvert Hall we conclude our Turkey Bowl Tales with a double episode appetizer to get you ready for the big game.
In Episode 10, we’re going big time as ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, a graduate of Calvert Hall, shares his Turkey Bowl thoughts and memories.
We then conclude our 11-part series with Episode 11 featuring the two head coaches who will lead their teams onto the turf at Johnny Unitas Stadium for this historic encounter. Calvert Hall’s Donald Davis, now the dean of all MIAA coaches, and Loyola’s Anthony Zehyoue, a relative newcomer to Baltimore high school football and this traditional rivalry, share their perspectives on the game, both on the field and beyond.

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