By just three team-points, the Milford Mill Millers were able to claim victory over the New Town Titans, 230-227, winning the Northwestern Tournament on Saturday on Park Heights Avenue.

Three teams crowned four champions, including Edmondson, Milford Mill and New Town, but it was the Millers ability to do so with four more consolation finals winners to take the team title.

Evan Laryea (120 pounds) was the Millers first champion, joined by teammates, Jerrell Ferguson (182), Kenny Smith (160) and Maurice Hawkins (145), while New Town matched with its four champs Colin Manning (106), Rocay Churchill (132), Nick Watson (138) and Gary Clark (170).

New Town also had finalists Darryl Watson (113) and Kenny Ogbuli (160).

Third place Edmondson claimed four tournament champions, seeing perfect runs by Shaquille Johnson (113), Kwabena Bohanan (126), Matthew Spencer (152) and Shaquille Rogers (220), while WEB Dubois and Randallstown earned title with Deon Hector (195) and Quincy Wise (285).

Digital Harbor finished the weekend in fourth, pushing Eli Winston (132) and Hasani Evans (182) into the final round, seeing three bronze medalists.  Host Northwestern finished in fifth, having three finalists, one third-place winner and two wrestler place fourth.

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Team Standings:
1 Milford Mill- 230
2 New Town- 227
3 Edmondson- 208.5
4 Digital Harbor- 153
5 Northwesterm- 140

106- Colin Manning (New Town)
113- Shaquille Johnson (Edmondson)
120- Evan Laryea (Milford Mill)
126- Kwabena Bohanan (Edmondson)
132- Royal Churchill (New Town)
138- Nick Watson (New Town)
145- Maurice Hawkins (Milford Mill)
152- Matthew Spencer (Edmondson)
160- Kenny Smith (Milford Mill)
170- Gary Clark (New Town)
182- Jerrell Ferguson (Milford Mill)
195- Deon Hector (WEB Dubois)
220- Shaquille Rogers (Edmondson)
285- Quincy Wise (Randallstown)