Sweeping the top three places, St. Mary’s picked up a pair of boy’s cross country dual meet victories, on Tuesday, in a tri-meet with Boys’ Latin and and Severn.

John Morgan ran away with the individual victory for the Saints with a time of 16:53, followed by teammates Brad Beard (17:55) and Dan Thomas (18:09), as St. Mary’s defeat Severn, 17-42, and Boys’ Latin, 21-36.  Boys’ Latin won the third pairing, topping Severn 21-36.

Here are the complete individual results:


1John Morgan16:53St. Mary’sSt. Mary’s 17,
Severn 42
2Brad Beard17:55St. Mary’s
3Dan Thomas18:09St. Mary’s
4Sam Boykin18:25Boys LatinSt. Mary’s, 21
Boys’ Latin 36
5Robert White18:27Boys Latin
6Frankie Johnson18:29Boys Latin
7Matt Trasatti18:36St. Mary’sBoys’ Latin 21,
Severn 34
8Jack Noble18:49Severn
9Matt Scott18:52Severn
10Joe Vogel18:57St. Mary’s
11Chris Byrns19:12Severn
12Elliot Trostel19:13Boys Latin
13Paul Marta19:23St. Mary’s
14Gary Grant19:24St. Mary’s
15Willie Hope19:36St. Mary’s
16Trevor Parker19:40Boys Latin
17Matt Avalone19:48Severn
18Charlie Howe19:51St. Mary’s
19Nate Babcock19:52Severn
20Taylor Morse20:12St. Mary’s
21Matt Caple20:15Severn
22Sean Mullally20:22Boys Latin
23Carson Gaines20:24Boys Latin
24Skyler Morse20:27St. Mary’s
25Michael Floccare20:37Boys Latin
26Brett Roberts20:46Boys Latin
27JP Podoley20:47Severn
28Tyler Breitenbach20:48St. Mary’s
29Sean Hanley20:52St. Mary’s
30Unknown Runner21:01Boys Latin
31Zane Van Pelt21:02Boys Latin
32Robert Adams21:10Severn
33Brendan Owens21:16Boys Latin
34Michael Long21:23Boys Latin
35Neil Ruppert21:38St. Mary’s
36LJ Urie21:53Severn
37Ben Field22:20Boys Latin
38Alex Bird22:25Boys Latin
39Tanner Macnamara22:51Severn
40Craig Ma
23:07St. Mary’s
41Steve Sample23:15Boys Latin
42Ryan Carr23:45St. Mary’s
43Joey Ernest23:51Boys Latin
44Ian Loya23:53Boys Latin
45Carrett Kerdall23:57Severn
46Spencer Stieff24:19Boys Latin
47Matthew Claycomb24:38Severn
48Chris Lange25:50Boys Latin
49Chris Rivas26:16Severn
50Connor McGowan26:21Severn
51Christian Wheeler26:54Severn