Marriotts Ridge senior forward Patrick Sullivan scored the game-winning goal in the Class 2A state championship match against Liberty last week.  Sullivan, on his way to being named the Howard County Player of the Year last season, also led the Mustangs to a state title in 2009.

VSN:  You’ve been a big part Marriotts Ridge’s offense for a few years. What has allowed you to become such a key player on the team?

Everyone having confidence in me and knowing that if they pass me the ball I will try and make a positive play happen has really allowed me to become a key player.


VSN:  It is tough to win a single state title, let alone back-to-back titles. How did this team accomplish such a hard task?

We knew we were going to be the team to beat and we did have a lot of doubters going into the season. All of this contributed in our desire to win another state championship.


VSN:  How do you feel last season’s trip to the title game prepared you for this year’s game at UMBC?

Last year, I was nervous going into the game, not knowing what to expect or how good our opponent would be. This year, I came in with much more confidence playing against one of our rival schools that I knew a lot about.


VSN:  Can describe the feeling after you saw the game-winning ball go into the net?

It felt incredible when I saw the ball go into the net. Hearing the crowd roar and the team coming over to celebrate was just an amazing experience.


VSN:  Have you received any interest from schools to continue your soccer career in college? If so, which schools and who are you leaning towards?

Yes, I am looking to playing Division I soccer at either Duquesne University or La Salle University. I am still leaving my options open though.


VSN:  Do you have any pregame rituals to get yourself ready?

Yes, actually before taking the field, I always eat a banana and poor water on my face.


VSN:  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends or playing soccer.


VSN:  Who have been your greatest influences in life and soccer?

My parents and coaches have been my greatest influences in life and soccer. They all want me to succeed in life and have been very supportive.


VSN:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself with a good job, living a happy life, and hopefully still playing some sort of competitive soccer.


VSN:  Something most people don’t know about you?

I get just as happy seeing my teammates succeed than seeing myself succeed.