Oakland Mill’s senior wide receiver Terrance Drew has been a spark for the Scorpions’ 3-1 start to the 2010 season.  Last year, Oakland Mills won just one game.  Drew says he is just one of the keys to his team’s turnaround.

VSN: Oakland Mills has won its first three games after just winning just once last season. What is the biggest different this year?

The biggest difference this year is our team captains.  We don’t have that one guy to keep us together, we have each other and we hold each other accountable. We know that games aren’t determined by the name of the team or the color of the jerseys, but the size of the heart.  We are our own competition, every week it’s Oakland Mills versus Oakland Mills.

VSN:  The Scorpions have scored 122 points in the first three games. Last week, you had a 80-yard kick return and a 79-yard TD reception. What makes this offense so explosive?

I am just one of the many weapons on this team. Troy Schofield, who is an outstanding receiver, pushes me as I push him to be the best in the state.  We also have two highly explosive running backs in Trayvonn Lee and Chris Childers, who can make several guys miss in the backfield and they also play a huge part in making us two dimensional. Jarrod Montoya, Curtis Coleman and our offensive line are our foundation. No credit can be given without first going to the offensive line which hasn’t given up a sack this season, they work hard behind the scenes on making this offense explosive.

VSN:  Any pregame rituals or superstitions?

That’s something the team keeps within ourselves.

VSN: Who are the people you rely on, who have helped and influenced you: teammates, coaches, family, friends?

There are so many different influences that I couldn’t name them all.  Family, friends, coaches, team and teachers but the one I can rely on the most and has help me through the obstacles of life is GOD.  And what he’s blessed me with, I am thankful for.

VSN:  Have you taken on a bigger leadership role this season?

Yes, I am now a senior and like the many before me, my job is not only to lead as a captain but to prepare the following class to be all they can be and to lead next year. This is not a change for one year or two but a change for many years and it starts with leading by example.

VSN:  What is your best football memory?

My best football memory is playing backyard football with my younger brother and friends. We played until each mom came out one-by-one to call us in. My little brother and I would just play one-on-one throw up tackle and when we got in the house, we would argue about who had the best moves.

VSN:  Have you played the new Madden game? If so, which team do you play with and why?

I have and I play with the Ravens, those are my boys!

VSN:  Have you been receiving any recruiting interest from colleges? If so, from who and which schools are you considering?

As of right now, my main focus is on my grades and football.  I am just waiting for what GOD has in store for me.

VSN: Who is your favorite NFL football player and why?

My favorite football players are Ray Lewis and Ray Rice because they play with heart and never give up on a play.

VSN:  What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Something people don’t know about me is, I never played organized youth football.