Running on a revamped, and much hillier CCBC-Catonsville campus course, host Mount de Sales defeated a pair of IAAM B Conference cross country opponents on Wednesday.

Sophomore Sailor Colleen Miller won the season’s inaugural race in windy, 91-degree heat, covering the three-plus venue with a time of 23-minutes, 24-seconds.  

Mount de Sales took the first six spots overall to defeat Seton Keough, 15-50, and Park School, 15-49.  Park picked up one win by defeating Seton Keough, 25-32.

Park’s Ellie Kahn led her team in with a seventh place finish and Caroline Stasiowski of Seton Keough finished 10th to keep MDSA from sweeping the top 10 places.

Miller led the race from the gun on flat or steadily rising terrain for the first mile.  The main challenge of long sharp ascents and descents was compressed into the middle loop with nearly 800 meters of climbing in the first three-quarters of the second mile.  Respite came when the course reversed direction for the final mile back to the start/finish line.  

Besides Miller, Mount de Sales’ other top 10 placers included five rookie cross country competitors and only two juniors with previous hill and dale experience.

Here are the complete results:


Mount deSales , Park, Seton Keogh  9/8/10
cross country at CCBC Catonsville3.01 miles
91 degrees, windy (15+ mph), very hilly mile 1 to mile 2
1Colleen MillerMDS23:24
2Jessica HarrisMDS24:03:00
3Amanda MillerMDS24:11:00MDS 15, Park   49
4Caitlin ShoemakerMDS24:14:00
5Lesley NalleyMDS24:39:00MDS 15, SK   50
6Becky LeisherMDS24:59:00
7Ellie KahnPark25:07:00Park 25, SK 32
8Caroline ArnoldMDS25:52:00
9Lilli RobbMDS26:14:00
10Caroline StasiowskiSK26:14:00
11Erin KellyMDS27:36:00
12Corinne CohaganMDS27:38:00
13Hannah WalterMDS27:39:00
14Rachel DonovanMDS28:10:00
15Marge FurlettiMDS28:12:00
16Amanda BowenMDS28:14:00
17Hannah PoppMDS28:36:00
18Sara McKissickMDS28:36:00
19Riley MeekinsMDS29:10:00
20Meagan CampbellMDS30:02:00
21Sarah BallesSK30:02:00
22Bridget KnepperMDS30:08:00
23Maddy RiordaPark30:35:00
24Lindsay HarrisonMDS30:40:00
25Lauren LesterPark30:54:00
26Judith PickeringPark30:55:00
27Haley RieblingSK30:56:00
28Maria AllenSK31:36:00
29Eavan FlanaganPark32:08:00
30Regina HuffordMDS32:11:00
31Maggie FinamoreMDS33:34:00
32Ella FordPark33:35:00
33Molly RodahaverMDS33:40:00
34Claire MartineauMDS33:45:00
35Victoria BullivantPark33:49:00
36Emily BarbourMDS34:23:00
37Rebecca GregoryMDS35:13:00
38Mai AsmeromPark35:29:00
39Lauren HobanSK35:33:00
40Elizabeth WoodsenPark36:11:00
41Olivia ChalkleyPark36:29:00
42Noelle RieldingSK36:55:00
43Nicole LeoMDS37:12:00
44McKenzie HutchinsonMDS37:12:00
45Sam SteinmanSK38:46:00
46Paityn HareSK38:53:00
47Vanessa TamotaPark39:06:00
48Megan GwinnSK40:05:00
49Rebecca StevickSK44:57:00
50Kaila LindsaySK51:00:00