River Hill of Howard County advanced Taariq Mohammed (103), state runner-up Cameron Kirby (130), Cory Daniel (145), Ryan Noonan (160), Omar Messallam (189) and Jacob Benedict (215) into Saturday’s Class 4A-3A semifinals and leads the 21-team tournament by 40-to-35 points over second-place Old Mill of Anne Arundel County at Wilde Lake High of Howard County.

Old Mill is paced by two-time Class 4A-3A state champion, Ron Vaughters (145), state runner-up Salaman Riddell (140), Damien Sheldon (130), Caleb Marshall (152), Sahand Wazdanyar (160) and Seth Holbrook (189).

Chesapeake and Reservoir are tied for third place with 32 points each, followed by Anne Arundel County champion, South River with 28, and host Wilde Lake with 24.

Chesapeake is led by the Morrow brothers, Jeremy Morrow (103) and Cody Morrow (119), as well as Kyle Gittins (125), Alex Rice (135) and Stephen spinnenweber (140), and Reservoir by state champion Mark Colabucci (171), state runner-up Josh Hamilton (285), county runner-up Seth Rowell (130), Mason Kilcarr (103) and James Mullens (135).

Among the highlights, Gittins trailed the entire match before decking Howard County runner-up Drew Vickers of Mount Hebron with a double-grape vine in 5:53, and Hamilton nailed down his 29th pin of the year to improve to 33-0.

South River’s Dale Keith (103), Austin Alley (112), Josh Perren (119), Patrick Owens (160) and Anthony Rossi (215) all moved into the semifinals, as diwd Wilde Lake’s state champion Alex Polonsky (112), third-place state finisher Zathy Ndiang (189), sixth-place state finisher Alvin Harris (171) and county runner-up Marcus Coffield (135).

Also moving forward was three-time state champion Nathan Kraisser (125) of Centennial, and state runner-up Tyler Goodwin (130) of Arundel, with Broadneck’s Collin Harrell (119) and North County’s Cordell Blair (152) each looking to earn their first regional crowns.

Class 4A-3A East Region quarterfinal results

Team Scores: 1.    River Hill (40 points), 2. Old Mill (35), 3. Cheaspeake    and Reservoir (32), 5. South River (28), 6.    

Wilde Lake (24), 7. Stephen Decatur (21.5), 8. Aberdeen    and North County (21), 10. Arundel (19), 11. Mt. Hebron    (17.5), 12. Meade (11), 13. Annapolis, Broadneck, Centennial, Glen Burnie, Severna Park (7), 18. North Harford (5), 19. C. Milton Wright, Howard, James M. Bennett (0).

103– Dale Keith (SR) mj. Ethan Eckley (WL), 13-3; Taariq Muhammad (RH) d. Tanner Chaplain (OM), 9-8, OT; Mason Kilcarr (RS) p. Nate Rosenblatt (STD), 0:39; Connor Morrow (NE) d. Connor Joyce (BN), 4-0.

112– Alex Polonsky (WL) p. Dylan Edwards (BN), 1:57; Austin Alley (SR) d. Matt Meekins (STD), 8-4; Logan Reece (AR) p. Mike Zito (CMW), 0:54; Shayduan Velez (AB) p. Mike Levdanky (JMB), 2:53.

119– Colin Harrell (BN) p. Eric Lee (RS), 3:32; Cody Morrow (NE) p. Cody Bush (STD), 2:59; Josh Perren (SR) d. Jordan Trinh (WL), 6-2; Alex Stewart (MTH) tf. Daniel Valez (AB), 15-0.

125– Nathan Kraisser (CTN) p. Detic McCoy (OM), 2:52; Kyle Gittins (CH) p. Drew vickers (MH), 5:53; Larry Brent (NC) d. Collin Alley (SR), 8-1; Seth Goggin (ST) d. Ethan Trinh (WL), 3-0.

130– Tyler Goodwin (AR) p. John Holthaus (HOW), 0:17; Damien Sheldon (OM) d. Mike Disanti (SVP), 7-1; Seth Rowell (RS) d. Alford Hardy (STD), 8-3; Cameron Kirby (RV) p. Logan Smith (NHF), 3:18

135– Alex Rice (CH) p. Nick Disanti (SVP), 3:17; Marcus Coffield (WL) d. Nick McLoota (STD), 8-3; James Mullens (RS) mj. Daniel Murphy (SR), 10-2; Steve Kidwell (AR) d. Macon Stanley (CTN), 4-0.

140– Salaman Riddell (OM) mj. Drew Staedeli (MH), 12-4; Collin Alexander (NC) d. Tolan Morakinyo (WL), 6-3; Tommy Carman (NHF) d. Donovan Peek (RS), 6-0; Stephen Spinnenweber (CH) mj. Andrew Borradaile (STD), 9-1.

145– Ron Vaughters (OM) p. David Cooper (RS), 4:35; Cory Daniel (RH) p. Cory Hutchins (AB), 5:54; Sam Ziff (SVP) p. Raymond Mclean (JMB), 1:45; Kevin Pastrana (ANN) p. Mike Bohlman (BDN), 5:19

152– Cordell Blair (NC) mj. Jack Noonan (RH), 17-6; Kyle Howard (GL) p. Kojo Boadu (MD), 2:21; Caleb Marshall (OM) d. Jason Beck (AB), 6-5; Johnny Soghomonian (STD) tf. Larry Thompson (SR), 15-0

160– Brandon Terlizzi (STD) d. Brady Ruppert (BDN), 2-1; Sahand Yazdanyar (OM) d. Evan Willis (AR), 4-2; Ryan Noonan (RH) p. Tom Reid (CH), 3:30; Patric Owen (SR) p. Jeremy Hendrickson (SVP), 1:14

171– Alvin Harris (WL) d. Logan Kirby (RH), 3-2; Mike Meekins (STD) d. James Prescott (GL), 9-2; George Hogan (AB) p. Mike Santini (SR), 3:30; Mark Colabucci (RS) p. Dan Hawkins (BDN), 1:27

189– Zathy Ndiang (WL) p. Ian Marinacci (BDN), 0:33; Omar Messallam (RV) p. Mark Scarlas (MD), 0:43; Seth Holbrook (OM) p. Jameel Shums-Ward (ANN), 0:41; Jon Iwsaskiw (MH) mj. Travis Clow (SR), 14-4.

215– Pat Hyde (NC) d. Matt Herlihy (RS), 10-5; Anthony Rossi (SR) d. Ryan Hassan (MH), 5-4; Tae Foughty (MD) mj. Mike Frazier (HOW), 10-2; Jacob Benedict (RV) p. Quincy Young (SVP), 1:14.

285– Josh Hamilton (RS) p. Josh Miller (OM), 0:49; Stephen Lloyd (MD) Joe Asselin (ANN), 6-2; AJ Wade (MH) d. Lorenzo Maddox (NC), 5-4; Marcus Webster (AB) p. Jason Johnson (RV), 0:24.