John Carroll junior goalie Gina Maiorana has proven herself as one of the best goalies in the state this season. She was named to an IAAM A Conference All-Star for her stellar work between the post and led her Patriots team to a 13-3-3 overall record.

Maiorana discusses her college choice and how she thinks she’ll have to adjust to Division I soccer.

VSN: How long have you played soccer? What do you enjoy most about it?

I have been playing soccer ever since I was four [years old], so for 12 years now. The thing I love most about soccer is the competition. I love going into a game knowing every single one of the other players and knowing what they can and can’t do. I think for me, that gets me most excited and ready to go. I also like all the pressure of being a goalie and making that key save at the end that determines the game.


VSN:  What is the toughest thing about being a goalie?

The toughest thing about being a goalie would have to go back to my first answer when I said I enjoy the pressure of being a goalie. This pressure I feel can also be nerve racking at times. I try to not let the nerves of a big game get to me and instead turn them into feelings that get me pumped up. I said that I enjoy making that key save at the end but sometimes I’m not able to do that and I tend to get down on myself.


VSN:  You recently committed to play soccer in college, which school did you choose and why?

Yes, recently I have verbally committed to play soccer at Seton Hall University. I fell in love with the school right away, the coaches are great and so are the academics. What also made my decision easier was the location. I wanted to be close to home and I feel that Seton Hall fits that very well.


VSN:  What other programs did you consider?

Other programs that I considered before making my decision were James Madison University, Georgetown, and George Washington.


VSN:  How do you think playing soccer in college will be different than playing on a high school team?

I think the difference for me going from high school soccer to college soccer will be the type of shots I get. I think the shots will come a lot quicker to me and also have more power. But I do think I will be able to adapt to this quickly because of the high level of competition with my club team after winning five straight State Cup Championships.


VSN:  John Carroll always has epic battles against Archbishop Spalding. You had double digit saves in the semifinals, what is it about these two teams that makes the contests so competitive?

I don’t know what can be more competitive than two teams playing three semi-final games on the same field and having all the games end the same way. That in itself just shows how competitive and intense every game can be against Spalding. We know as a team that each time we play Spalding, its going to be a battle literally to the very last second of the game. Every player on both teams has to be ready to play and give it their all. I think that’s why I had double digit saves in this year’s semi-final game because everyone was giving it their all.


VSN:  What is the most memorable game you’ve ever played in, either high school or club ball?

The most memorable game for me has come from playing club. I can remember it just like it was yesterday. It was in 2005, when my club team was playing in the championship game in the PDA tournament and I got hurt in the second half. I was making a diving save and as I did, I cracked my head open on the post (but I did save it). Because I got hurt I had to come out and watch the rest of the game. I didn’t want to go to the hospital yet though because at the time it was still 0-0. What makes this game so memorable though for me was how our team came together and won the game in the end.


VSN:  Any pregame rituals or superstitions?

Oh yes, I definitely have a lot of pre-game rituals and superstitions. I think my team would agree that I am the most superstition person on the team. Before the game I have to listen to the same music, I put my socks on, then cleats, then shin guards, and this always has to be done in the same order. When I warm up, I have to do the same thing every time no matter what.  Also, before the start of the game, I always have to say the same thing and do a certain hand shake with one of my defenders. And believe it or not, that’s only half the things I do for a game.


VSN:  What’s in your iPod?

For my iPod, I have just about anything and everything to listen to. Before the game, I always listen to a group called Burg City though.


VSN:  What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Something that most people don’t know about me is that in my free time I like to ride four-wheelers, go hunting, and be outdoors.