Oakland Mills takes SnOverlea crown

by Billy Loverocket

Havre de Grace hosted the Tomahawk Duals this weekend and Patterson Mill ran the table to claim the first-place trophy. The Huskies were 8-0 with victories over Kenwood (48-28), North Harford (70-6), North East-CC (59-13), Joppatowne (72-9), Eastern Tech (48-21), Havre de Grace (42-31), Loch Raven (51-27) and Edgewood (65-13).

Kyle Pulket (113) and Brian Wheatley (138) were undefeated for Patterson Mill, 7-0 and 8-0, respectively.

Finishing with one loss (all 7-1) were, No. 20 Ethan Harvey (132), Alex Sweaney (152), and No. 10 Mason Sprinkel (285).

The encounter with Kenwood was essentially the championship bout since the Blue Jays finished 7-1, good for second place.

Kenwood’s wins were over North East-CC (45-30), Joppatowne (72-12), Eastern Tech (33-28), Havre de Grace (54-27), Loch Raven (54-26), Edgewood (54-26) and North Harford (61-18).

Ricky Figureora went 8-0 at 106 and Charles Huntley was 7-0 at 182. Dropping one match each were, Sulyvan Esparza (113, 7-1), Allan Kalb (126, 5-1), and No.19 Daylon Duncan (145, 6-1).

Notable matches:

106-Ricky Figureora (Kenwood) dec Matt Haines (Eastern Tech), 4-2

126-No.2 Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) pinned Joe Caudill (North East-CC), 3:33

132-No.10 Josh Mitchell (North Harford) pinned No.20 Ethan Harvey (Patterson Mill), 2:37

145-No.19 Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) pinned Daniel Jones (North East-CC), 1:08

145-Gavin Lloyd (Havre de Grace) dec No.19 Daylon Duncan (Kenwood), 5-4

220-Keishawn Torres (Havre de Grace) dec No.15 Chris Kalambihis (Joppatowne) TB-1 7-3

285-No.10 Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill) dec No.20 Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace), 3-1

285-No.20 Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace) dec No.11 Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood), 1-0

285-Fola Kolawole (Joppatowne) dec No.20 Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace), 5-1

285-No.10 Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill) pinned Fola Kolawole, 3:16

285-No.11 Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood) piined Fola Kolawole, 1:46

285-No.11 Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood) dec No.10 Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill), 3-1

Johnson’s win over Sprinkel avenged an earlier 6-3 dual meet loss.

Patterson Mill defeated Kenwood 48-28
120 – Jalen DeMauri (Kenwood) over Tony Athanasiou (Patterson Mill) Maj 16-8
126 – Isaac Leighton (Patterson Mill) over Allan Kalb (Kenwood) Fall 3:11
132 – Ethan Harvey (Patterson Mill) over Brooke Markell (Kenwood) Fall 0:36
138 – Brian Wheatley (Patterson Mill) over Zach Hemmig (Kenwood) Fall 5:26
145 – Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) over Matt Williams (Patterson Mill) Fall 0:30
152 – Alex Sweaney (Patterson Mill) over Javier Tijamora (Kenwood) Maj 8-0
160 – Kevin Le (Patterson Mill) over Emmanuell Dore (Kenwood) Maj 14-2
170 – Eric Neutzling (Patterson Mill) over Saul Esparza (Kenwood) Maj 9-1
182 – Charles Huntley III (Kenwood) over Tristin LaFave (Patterson Mill) Fall 2:00
195 – Kevin Agulair (Kenwood) over Connor Morton (Patterson Mill) Fall 3:15
220 – Will Gileza (Patterson Mill) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill) over David Nwachukum (Kenwood) Fall 1:36
106 – Ricky Figureora (Kenwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 – Kyle Pulket (Patterson Mill) over Sulyvan Esparza (Kenwood) Fall 3:36

SnOverlea Tournament

The 33rd SnOverlea Invitational unfolded at Overlea High School this weekend and Oakland Mills took the top honors with 229 points. Oakdale followed with 154 and Woodlawn was third with 152.5 points.

