Mount de Sales’ cross country team went to 6-0 in the IAAM B conference with an 18-43 win over visiting Bryn Mawr at CCBC Catonsville on Wednesday.

The Sailors took seven of the top 10 spots with freshman Jessica Harris setting a new record for the hilly 3.1 mile course with a time of 21:30.

She was trailed by teammate Colleen Miller who also snapped the old mark with a 22:42. Miller had set the old mark last month of 23:24.

Bryn Mawr’s Stephanie Murphy took the next spot, but she was followed by four more Sailors.

The loss was the first for Bryn Mawr, 4-1, of the year.  The final matchups of IAAM dual meet season come next Wednesday.

Here are the complete individual results:


placename teamtime
1Jessica HarrisMDS21:30
2Colleen MillerMDS22:42
3Stephanie MurphyBM22:56
4Leslie NalleyMDS23:17
5Amanda MillerMDS23:31
6Becky LeisherMDS23:36
7Amy MyersMDS23:38
8Nicole GarbarinoBM23:42
9Emily RutherfordBM24:09:00
10Hannah PoppMDS24:14:00
11Liz StalfortBM24:15:00
12Maggie FinamoreMDS24:24:00
13Kaitlyn MatiasBM24:26:00
14Ally DanielsBM24:30:00
15Lilli RobbMDS24:42:00
16Lucy RolandBM24:51:00
17Marge FurlettiMDS24:53:00
19Hannah WalterMDS25:03:00
20Kendall ReitzBM25:05:00
21Corinne CohaganMDS25:15:00
22Caitlin ShoemakerMDS25:15:00
23Julie RolandBM25:15:00
24Erin KellyMDS25:17:00
25Abbey MendozaBM25:42:00
26Caroline ArnoldMDS25:50:00
27Bridget LappeMDS26:07:00
28Amanda BowenMDS26:08:00
29Cara EisensteinBM26:38:00
30Julianna DrewBM26:46:00
31Alice SheehanBM26:54:00
32Bridget KnepperMDS26:54:00
33Riley MeekinsMDS27:15:00
34Molly RodahaverMDS27:22:00
35Lindsay HarrisonMDS28:33:00
36Gina HuffordMDS28:40:00
37Claire MartineauMDS29:25:00
38Nicole LeoMDS31:05:00
39Megan CampbellMDS31:05:00
40Sophie RanierBM34:12:00