No. 17 Harford Tech has faced a number of ranked opponents this 2010-2011 wrestling season, and the Cobras downed yet another ranked opponent on Wednesday when beating fellow UCBAC team No. 16 Rising Sun, 39-30.

Back-to-back-to-back pins from Dillon Brush (171), Nathan Cook (189) and Mike Vega (215) added 18 team-points to the George Majchrzak’s decision at 160, giving the Cobras a 20-6 lead early in the match, and Harford Tech held on to muffle a the Tigers attempts at a comeback with three more falls through the remainder of their lineup.

Rising Sun’s Joe Juergens (103) Ty McGee (285) and Adam Heffelfinger cut at the Tech lead with wins for the Tigers, but the Cobra lead, with added falls from Tyler Granese at 112, Brett Blevins at 119 and Chase George at 130, would come to 39-18, allowing the team to give up a fall and forfeit and escape win the meet.

Coming into the 2011 half of the season, No. 15 Bel Air, Harford Tech and Rising Sun were the three teams battling for a conference title, but with the Cobras serving the Tigers their second UCBAC loss of the season, it leaves just the black and yellow to do battle with the Bobcats for top ranks.

Harford Tech moves on to face Bohemia Manor before taking to Mount Mat Madness in their January wrestling, while Rising Sun heads into Friday’s match against North Harford.

Harford Tech 39, Rising Sun 30

145- Lance Eveland (RS) dec 4-2 Joey Malanga (HT)
152- Anthony Cimorsi (RS) dec 6-4 Jamie Rappazzo (HT)
160- George Majchrzak (HT) dec 5-4 James Hyman (RS)
171- Dillon Brush (HT) pins 3:31 Scott Hayes (RS)
189- Nathan Cook (HT) pins 3:23 Nick Fillaux (RS)
215- Mike Vega (HT) pins :55 Shane McGarry (RS)
285- Ty McGee (RS) dec OT 4-2 Will Hughes (HT)
103- Joe Juergens (RS) pins :50 Nathan Haskell (HT)
112- Tyler Granese (HT) pins :31 Dylan Jackson (RS)
119- Bret Blevins (HT) pins 4:55 Nick Billings (RS)
125- Adam Heffelfinger (RS) dec 4-0 Brandon Hoch (HT)
130- Chase George (HT) pins 4:26 Zach Vincent (RS)
135- Jody Eveland (RS) pins 5:11 Jimmy Cosgrove (HT)
140- Robert Rakes (RS) FF