Odds are, if you see Nathan Kraisser’s name on a wrestling bracket sheet, it will be the only name left undefeated at the end of the tournament.  He has won nearly every tournament he was participated in.

And that is what the junior displayed yet again this past weekend, taking to the War on the Shore and winning the 125-pound weightclass in his first ever attempt.

“It is a great experience, and it is good to come into a new environment and do well,” Kraisser said.  “It sets the standards high for next year.”

Coming into the tournament the obvious number one seed, Kraisser pinned his way to the tournament finals, where he held on to a 1-0 lead to claim his tournament title.

“I was just wrestling to the best of my ability,” Kraisser said of his three consecutive pins to the finals.  “If I saw an opportunity for a fall, I went for it.  It turned out well.”

In the 125-pound final, Kraisser quickly turned a tied first period into a 1-0 lead over Salesianum’s Matt Kibblehouse with an escape in the second, and rode-out his opponent in the third, using three air-rides to return him to the mat for th 1-0 win.

“He was very strong defensively and was just a good wrestler,” Kraisser said.  “It was hard to get anything on him, and that made it a close match.

Among the tournaments he has won, Kraisser has taken top honors in the counties, regions and states, as well as out in Fargo, the Super 32 and other national caliber tournaments, but one he is yet to takedown is the infamous Mount Mat Madness.

“Based on my start, I’d like to go with an undefeated season,” Kraisser said.  “I need to win Mount Mat Madness this year, and continue to wrestle hard through states and hopefully win that again.”

Kraisser will get his shot at a Mount Mat Madness title in January, but will next help the Eagles in their tri-meet with Howard and Wile Lake Dec. 14.