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More Information

Why charge a subscription fee?

Varsity Sports Network launched in 2010 and was a free site for its first three years of operation, relying exclusively on advertising dollars as our revenue stream. Although we are proud of the strong support of our many sponsors, those dollars alone do not fund our operations. We provide what we believe is a first-class content service with regard to local high school sports and, just like any other worthwhile product or service, the operation has to be self-sustaining or it will cease to exist.

Thus, with some reluctance, we became a subscription site in the spring of 2013. Our base subscription cost is $4.99 per month, which is less than 17¢ per day. If you subscribe for a longer term, you can save even more. When you consider that most local newspapers cost $1 or more per day, we feel VSN is a tremendous value, especially when you consider our depth of coverage and our comprehensive listings of area schedules, standings and scores.

Our only goal is to produce a quality product and generate the revenue necessary to sustain and grow our business so we can continue to provide this much needed resource. We believe everyone agrees that high school sports need and deserve wider coverage, not just the big schools and marquee sports, but all schools and sports. Your subscription to VSN not only gives you access to great content, it allows you to literally support the coverage of high school sports. That’s why many of our subscribers stay on board long after their children have graduated.

And, we have not raised our subscription rates since we established them in 2013.


How do you get your content?

Of course, our most abundant source of content is our own old-fashioned reporting. We attend games and press conferences, interview athletes, coaches and administrators and spend long hours tracking down information. We accomplish this with our own staff and outstanding freelance reporters.

No matter how big our operation would be, we could never be at every contest or event. No media company could accomplish this. However, even when we do not cover a game in person, we can still cover the game online, utilizing information provided by coaches and other trusted observers. Coaches should be aware that they can receive more coverage for their teams simply by submitting a roster and their game results on a regular basis. We work long hours to make sure we publish more content on more schools, sports, teams and athletes than any other media source.

If you shoot photos and videos and would like to see your work featured on VSN, please contact us at If you are a high school or college student interested in gaining experience in the media industry, please contact us about an internship. And, if you are freelance content provider of any type and would like to contribute to VSN, fell free to contact us. Again, the email address is

Is any content free?


First off, our home page and all of the landing pages for Sports, School and Team pages are wide open and free for you to visit. Here you will often find scrolling widgets with free content.  In addition, all of the pages which contain Sports, Team and League Schedules, Standings and Scores are 100% free to access.