Junior defensive end Roman Braglio of McDonogh has committed to a full football scholarship to the University of Maryland, his father Scott Braglio, told VarsitySportsNetwork on Friday evening.

Braglio told newly hired Terrapins’ coach Randy Edsall to his face that he had made his choice on Thursday night, this after he and his father, Scott Braglio, had spent the afternoon, starting at around 2:00 p.m., visiting the University of Maryland campus.

Scott Braglio said that he and his son watched the Terps’ practice starting at 3:00 p.m., and eventually left the campus at 7:00 p.m., but not before Roman Braglio had made his decision.

“We were up there yesterday. We had gone down yesterday afternoon. We watched the practice. We stayed and we kind of chit-chatted with Coach Edsall and their defensive coach from Pitt,” said Scott Braglio. “The defensive coach was showing some defensive tapes from Pitt when he coached at Pitt, and he was explaining to Roman where he needed to play and how he would fit in and he told Roman that he would have a very good chance of playing his freshman year if he was ready.

“We were getting ready go, and Roman wasn’t sure, and we sort of stepped out to the side and he said, ‘Dad, I think I want to committ. But I don’t know what to say,’ and I said, ‘Well turn around, walk back in there and shake the man’s hand and tell him that you want to be a Terp.’ And that’s what he did,” said Scott Braglio.

“They took him into Coach Edsall’s office and they were very excited to have him committ. Everybody in the whole building that was still there came into Coach Edsall’s office and congratulated him and welcomed him aboard. They were happy to have him.”

Roman Braglio also had had an offer from West Virginia, as well as having attracted interest from Pitt, Boston, UVA, and some others. There was correspondence from other schools.

“I sat down with their defensive coach and he kind of showed me the defense that he was going to run this year. I think that I would fit in with their defense,” said Roman Braglio. “He told me that I would fit in well in that defense. It’s a 4-3 defense with a rush end to the strong side or the weak side. He said that I have a strong chance of playing as a true freshman. But I really like the coaches. Coach Edsall is awesome.

“I really like the enthusiasm that Coach Edsall brings to the practice and to the team and just the way that he controls everything right now. Coach Edsall’s morals combining academics and teamwork are what I look for in a college,” added the younger Braglio, who stands 6-feet-4 and weighs 235 pounds.