Four champions and ten total placers powered the Scorpions title run. Earning supremacy at their weights were, Alex Tamai (106), Jalen Cornelius (120), Quan Dunscomb (132) and No. 20 Anthony Morales (160). Morales upset Overlea’s No. 10 Jarius Cannon, 10-8. Cannon was fifth at the 2A/1A state tournament last March.

Coming up short in their title quests for Oakland Mills were, Steve Harrell (145), Dylan Watt (152) and Aaron Smith (285). Isaiah Williams was third at 126, while Stone Richardson (182) and Arthur Mouafo (220) were fifth.

Oakdale’s lone champion was No. 10 Ramy Freeman, who rang up a major-decision of Oakland Mills’ Harrell at 145.

Woodlawn managed to put two wrestlers at the top of their brackets, No. 21 Joel Turner-Rodgers (152) and Justin Briscoe (182).

Some may not remember, but Turner-Rodgers started his wrestling career as a freshman at Mount St. Joseph with no previous experience. That year ended with Turner-Rodgers placing sixth at the private school state tournament.

The Warrior was a county and region runner-up last year, his pin of No. 16 Watt in the finals, 3:58, is a good indicator that even better things are on the horizon for the senior, perhaps even a return to the state podium.

Western Tech’s Ike Kalu (No. 2) was involved in one of the marquee bouts of the final round at 220. The senior state runner-up faced off with Calvert Hall’s No. 6 Jarrell Mayo and planted the Cardinal at the 3:24 mark of the second period. Kalu’s efforts helped pace the Wolverine’s fourth place finish.

The host Falcons were fifth with two champs, Marcus Chase (113) and Jerome Vonziah (126).

170 featured a barnburner with No.13 Demonte Wright (Edmondson) edging No.11 Christian Wilson (Fallston), 3-2, for the gold.

Another tight battle occurred at heavyweight when No. 21 Demetrius Daniels (Parkville) upset No. 12 Aaron Smith, 8-6, to capture his crown. An all-star matchup took place at 195 as well, No. 7 Mervyn Crawford (Poly) took care of business compiling a 10-5 win over Woodlawn’s Antonio DeShields (No. 14).

Milford Mill’s Jabias Barr was awarded the 138lb title after No. 6 Wyatt McKoy defaulted due to injury in the finals. Barr won the Outstanding Lightweight award and Turner-Rodgers was given the Upperweight honors.

SnOverlea Place Winners

Weight: 106
1st: Alex Tamai, Oakland Mills 16-8
2nd: Eb Eisler, Poly So 20-8
3rd: Riley Bozeman, Lansdowne So 18-3
4th: Godfred Acheampong, Harford Tech Fr 13-11
5th: Eric Langley, Parkville 3-3
6th: Stefan Todd, Western Tech 7-14

Weight: 113
1st: Marcus Chase, Overlea So 10-3
2nd: Cedric Tyson, Boys’s Latin Fr 19- 11
3rd: Joseph Turner, Aberdeen So 21- 11
4th: Ben Ziervogel, Fallston Fr 15-8
5th: Deandre Chaney, City So 12-3
6th: Dalton Morris, Parkville 4-4

Weight: 120
1st: Jalen Cornelius, Oakland Mills 23-5
2nd: Henry Friskey, Overlea So 17-5
3rd: Tysean Payne, Woodlawn 18-11
4th: Glenn Giles, Milford Mill Sr 14-10
5th: Isaiah Nickisch, Patuxent Jr 15-10
6th: Zach O’Brocki, Calvert Hall Jr 12-11

Weight: 126
1st: Jerome Vonziah, Overlea Jr 19-2

2nd: Tajuan Gray, Digital Harbor Fr 18-4
3rd: Isaiah Williams, Oakland Mills 10-6
4th: Logan Mullaney, Fallston Jr 20-7
5th: Will Scott, Western Tech 11-11
6th: Nathan Crouse, Boys’ Latin Fr 11-10

