Who ever thought success could get old?  

Well, when you are Archbishop Curley’s Brett Przywara and you hold yourself to a higher standard, nearly winning some of the most prestigious tournaments just inst enough.  You have to win them.

And that is the attitude Przywara is taking into the 2010-2011 season, attempting to win the MIAA Tournament he has been a finalist in three-times, the Maryland Independent States he has placed three times in and win the National Preps in which his has already placed three times.

“I have placed fifth and sixth the last three years in Nationals, and it is starting to get old,” Przywara said, who looks to wrestle between 130 and 135.  “I need to step it up a little bit and try to place higher on the podium this year.”

Przywara, in his 100-plus wins, is also a multiple-time placer at the Mount Mat Madness tournament.

“Him getting his fourth trip to the podium is something that he wants to do, and he has mentioned that he wants to win it this year,” Curleyu coach Gregg Kessler said of Przywara.

“Last year, I know I didn’t do to well, and I should have trained harder than I did,” Przywara explained, “but the end of the year turned out pretty well when I placed sixth at the nationals.

“The states was the downside of my post season and I could have done a lot, lot better than I did.  This year will just have to be my come back year.”

For his final season, Przywara says he has been hitting the weight room as past of his weight training class in school, and both he and the team will have to keep the practice pace high in order to have a shot at taking the conference.

“In the room we all need to practice a little bit harder.  We all say we practice hard, and we do, but we cane do better,” Przywara said.  “If we do that, we will be able to go out and beat opponents we haven’t been able to beat before.”