Boys’ Latin senior running back Brandon Barnes has proven this season that he is one of the top backs in the MIAA B Conference. He powered the Lakers to a 7-3 overall record, including 7-1 in league play.

Barnes discusses his future plans and what he thinks about the Auburn quarterback Cam Newton scandal in the NCAA.

VSN:  You had an incredible season running the ball. What’s been the most enjoyable part of playing for Boys’ Latin?

My season was great thanks to the coaching and outstanding blocking of our lineman. We had some young guys who stepped up this year big time. But the most enjoyable part of playing for Boys’ Latin was beating St. Pauls at home, on senior day and during my senior year. It was a live atmosphere with great fans going both ways and both communities where out cheering at their best. That’s what football is about.


VSN: In your opinion, what makes the B Conference football league so competitive?

What makes the B conference so competitive is everyone’s drive to get a championship. We all live for a chance to become a part of history, so we go all out every game so that we can be.


VSN:  Who has had the biggest influence on your football career?

My father has had the biggest influence on my football career.  He has always showed up to every game, no matter the weather. He was never really one of the pushy dads who forced their sons to play. He encouraged me to do what my heart wanted me to do and kept me motivated when things got tough. But also my head coach Ritchie Schell has played a big role.


VSN:  What is your best football memory?

My best football memory was when I played Rec football actually. This was my first year playing for the Pikesville Wildcats 8-10 team. It was my first game ever and I scored two touchdowns. The first one was rushing and the second was the game winning touchdown catch. Ever since that day, I knew football was for me.


VSN:  What schools are you looking at for college? Do you plan on playing football at the next level?

Some schools that I am looking at are Georgetown, Salisbury, McDaniel, Frostburg, Bowie State and Stevenson. Yes, I would like to football at the next level.  Hopefully these schools can overlook my size and see how great of a player and person I really am.


VSN:  What do you think of the whole Cam Newton thing going on down at Auburn?

I think it’s pretty outrageous. Cam Newton knows right from wrong and should’ve known better. But people will always try to find things to bring you down with;  you just have to find ways to overcome them.


VSN:  What NFL player would you say that your style of play compares to?

I wouldn’t compare my style of play to any NFL players actually. I just try to use moves and techniques from all players to come up with my own style.


VSN:  Do you have any superstitions or routines that you go through before games?

I do like to listen to music to keep me calm and to bring my nerves down, but besides that not really.


VSN: What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to sleep. You can never have enough sleep.


VSN: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I used to like golf. When I was young, I had dreams of being the next Tiger Woods, until I got a football in my hands.