Being a daughter of a successful coach can be tricky. For Aimee and Christina Petrides, it’s half the story.

Christina Petrides is the volleyball coach at the Institute of Notre Dame, where sister Aimee is a junior co-captain. Their father, George, has been at the helm of City College’s football program for five decades.

“It’s kind of weird because she’s my sister. I’m still going to listen to her because she’s my coach,” said Aimee Petrides, an outside hitter. “I do realize she doesn’t yell at me as much.”

Christina Petrides, a 2003 IND graduate, returned to her alma-mater last season as a varsity assistant and junior varsity coach. When the head varsity position opened up, the IND administration approached her.

“I didn’t want it. I just wanted to coach JV,” said Petrides. “They didn’t have anyone else and I couldn’t let these girls not play volleyball.”

“I didn’t want her to be my coach,” admitted Aimee. “Now, it’s fine because I feel it’s the same even though she was only an assistant last season.”

The Indians defeated Catholic, 25-14, 25-23, 23-25 and 25-19, in an IAAM non-conference match at IND’s Knott Gymnasium Monday evening. After starting the season 0-7, IND (3-8 overall) has won three of its last four decisions.

“We looked a lot better than at the beginning of the season. They’re finally getting it, staying focused and staying on our toes,” said Christina Petrides. “Once we got our passing down, we were able to play volleyball.”

Petrides said she had to lean on her father for coaching advice. George Petrides has won 228 games in 35 seasons at his alma-mater.

“I feel I have so much to live up to,” said Christina, who coaches both the varsity and junior varsity volleyball squads. She doesn’t think she’ll have the coaching longevity her father has had.

The Petrides sisters point to their dad for their competitive streak. Aimee plays basketball and lacrosse at IND, while Christina participated in volleyball and swimming.

In the Petrides’ household, coaching and observations stay on the doorsteps.

“He usually doesn’t bring home his coaching,” said Aimee Petrides. “I don’t think it’s a lot of different than if my dad had a different job.”

“I can lose a big game and not bring it home with me,” said Christina Petrides. “If he [George Petrides] lost the City-Poly game and it was a close game, we never felt affected by it at home.”

Christina Petrides said her dad is much different than the stotic figure who’s been on the City College sidelines through seven U.S. Presidents and Governors of Maryland.

“He would wake me and my sisters singing songs, and he would drive us insane because he wouldn’t stop talking,” laughed Christina. “He’s always joking around. Whenever I go to his football games and watch him, I’m like if anyone knew what he was like at home, they’d be like ‘No way, not coach Petrides.’”

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