Information compiled by Billy Buckheit

With the top five teams holding more than half of the 56 wrestlers in the semifinals, combine with the fact a mere 13 team-points separates first and fifth place, makes the 3A/4A North too close to call after one day of wresting.

Urbana sits upon an unstable lead after Friday’s wrestling, just 3.5 points ahead of second-place Perry Hall and holding just one more semifinalist.

The Hawks pushed seven wrestlers into Saturday’s semifinal round, including top seeds Nick Frank (119) and Joe Rimel (171), but saw upsets in David Abtreski, a six seed at 103, and Billy Krop, a fifth seed at 125, to stay afloat in the championship bracket.

Other semifinalists for Urbana include No. 2 seeds Brandon Plante (112) and Matt Semelsberger (189), with fourth seeded Matt Steinheimer advancing at 130.

Just four-and-a-half points behind Urbana, Perry Hall advanced six wrestlers to the semis, including the upset king Jordan Rhudy, who, as an eighth seed, made his way into the semis at 112.  

No. 1 seeds Robin Paguia (140) and Andrew Huber (215) moved ahead for the Gators, alongside No. 2s Zeke Savo (103) and Shaun Murphy (125) and three-seed Patrick Clemons (171).

Also advancing six wrestlers, the Hereford Bulls stand the same deficit behind Perry Hall, and also saw an upset in Friday’s action.

No. 6 seed Ted Dennis cinched a 145-pound semifinal berth, Friday, joining top seeds Matt Swiger (125) and Joe Ramsel (130), while teammates Anthony Genco (103), Mike Swiger (171) and Tim Ball (285) did the same.

Tuscarora and Dulaney each posted five semifinalists and are in no means out of the hunt for a regional crown, but the Titans are one-and-a-half points closer than the Lions.

Seeing three No. 1 seeds advance, Tuscarora will be represented in the semis by Anthoney Savage (103), Austin Wenzlaff (152) and Jake Cummings (160), while second-seeded Xavier Spurill broke in the round at 119 and fifth-seeded Matt Eligan upset his way in at 215.

Dulaney’s representatives include No. 1 Ryan McTeer at 135, second-seed Gurmail Singh (130), three-seeds Patrick Hoffman (119) and Mike Persinger (125), and fifth-seeded Dylan Ruiz (112).

3A/4A North Regiona Team Scores

1-Urbana 44
2-Perry Hall 40.5
3-Hereford 36
4-Tuscarora 33
5-Dulaney 31.5

3A/4A North Regional Semifina Match-ups

#1 Anthoney Savage (Tuscarora) vs #4 Anthony Genco (Hereford)
#6 Dave Abtreski (Urbana) vs #2 (Perry Hall)

#8 Jordan Rhudy (Perry Hall) vs #5 Dylan Ruiz (Dulaney)
#3 Mark Buchholz (Linganore) vs #2 Brandon Plante (Urbana)

#1 Nick Frank (Urbana) vs #5 Josh Kraus (Linganore)
#3 Patrick Hoffman (Dulaney) vs #2 Xavier Spruill (Tuscarora)

#1 Matt Swiger (Hereford) vs #5 Billy Krop (Urbana)
#3 Mike Persinger (Dulaney) vs #2 Shaun Murphy (Perry Hall)

#1 Joe Ramsel (Hereford) vs #4 Matt Steinheimer (Urbana)
#3 Jeremy Patterson (Patterson) vs #2 Gurmail Singh (Dulaney)

#1 Ryan McTeer (Dulaney) vs #5 Terrance Nickerson (Catonsville)
#6 Luke Britton (Linganore) vs #2 Hassan James (Towson)

#1 Robin Paguia (Perry Hall) vs #4 Darian Meador (Westminster)
#3 Jesse Garrett (Towson) vs #2 Kyle Cooper (Frederick)

#1 Shane Blake (Franklin) vs #4 Theo DiPace (Catonsville)
#6 Ted Dennis (Hereford) vs #2 Tobias Brown (Poly)

#1 Austin Wenzlaff (Tuscarora) vs #5 Lavon Pratt (Parkville)
#3 Tucker Lutz (Franklin) vs #2 Andrew Watson (Woodlawn)

#1 Jake Cummings (Tuscarora) vs #5 Charles Smith (Woodlawn)
#3 Patrick Coleman (Southwestern) vs #2 Zeke Elliott (Parkville)

#1 Joe Rimel (Urbana) vs #4 Mike Swiger (Hereford)
#3 Patrick Clemons (Perry Hall) vs #7 Ignacio Munoz (Franklin)

#1 Tyler Weedon (Catonsville) vs #5 Chris Collins (South Hagerstown)
#3 Coleman Eldridge (Milford Mill) vs #2 Matt Semelsberger (Urbana)

#1 Andrew Huber (Perry Hall) vs #5 Matt Elgin (Tuscarora)
#3 Brian Edgborebhe (Patterson) vs #2 Inuibong Iniunam (Poly)

#1 Jonathan Finnerty (Towson) vs #5 Josh Strother (Parkville)
#3 Aaron Rowland (South Hagerstown) vs #2 Tim Ball (Hereford)