The Owings Mills Eagles soared to new heights this past weekend, placing all but one of their wrestlers in Parkville’s Knightnare Classic, defeating the other 16 teams at the tournament.

Eleven of the Eagles placed in the top three positions in their respective weightclasses, and five of them going on to claim championship titles.

Being prefect in the finals and crowning five of its five finalists in Warren Mack (119), Adrienne Hazel (130), Taran Carr (152), Larry Johnson (160) and Kenneth Nunez (189).

Loyola, too, had five finalists, and Perry hall has six, with the Dons seeing David Mohler (103), Walter Johnson (112) and Conan Shuster (140) as the only champs.

Perry Hall claimed two champions in 125-pound Shawn Murphy and 145-pound Robin Paguia.

Owings Mills also had six third-place finishers in Jason Escobar (103), Andrew Dardick (112), Demetrius Johnson (135), Brandon Hoffman (140), Chris Seip (171) and Darius Carroll (285).

Team Placement:
1 Owings Mills
2 Loyola
3 Perry Hall
4 Parkville
5 C. Milton Wright
6 Bohemian Manor
7 Eastern Tech
8 Patterson
9 Pikesville
10 Woodlawn
11 Randallstown
12 Digital Harbor
13 Edgewood
14 Chesapeake
15 Overlea
16 Carver A&T

Results by weight:

Weight: 103

1st: David Mohler, Loyola

2nd: Zeke Salvo, Perry Hall

3rd: Jason Escobar, Owings Mills

4th: Alex Carrion, Parkville

5th: Zach Shackleford, Pikesville

6th: Spencer Hellman, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 112

1st: Walter Johnson, Loyola

2nd: Jordan Rhudy, Perry Hall

3rd: Andrew Dardick, Owings Mills

4th: Norman Young, MERVO

5th: Sam Pellerito, Carver A&T

6th: Mike Zito, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 119

1st: Warren Mack, Owings Mills

2nd: AJ Jourdan, Bohemian Manor

3rd: Dom Sacco, Perry Hall

4th: Calvin McRae, Digital Harbor

5th: Brian Singer, Loyola

6th: Andrew Wesdock, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 125

1st: Shaun Murphy, Perry Hall

2nd: Ben Smist, Loyola

3rd: Chuck Baugher (ACT), Eastern Tech

4th: Antonio Morrison, Patterson

5th: Adrian Rowe, Edgewood

6th: Elliot Creamer, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 130

1st: Adrienne Hazel, Owings Mills

2nd: Robert Sewell, Patterson

3rd: Evan Gill, Randallstown

4th: Ellis Kent, Loyola

5th: Sean Taylor, Perry Hall

6th: Ted Newton, Eastern Tech

Weight: 135

1st: Trayvon Wright, Pikesville

2nd: Stephen Beam, Eastern Tech

3rd: Demetrius Johnson, Owings Mills

4th: Jeremy Patterson, Patterson

5th: Nick Wesdock, C. Milton Wright

6th: Dylan Brown, Bohemian Manor

Weight: 140

1st: Conan Shuster, Loyola

2nd: Ramon Chavez, Bohemian Manor

3rd: Brandon Hoffman, Owings Mills

4th: Vinnie Biondo, Perry Hall

5th: Dustin Shackleford, Eastern Tech

6th: Jake DiMattia, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 145

1st: Robin Paguia, Perry Hall

2nd: Mike Zito, Loyola

3rd: Ilya Usik, Eastern Tech

4th: Zaza Taursivilla, Owings Mills

5th: Tyler Nengal, C. Milton Wright

6th: Derrick Green, Patterson

Weight: 152

1st: Taran Carr, Owings Mills

2nd: Andrew Watson, Woodlawn

3rd: Joe Moreno, Loyola

4th: Kelvin Harlee, Digital Harbor

5th: Alex Sharp, Bohemian Manor

6th: Rashad Brooks, Parkville

Weight: 160

1st: Larry Johnson, Owings Mills

2nd: Zeke Elliot, Parkville

3rd: Brad Randall, Loyola

4th: Charles Smith, Woodlawn

5th: Connor Neenan, C. Milton Wright

6th: Brad Bocher, Perry Hall

Weight: 171

1st: Zach Myrick, Parkville

2nd: Matt Zito, C. Milton Wright

3rd: Chris Seip, Owings Mills

4th: Alex Hurdle, Loyola

5th: Brian Stevenson, Pikesville

6th: Jordan Hicks, Edgewood

Weight: 189

1st: Kenny Nunez, Owings Mills

2nd: Patrick Clemons, Perry Hall

3rd: Mitchell Burns, Eastern Tech

4th: Martin Tyler, Woodlawn

5th: Tevin Berry, Overlea

6th: Shane Cavanaugh, C. Milton Wright

Weight: 215

1st: Steve Walters, Parkville

2nd: Andrew Huber, Perry Hall

3rd: Collin Marshall, Loyola

4th: Tyler Britton, Bohemian Manor

5th: Chance Young, Chesapeake

6th: Chris Gonzales, Owings Mills

Weight: 285

1st: Quincy Wise, Randallstown

2nd: Josh Strother, Parkville

3rd: Darius Carroll, Owings Mills

4th: Derrick Jones, Chesapeake

5th: Brandon Stacherski, Bohemian Manor

6th: Tyrone Brown, Pikesville