The 2017 Ravens 7-on-7 passing tournament gets underway this weekend at two locations, Snow Hill High School on the Eastern Shore on Saturday and St. Paul’s School in Brooklandville on Sunday, and will continue next Sunday at Tuscarora High in Frederick.

The teams at St. Paul’s and Tuscarora will be battling for qualifying spots in the final round, which will be played the weekend of June 18th.

Below is a complete list teams attending the three events and complete schedule for St. Paul’s. Round-robin play will begin at 9:00 a.m. on each day with the finals slated for 3 p.m.


When: Saturday June 3 (Snow Hill), Sunday June 4 (St. Paul’s School) and Sunday June 11 (Tuscarora)

Participating teams: Snow Hill – Cambridge-South Dorchester, Chesapeake-Anne Arundel, Easton. James M. Bennett, Parkside, Snow Hill, Washington. Wicomico

St. Paul’s – Annapolis, Broadneck, Brunswick, Friendly, Gonzaga College (DC), Hammond, Howard, John Carroll School, Kent Island, Lake Clifton, Liberty, Linganore, Long Reach, Manchester Valley, Marriotts Ridge, Mount Hebron, Northwestern-Prince George’s, Oakdale, Old Mill, Oxon Hill, Patterson, Perry Hall, Pikesville, Reginald Lewis, River Hill, St. Paul’s, Silver Oak Academy, South River, Smyrna (DE), Tuscarora, Urbana, Wheaton

Tuscarora – Annapolis, Briar Woods (VA), Centennial, Digital Harbor, Fort Hill, Frederick, Glen Burnie, Gonzaga, Greene Street Academy, Liberty, Linganore, Manchester Valley, Montgomery Blair, Mount St. Joseph, Maryland School for the Deaf, North Hagerstown, Northwest, Oakdale, Old Mill, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Rockville, Silver Oak Academy, Spring Mills (WV), Urbana, Walkersville, Waynesboro (PA), Westminster, Wheaton, Wilde Lake, Williamsport

Sunday’s St. Paul’s schedule


First round (9:30 a.m.)

Game 1 – Silver Oak vs. Oakdale

Game 2 – River Hill vs. Perry Hall

Game 3 – Long Reach vs. Kent Island

Game 4 – John Carroll vs. Brunswick

Game 5 – Linganore vs. Marriotts Ridge

Game 6 – Northwestern-Prince George’s vs. South River

Game 7 – Old Mill vs. Lake Clifton

Game 8 – Liberty vs. Reginald Lewis

Quarterfinals (11:30 a.m.)

Game 17 – Silver Oak/Oakdale winner vs. River Hill/Perry Hall winner

Game 18 –  Long Reach/Kent Island winner vs. John Carroll/Brunswick winner

Game 19 – Linganore/Marriotts Ridge winner vs. Northwestern-Prince George’s/ South River winner

Game 20 – Old Mill/Lake Clifton winner vs. Liberty/Reginald Lewis winner

Consolation quarterfinals (11:30 a.m.)

Game 21 – Silver Oak/Oakdale loser vs. River Hill/Perry Hall loser

Game 22 –  Long Reach/Kent Island loser vs. John Carroll/Brunswick loser

Game 23 – Linganore/Marriotts Ridge loser vs. Northwestern-Prince George’s/ South River loser

Game 24 – Old Mill/Lake Clifton loser vs. Liberty/Reginald Lewis loser

Semifinals (1:30 p.m.)

Game 33 – Silver Oak or Oakdale/River Hill or Perry Hall winner vs. Long Reach or Kent Island/John Carroll or Brunswick winner

Game 34 – Linganore or Marriotts Ridge/Northwestern-Prince George’s or South River winner vs. Old Mill or Lake Clifton/Liberty or Reginald Lewis winner

Consolation semifinals (1:30 p.m.)

Game 37 – Winner of Game 21 vs. Winner of Game 22

Game 38 – Winner of Game 23 vs. Winner of Game 24

Other consolation semifinals (1:30 p.m.)

Game 35 – Loser of Game 17 vs. Loser of Game 18

Game 36 – Loser of Game 19 vs. Loser of Game 20

Game 39 – Loser of Game 21 vs. Loser of Game 22

Game 40 – Loser of Game 23 vs. Loser of Game 24

Consolation finals (3:30 p.m.)

7th place – Loser of Game 39 vs. Loser of Game 40

5th place – Winner of Game 39 vs. Winner of Game 40

3rd place – Loser of Game 37 vs. Loser of Game 38

1st place – Winner of Game 37 vs. Winner of Game 38

Championship finals (3:30 p.m.) 

7th place – Loser of Game 35 vs. Loser of Game 36

5th place – Winner of Game 35 vs. Winner of 36

3rd place – Loser of Game 33 vs. Loser of Game 34

1st place – Winner of Game 33 vs. Winner of Game 34



First round (10:30 a.m.)

Game 9 – Pikesville vs. Gonzaga (DC)

Game 10 – St. Paul’s vs. Friendly

Game 11 – Broadneck vs. Hammond

Game 12 – Tuscarora vs. Wheaton

Game 13 – Manchester Valley vs. Smyrna (DE)

Game 14 – Mount Hebron vs. Annapolis

Game 15 – Howard vs. Urbana

Game 16 – Oxon Hill vs. Patterson

Quarterfinals (12:30 p.m.)

Game 25 – Pikesville/Gonzaga winner vs. St. Paul’s/Friendly winner

Game 26 – Broadneck/Hammond winner vs. Tuscarora/Wheaton winner

Game 27 – Manchester Valley/Smyrna winner vs. Mount Hebron/Annapolis winner

Game 28 – Howard/Urbana winner vs. Oxon Hill/Patterson winner

Consolation quarterfinals (12:30 p.m.)

Game 29 – Pikesville/Gonzaga loser vs. St. Paul’s/Friendly loser

Game 30 – Broadneck/Hammond loser vs. Tuscarora/Wheaton loser

Game 31 – Manchester Valley/Smyrna loser vs. Mount Hebron/Annapolis loser

Game 32 – Howard/Urbana loser vs. Oxon Hill/Patterson loser

Semifinals (2:30 p.m.)

Game 41 – Pikesville or Gonzaga/St. Paul’s or Friendly winner vs. Broadneck or Hammond/Tuscarora or Wheaton winner

Game 42 – Manchester Valley or Smyrna/Mount Hebron or Annapolis winner vs Howard or Urbana/Oxon Hill or Patterson winner

Consolation semifinals (2:30 p.m.)

Game 45 – Winner of Game 29 vs. Winner of Game 30

Game 46 – Winner of Game 31 vs. Winner of Game 32

Other consolation semifinals (2:30 p.m.)

Game 43 – Loser of Game 25 vs. Loser of Game 26

Game 44 – Loser of Game 27 vs. Loser of Game 28

Game 47 – Loser of Game 29 vs. Loser of Game 30

Game 48 – Loser of Game 31 vs. Loser of Game 32

Consolation finals (4:30 p.m.)

7th place – Loser of Game 47 vs. Loser of Game 48

5th place – Winner of Game 47 vs. Winner of Game 48

3rd place – Loser of Game 45 vs. Loser of Game 46

1st place – Winner of Game 45 vs. Winner of Game 46

Championship finals (4:30 p.m.)

7th place – Loser of Game 43 vs. Loser of Game 44

5th place – Winner of Game 43 vs. Winner of Game 44

3rd place – Loser of Game 41 vs. Loser of Game 42

1st place – Winner of Game 41 vs. Winner of Game 42