The New Town Titans were able to earn top honors in the Northwestern Invitational this past weekend, outscoring the other teams by at least 18 points in the tournament.

The Titans placed eight wrestlers to create their winning point-total, seeing champions in Jayland Bradby (119), Watson (140) and Malik Jones (152), with runner-ups in Maurice Lowery (103), Churchill (135), Gary Clark (160), Jamall Sheppard (215) and Jonathan Middlebrook (285).

Carver, Southwestern and WEB DuBois all crowned multiple champions, with Carver’s Antonio Brockington (103), Brandon Gibson (130) and Hinton (145), Southwestern’s McFadden (125), Dominique Johns (135), Patrick Coleman (160) and Keyon Lovitte (285).

WEB DuBois had back-to-back champions in Kevin Pyron and Deon Hector, winning at 171 and 189, respectively.

Final Results

New Town 209.5
Forest Park 191.5
Carver 183.5
Southwestern 152
Northwestern 143.
NAF 126
James M. Bennett 125
Edmondson 105
City 96
WEB DuBois 86.5

Championship Finals
105 Antonio Brockington (Carver) def. Maurice Lowery (New Town) Pin
114 Akil Bohanan (Edmondson) def. Mike Levdansky (James M. Bennett) Pin at 4:34
121 Jayland Bradby (New Town) def. O. Alo (City College) Pin
127 McFadden (Southwestern) def. Marcus Whiting (Northwestern) Pin
132 Brandon Gibson (Carver) def. Justin Jones (City College) Pin
137 Dominique Johns (Southwestern) def. Churchill (New Town) 8-6
142 Watson (New Town) def. Thomas (Forest Park) Pin
147 Hinton (Carver) def. Raymond McLean (James M. Bennett) Pin
154 Malik Jones (New Town) def. Harris (Edmondson) Tech Fall
162 Patrick Coleman (Southwestern) def. Gary Clark (New Town) 9-3
173 Kevin Pyron (WEB DuBois) def. Sloan (Forest Park) 10-9
191 Deon Hector (WEB DuBois) def. Darron Brown (Northwestern) Pin
217 Donnelle Allen (Northwestern) def. Jamall Sheppard (New Town) Pin
287 Keyon Lovitte (Southwestern) def. Jonathan Middlebrook (New Town) Pin

Consolation Finals
105 malcolm thompson (city college) def. ronald morris (edmondson) Pin
114 Jamar Beckford (Forest Park) def. Paul McBride (Carver) Pin (OT)
121 Joey Reeves (James M. Bennett) def. smith (Forest Park) Pin
127 Gomez (Forest Park) def. Charles Carson (James M. Bennett) Pin
132 Ridings (NaF) def. Smith (Forest Park) Win by Forfeit
137 Lumison Jean (James M. Bennett) def. Junior (Forest Park) Pin
142 Marvin Cunningham (Southwestern) def. Greene (Carver) 6-0
147 Cody (NAF) def. Battle (Forest Park) Pin
154 Anthony Hackett (Northwestern) def. Derrick Lee (Carver) Pin
162 Hinton (Carver) def. McCrae (WEB DuBois) Win by Forfeit
173 Owens (NAF) def. Dominick Vaughn (City College) Pin
191 Barrett (Forest Park) def. Smith (NAF) 9-4
217 sutton (NAF) def. Smith (Carver) Pin
287 Courtney Smith (Northwestern) def. jones (NAF) Pin