Weight: 132
1st: Quan Dunscomb, Oakland Mills 22-3
2nd: Ashton Stuckey, Patuxent So 23-6
3rd: Dawon Felton, Douglas 28-1
4th: Rj Rzepka, Aberdeen Sr 10-12
5th: Devontae Rich, Digital Harbor Jr 22-5
6th: Liam Popkin, Oakdale Sr 13-9

Weight 138
1st: Jabius Barr, Milford Mill Sr 18-2
2nd: Wyatt Mckoy, Oakdale Sr 16-2
3rd: Osman Sherif, Western Tech 12-7
4th: Peyton Collins, Lansdowne Sr 21-8
5th: Chase James, Patuxent So 22-6
6th: Deon Jackson, Douglas 23-6

Weight: 145
1st: Ramy Freeman, Oakdale Sr 32-1
2nd: Steven Harrell, Oakland Mills 24-2
3rd: Malachi Dalton, Woodlawn 21-5
4th: Liam Kammar, Calvert Hall So 17-6
5th: Cameron Pires, Fallston So 20-8
6th: Sean Banks, City 11-4

Weight: 152
1st: Joel Turner-Rodgers, Woodlawn 26-0
2nd: Dylan Watt, Oakland Mills 24-2
3rd: Zac Leskoski, Oakdale Sr 25-8
4th: Mason Alford-James, Boys’s Latin So 17-14
5th: Kelvin Mendez, Harford Tech Fr 13-10
6th: Syvil Blake, Patapsco So 14-10

Weight: 160
1st: Anthony Morales, Oakland Mills 24-3
2nd: Jarius Cannon, Overlea Jr 19-2
3rd: Mike Gula, Oakdale Sr 19-13
4th: Stuart Morgan, Towson Sr 16-7
5th: Ifasoke Owens, Poly Sr 18-6
6th: Peter Jauquet, Western Tech 11-9

Weight: 170
1st: Demonte Wright, Edmondson 5-0
2nd: Christian Wilson, Fallston Sr 22-2
3rd: Thierno Cherif, Woodlawn 24-3
4th: Javonne Savage, Douglas 5-3
5th: Mikey Neal, Calvert Hall Sr 5-4
6th: Matt Harris, Oakdale Jr 14-9

Weight 182
1st: Justin Briscoe, Woodlawn 12-0
2nd: Nick Clarke, Oakdale Sr 19-11
3rd: Alfred Murdock, Western Tech 20-5
4th: Taemar Rollins, Carver AT 23-6
5th: Stone Richardson, Oakland Mills 15-11
6th: Jaden Mccormick, Overlea Fr 11-8

Weight: 195
1st: Mervyn Crawford, Poly Sr 29-0
2nd: Antonio Deshields, Woodlawn 26-1
3rd: Justin Waters, Boys’ Latin Jr 16-6
4th: Janoy Smith, Digital Harbor Jr 15-5
5th: Moutahaha Ndiaye, Lansdowne So 18-7
6th: Michael Okwesili, Western Tech 17-4

Weight: 220
1st: Ike Kalu, Western Tech 24-0
2nd: Jarrell Mayo, Calvert Hall Sr 12-3
3rd: Jordan Morant, Milford Mill Jr 15-9
4th: Joe Thomas, Oakdale Sr 18-14
5th: Arthur Mouafo, Oakland Mills 18-6
6th: Brandon Nguyen, Lansdowne Sr 16-3

Weight 285
1st: Demetrius Daniels, Parkville 22-2
2nd: Aaron Smith, Oakland Mills 17-3
3rd: Brian Nguyen, Lansdowne Sr 20-7
4th: Silas Jenkins, Aberdeen Jr 22-11
5th: Angel Figueroa, Milford Mill So 12-8
6th: James Lawson, Randalllstown So 18-8