It is a tight race in Anne Arundel County, as the South River Seahawks take a two-point lead over the Old Mill Patriots into the tournament’s second day.

The Seahawks are in good standing, putting seven wrestlers into the semifinals, though being matched by the fourth place Chesapeake Cougars, who trail the leaders by 10 team-points.

But, with the most wrestlers in the semifinals, the Old Mill is looking to take over the lead with eight wrestlers in the championship bracket, adding three more still alive in the consolations and looking to place third in their respective weightclasses.

Broadneck is not too far behind, and while only having five wrestlers in the semis, only trail by nine team-points, while Arundel sits in third place, four points off the leader, and holding five wrestlers in the next round.

Wrestling will resume at Chesapeake High School Saturday at 10 a.m., with the finals scheduled to begin at 5 p.m.

Team Scores into semifinals:

1. South River 64
2. Old Mill 62
3. Arundel 60
4. Broadneck 55
5. Chesapeake 54
6. North County 53.5
7. Meade 49.5
8. Severna Park 43
9. Southern 40
10. Annapolis 33
11. Glen Burnie 30.5
12. Northeast 18

Anne Arundel County semifinal match-ups:

Jeremy Morrow (CHE) Connor Joyce (BRO)
Austin Minner (SOU) Dale Keith (SR)

Tyler Peck (SOU) Colby Bibb (OM)
Austin Alley (SR) Logan Reece (ARU)

Collin Harrell (BRO) Vinny Kindall (ARU)
Josh Perren (SR) Cody Morrow (CHE)

Larry Brent (NC) Marcellus Fleming (NE)
Detric McCou (OM) Kyle Gittins (CHE)

Tyler Goodwin (ARU) Yuri Watson (SOU)
Mike DiDanti (SVP) Damien Sheldon (OM)

Alex Rice (CHE) Nick DiSanti (SVP)
Daniel Murphy (SR) Steve Kidwell (ARU)

Salaman Riddell (OM) Ryan Greenstreet (SOU)
Collin Alexander (NC) Stephen Spinnenweber (CHE)

Kevin Pastrana (ANN) Kirk Seckman (CHE)
Mike Bohlman (BRO) Sam Ziff (SVP)

Cordell Blair (NC) Kyle Howard (GLB)
Caleb Marshall (OM) Kojo Boadu (MEA)

Patrick Owens (SR) Sahand Yazdanyar (OM)
Evan Willis (ARU) Tom Reid (CHE)

James Prescott (GLB) Dan Hawkins (BRO)
Michael Santini (SR) Ryan Shuart (ANN)

Seth Holbrook (OM) Ian Marinacci (BRO)
Travis Clow (SR) Will Paul (GLB)

Pat Hyde (NC) Tae Foughty (MEA)
Austin Meirick (NE) Michael Tremper (SOU)

Stephen Lloyd (MEA) Josh Miller (OM)
Joe Asselin (ANN) Lorenzo Maddox (NC)