St. Timothy’s forward Tori Schuler has made an immediate impact this season after transferring from Winters Mill.  Through the first nine games of the year, the six-foot senior averaged 14.4 points and 14.6 rebounds per game.  St. Tim’s is currently sitting at 10-2 and are in the hunt to claim a IAAM C Conference title.

VSN: What would you attribute to St. Tim’s hot start this season, winning the first eight games?

It would definitely have to be the versatility of me as well as our four key players.


VSN: What is different about this year’s team?

I wasn’t at St. Tim’s last year but I do know that they averaged about 20 points a game and this year we are averaging 40-plus points a game.


VSN: How has your game improved from last season?

Being primarily a post player in the past, this season I have had to play every position on the floor as well as challenge myself in more ways than I ever thought I could. I have exceeded my expectations and feel I have improved my perimeter game the most.


VSN: What is your favorite basketball memory, whether it is high school or AAU?

I’m laughing just thinking about my past AAU season. Wow, there are so many memories to choose from.  It would have to be when my Baltimore Starz AAU team went to the Boo Williams Tournament in Virginia. We stayed in a hotel near the city. I wouldn’t say we sneaked out at night but we all decided we were going to go for a little site seeing. We ended up walking to Target and riding in some shopping carts. Then we decided to make a mile walk to Wal-Mart and buy some goodies for the hotel room and on the way back ended up running into some sorority boys dancing. By the time we got back to the hotel lobby Coach Al [Schell] and Coach Mike [ ] had caught us. I think they were laughing because when we saw them we started running to hurry and get into the hotel. Let’s just say it was a long night and I was ready for bed.


VSN: How long have you played basketball? Who got you into the sport?

I started playing basketball when I was 10. The idea came up when my friend started playing basketball for a local rec. team and because she played, I decided I wanted to play too. I asked my parents and they were all for it. It seemed like it was the sport that fit me the best since I have always been considerably taller than everyone my age.


VSN: You’re averaging 14 rebounds per game.  What kind of skills does it take to be such a strong rebounder?

Hustle and drive are very important factors. But skill-wise, you have to be able to position yourself for the rebound as well as box out. It comes more natural with lots of practice and the mind set to crash the boards!


VSN: Who is your favorite basketball player?

Kobe Bryant. I give him props for still going strong at his age.


VSN: What is your favorite basketball movie?

Coach Carter. I love how through adversity and struggle they still managed to improve and come together in the end. Its overall a GREAT movie and motivates me as a basketball player.


VSN: Do you have any pregame rituals, any particular music you listen to?

I do have my own warm-up routine that I go through before pre-game warm-ups. I am not picky when it comes to listening to music before a game. Listening to music kind of depends on what mood I am in and what kind of music I feel like listening to. I listen to everything from classical rock to rap to country.


VSN: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I love to read. Sounds nerdish but hey I enjoy it!