Monday was another somber evening in the mourning process for Our Lady of Mount Carmel students and staff, as they continue to come to grips with the murder of Cougar basketball player John Crowder, earlier this summer.

Crowder, who would have been starting his junior year of high school this fall, was a rising college basketball prospect who stood 6-feet-8 when he was gunned down early July 5 shortly after leaving a 4th of July celebration at his grandmother’s home in East Baltimore.

On Monday, August 15, a date selected because it coincides with the uniform number Crowder wore for the Cougars, his former teammates, classmates, teachers and coaches gathered at the Mount Carmel church for a memorial service.

“This is an opportunity for our students to celebrate and understand the power of life over death,” said school Principal Kathleen Sipes.

Mount Carmel head coach Tom Rose remembered Crowder the person, not the basketball player

“He was a great person, on and off the court,” said Rose.

In the classroom Crowder was described as a very affectionate person. He  would read the school sports announcements every day before class.  He was known for his warm smile.

Classmates and teammates said that Crowder was one in a million.

“You will never be forgotten,” said classmate Lauren Lewis, who went Towson Catholic with Crowder during their freshman year before moving to Mount Carmel when TC closed.

The following are several eulogies from the service as well as interviews with those in attendance.