The 1A/2A North Region at Dundalk High School was a one sided affair to say the least.

The Eagles from Owings Mills soared above the competition, flying to a lopsided victory of 264 points, outscoring runner-up Sparrows Point (131 points) by 133 points and doubling the closest competition’s point total.

Owings Mills had the most finalists (10) and champions (6) in the two day tournament, taking 13 wrestlers to next weekend’s MPSSAA State Wrestling Tournament.

Champions for Owings Mills were Warren Mack (112), Adriene Hazel (125), Demetrius Johnson (130), Taran Carr (145), Larry Johnson (160) and Mohammed Ali (171), while runners-up included Zaza Taruashvili (140), Kenny Nunez (189), Russell Barnes (215) and Darius Carroll (285).

Placing third were Jason Escobar (103) and Chris Seip (152), with Brandon Hoffman (135) taking fourth. Demetrius Johnson (6th), Taran Carr (5th) and Larry Johnson (4th) are returning state placers for Owings Mills.

Carver Vo-Tech from Baltimore City had three champions. Going three for three in the finals, the Bears crowned Antonio Brockington (103), Brandon Gibson (135) and Tyler Hinton (140).

Gibson placed fifth in the state as a sophomore, but didn’t place last year as a junior. The senior is now hoping to get back on the podium in his last trip to Cole Field House.

The Bears’ Tyler Hinton is a two-time state placer, sixth as a sophomore and third as a junior., and is currently ranked No. 1 in the state in the 1A/2A division at 140.

Carver Vo-Tech is taking two more wrestlers to the state tournament; Paul McBride (4th, 112) and Kris Hinton (4th, 160).

Sparrows Point had four finalists, coming away with two champions in James Krug (189) and returning state placer Drew Clark (189).

Clark was sixth at the state tournament last year as a junior, and the senior is looking to get to the top of the podium this year. “My goal is to win states,” he said last week, after winning his first Baltimore County title.

Runners-up for Sparrows Point were Cody Lewis (119) and Mike Iman (171), in addition to fourth-place winner Nathan Borkowicz (160), who will join the other Pointers at Cole Field House.

Sparrows Point, Carver Vo-Tech and Lansdowne are each taking five wrestlers to the state tournament. The Vikings of Lansdowne have 119 lb champion Greg McCoy, as well as second place finishers Justyn Angelotti (103) and Nick Payne (130). In addition, the Vikings are taking Christian Vasquez (4th, 112) and Kyle Beard (4th, 140) to College Park next weekend.

Eastern Tech had two finalists on Saturday, with both placing second. Chuck Baugher (125) lost a close match against Adriene Hazel (Owings Mills), and  Ilya Usik (145) was injured in his semi-final match and forfeited his finals match.

eaglesThe Mavericks are taking six wrestlers to College Park, the second most qualifiers after Owings Mills. Kolton Fodel (4th, 130), Stephen Beam (3rd, 135), Dustin Shackleford (3rd, 140) and Nathaniel Gale (4th, 189) will also be wrestling in next weekend’s state tournament.

The other champions of the North were Pikesville’s Kion Wright at 152 and Overlea’s Steve Barner at 215.

Wright’s brother, Travon, was a runner-up for Pikesville at 135, and New Town had two runners-up in Malik Jones (152) and Gary Clark (160).

Akil Bohanon was Edmondson’s lone finalist, losing a rematch with Owings Mills’ Warren Mack in the 112-pound final.

The two met at the dual-meet regions two weeks ago, with Mack winning by fall, and Saturday’s match would have the same fate; Mack pinning Bohanon in the second period.

The match was one of the most exciting matches of the night, as it was full of a non-stop action from the start and went on at a relentless pace.

Bohanon scored a late takedown in the first period to go up 2-0, when the second period turned in Mack’s favor, ending in a flurry that saw Mack throw Bohanon to his back to secure the pin.

