The best distance running in the IAAM showcased her skills once again, on Thursday, as John Carroll’s Elizabeth Tauber won the individual honors while leading John Carroll to IAAM A Conference cross country victories over St. Mary’s (26-30) and Maryvale Prep (15-50).

Tauber crossed in 19:40 to give the Patriots the edge in a tight battle with the Saints.  Mary Reiser and Caroline Reiser of St. Mary’s were second and third, respectively, as both posted a time of 19:58.  John Carroll claimed the next two spots and five of the next seven.

Here the complete individual results.

1Elizabeth Tauber19:40John CarrollJohn Carroll, 26
St. Mary’s 30
2Mary Reiser19:58St. Mary’s
3Caroline Reiser19:58St. Mary’s
4Taylor Battaglia20:33John CarrollJohn Carroll 15,
Maryvale Prep 50
5Sara Shipler20:46John Carroll
6Brianna Stewart20:48St. Mary’s
7Kayla Stoots21:01John Carroll

St. Mary’s 15,
Maryvale Prep 50

8Caroline Huchinson21:05St. Mary’s
9Rebecca Driver21:07John Carroll
10Megan Langrehr21:40John Carroll
11Katie Delaney21:46St. Mary’s
12Amanda Spaetn21:50John Carroll
13Jenna Gilman21:52St. Mary’s
14Sam Clarke22:08John Carroll
15Shannon Vinton22:13John Carroll
16Abby Blevins22:20St. Mary’s
17Colleen Cook22:20Maryvale
18Katie O’Brien22:22John Carroll
19Sarah Driver22:26John Carroll
20Caroline Manjue22:39Maryvale
21Amanda Hudak22:40John Carroll
22Jackie Montz22:47Maryvale
23Megan Battaglia22:47John Carroll
24Claire McDowell23:06Maryvale
25Ashley Maikley23:07John Carroll
26Amanda Bochniak23:20Maryvale
27Joanna Jacobs23:22St. Mary’s
28Rachel Bradley23:30Maryvale
29Brenna Roddy23:31Maryvale
30Anna Flahive23:40Maryvale
31Kayleen Schmidt24:04Maryvale
32Shannon Lynch24:06John Carroll
33Cece Volker24:12Maryvale
34Tori Kontor24:17St. Mary’s
35Rebecca Kotula24:30John Carroll
36Kateryna Bilonog24:39St. Mary’s
37Haley Lynch24:51John Carroll
38Anna Vemetta25:29Maryvale
39Chrysalis Borja25:41Maryvale
40Meredith Gentzel25:49St. Mary’s
41Kelly Stifler26:09John Carroll
42Mackenzie Konka26:24St. Mary’s
43Nikki Mennucci26:27St. Mary’s
44Molly Martin26:28St. Mary’s
45Annie Morris26:43John Carroll
46Stephanie Barnaba26:47John Carroll
47Cara Fioravante27:09Maryvale
48Audrey Schimingu27:49John Carroll
49Caitlin Whissel28:04St. Mary’s
50Megan McWaters29:15St. Mary’s
51Emily Hanna30:03St. Mary’s
52Michela Gaviorno30:13St. Mary’s
54Cara Reilly31:32John Carroll
55Mary De Le Regura34:18Maryvale
56Megan MillerDNFMaryvale