Next steps are for Local School Systems to being moving toward in-season team-based practices

On Tuesday, the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) published a “roadmap” for the “Return to Play” for Local School Systems (LSS), for interscholastic athletics and activities.

The guidance is to help LSS to resocialize students in athletics and activities in a safe and controlled environment.

The MPSSAA defined its current status in this fashion:

  • All athletics and activities may be operating in the Lowest Risk: Performing skill-building drills or conditioning at home, alone, or with family members. This includes school system approved virtual engagement.
  • All LSS may begin at their discretion to move into Increasing Risk: Summer out-of-season school-based open conditioning, exercise, weight training, and non-sport specific student gatherings.
  • All LSS are recommended to implement the Preparation Guidance.

Under the designation of “What’s Next,” the MPSSAA defined it as this:

  • All LSS should prepare for moving into Increasing Risk: In-Season Team Based Practices.
    The current first practice date is August 12, 2020 for fall sports.

    • Please note this is subject to change based on the most recent information in collaboration with the Governor’s Executive Orders, Maryland Health Department, and any announcements by the State Superintendent of Schools.
    • Local School Systems may enter into this date at their own discretion.

The MPSSAA’s current Expectation Timeline is:

  • MPSSAA will update this status weekly on Tuesday, July 14, Tuesday, July 21, Tuesday, July 28, and Tuesday, August 4 regarding the start of Fall Practices and necessary sport modifications.
    Periodic updates may occur at any time regarding guidance and status updates from the Governor’s office, Maryland Health Department, and the State Superintendent of Schools.
  • Fall State Championships will be assessed in early October 2020 based on schools ability to participate in a regular season.
  • Winter Sports will be assessed the first week of October based on the most recent information regarding indoor facilities.

Several contingency plans are also being considered, including the concept of moving sports seasons. “The MPSSAA with its stakeholders will continue to discuss these options and make any additional announcements as necessary,” the Association said in its announcement. “These contingency plans will be based on maximizing participation and engaging all students as best as possible in interscholastic athletics and activities.”