Team Scores
1-Owings Mills 264
2-Sparrows Point 131
3-Carver Vo-Tech 101.5
4-Eastern Tech 92.5
5-Lansdowne 92
6-Pikesville 81.5
7-New Town 57.5
8-Edmondson Westside 49
9-Loch Raven 44
10-Overlea 39
11-Forest Park 36
12-Digital Harbor 30
13-Chesapeake-BCounty 27
14-Northwestern-BCity 21.5
15-W.E.B. DuBois 21
16-Carver A&T 20
17-Western STES 19
18-Randallstown 14
19-Dundalk 13
20-City College 11
21-Lake Clifton 7

Championship Finals
103- #1 Antonio Brockington (Carver Vo-Tech) 5-2 #2 Justyn Angelotti (Lansdowne)
112- #1 Warren Mack (Owings Mills) F3:28 #3 Akil Bohanon (Edmondson)
119- #1 Greg McCoy (Lansdowne) 8-2 #2 Cody Lewis (Sparrows Point)
125- #1 Adrienne Hazel (Owings Mills) 6-4 #3 Chuck Baugher (Eastern Tech)
130- #1 Demetrius Johnson (Owings Mills) 7-0 #2 Nick Payne (Lansdowne)
135- #2 Brandon Gibson (Carver Vo-Tech) 7-3 #1 Travon Wright (Pikesville)
140- #1 Tyler Hinton (Carver Vo-Tech) 14-0 #2 Zaza Taruashvili (Owings Mills)
145- #1 Taran Carr (Owings Mills) Won by Forfeit #2 Ilya Usik (Eastern Tech)
152- #1 Kion Wright (Pikesville) 14-2 #2 Malik Jones (New Town)
160- #1 Larry Johnson (Owings Mills) F4:08 #2 Gary Clark (New Town)
171- #1 Mohammad Ali (Owings Mills) F4:42 #2 Mike Iman (Sparrows Point)
189- #1 James Krug (Sparrows Point) 7-1 #2 Kenny Nunez (Owings Mills)
215- #1 Steve Barner (Overlea) F:58 #2 Russell Barnes (Owings Mills)
285- #1 Drew Clark (Sparrows Point) 6-0 #2 Darius Carroll (Owings Mills)

103- #3 Jason Escobar (Owings Mills) over #4 Zach Shackelford (Pikesville)
112- #2 Sam Pellerito (Carver A&T) over #7 Paul McBride (Carver Vo-Tech)
119- #5 Shaquille Johnson (Edmondson) over #6 Ogrunseyi Alo (City College)
125- #6 Evan Gill (Randallstown) over #2 Christian Vasquez (Lansdowne)
130- #5 Royal Chruchill (New Town) over #8 Kolton Fodel (Eastern Tech)
135- #3 Stephen Beam (Eastern Tech) over #6 Brandon Hoffman (Owings Mills)
140- #3 Dustin Shackleford (Eastern Tech) over #6 Kyle Beard (Lansdowne)
145- #4 Orr Shimony (Pikesville) over #3 Antonio Harris (Edmondson)
152- #4 Chris Seip (Owings Mills) over #3 Nathan Borkowicz (Sparrows Point)
160- #5 George Crews (Forest Park) over #4 Kris Hinton (Carver Vo-Tech)
171- #4 Tony Sok (Loch Raven) over #8 Nathaniel Gale (Eastern Tech)
189- #3 Deon Hector (W.E.B. Dubois) over #5 Peyton Beechum (Western STES)
215- #5 Melvin Henry (Chesapeake-BCounty) over #3 Ryne Schanberger (Loch Raven)
285- #4 Nick Newcomb (Overlea) over #5 Derrick Jones (Chesapeake-BCounty)

103- #7 Heman Rai (Digital Harbor) over #5 Ronald Morris (Edmondson)
112- #4 Jumul Noble (Pikesville) over #5 Jamar Beckford (Forest Park)
119- #3 Alfred Martinez (Dundalk) over #4 Dylan Wiley (Western STES)
125- #4 Tony Collurafici (Sparrows Point) over #5 Marcus Whiting (Northwestern)
130- #3 Sorrie Sidibe (Digital Harbor) over #6 Kevin Junior (Forest Park)
135- #4 Teddy Cadd (Sparrows Point) over #5 Nick Watson (New Town)
140- #4 Devontay Thomas (Forest Park) over #5 Malchi Burden (Carver A&T)
145- #7 Richie Rehak (Sparrows Point) dec #5 Derrick Lee (Carver Vo-Tech)
152- #5 Ryan Da
vis (Loch Raven) over #7 Jesse Bradley (Eastern Tech)
160- #3 Nick White (Loch Raven) over #6 Zach Morton (Sparrows Point)
171- #6 Kevin Pyron (W.E.B. Dubois) over #3 Willie Sloan (Forest Park)
189- #7 Darron Brown (Northwestern-BCity) over #8 Corey Sullivan (Dundalk)
215- #4 Donnelle Allen (Northwestern-BCity) over #7 DeAndre Guess (Digital Harbor)
285- #7 DaJuan Alston (Lansdowne) over #3 Samuel Welk (Lake Clifton)