Winning the final three bouts with falls was crucial to the Mount Hebron Vikings, Tuesday, but then again so was every individual victory, as the team barely scraped together the 35-point score to beat No. 18 Wilde Lake, 35-34.

Iwaskiw (189), Hassan (215) and Wade (285), all had pins to close the meet with an 18-point run for Mt. Hebron, capitalizing on earlier major decisions from Vickers and Fernande at 130 and 135, respectively, and a 3-1 decision by Stewart at 125.

Wilde Lake saw three falls from Polonsky (119) Brown (152) and Harris (171), but was only able to score one major decision by Eckley at 112, settling for decisions by Morakinyo (140) and Coffield (145), with Coffield missing a major by just three points.

Morakinyo’s win came in sudden death, being awarded the math-winning point after riding-out his opponent through the final overtime period.

Mt. Hebron 35, No. 18 Wilde Lake 34

103 N. Polonsky (WL) wbf
112 Eckley (WL) md. 10-0 Curran (MH)
119 A. Polonsky (WL) p. 3:24 Raja (MH)
125 Stewart (MH) d. 3-1 J. Trinh (WL)
130 Vickers (MH) md. 13-2 E. Trinh (WL)
135 Fernande (MH) md. 10-2 Jackson (WL)
140 Morakinyo (WL) d. 9-8 SD Kendrick (MH)
145 Coffield (WL) d. 9-3 Staedeli (MH)
152 Brown (WL) p. 1:48 Varipapa (MH)
160 Ibad (MH) wbf
171 Harris (WL) p. 5:55 John (MH)
189 Iwaskiw (MH) p. 1:45 Hines (WL)
215 Hassan (MH) p. 5:37 Collins (WL)
285 Wade (MH) p. 1:25 Jones (WL)