Eagles’ four champs are the most of any squad

by Billy Loverocket
McDonogh kicked off the new wrestling season on their home turf this weekend at 47th annual Ray Oliver Tournament. For the second year in a row the Eagles watched Delaware powerhouse Smyrna walk out of the gym with the championship trophy.
McDonogh did outpace Smyrna in the individual champion count, pushing four to the top of the podium, while Smyrna had just two champions.
The star of the day would have to be Jack Wimmer (195). Wimmer, ranked 20th in the country by FloWrestling, secured his fourth Ray Oliver crown pitching a 6-0 shutout over Bullis’ Austin Brown.
Cooper Flynn (120), who is No.10 in the nation in FloWrestling’s rankings, captured his third Ray Oliver title in three tries posting a 10-0 major-decision over Bullis’ Nasir Wilkinson (Wilkinson transferred from St. Paul’s this year).
Senior Garrett Kappes (285) is also ranked 10th in Flo’s rankings. He too stepped to the top of the Ray Oliver podium for the third time (fifth as a freshman). Kappes planted Terrell Jackson (Bullis) in the first period, 1:10.
Richard Fedalen (132) put the first tournament title of his high school career in the books. Fedalen received a forfeit from teammate Clayton Gabrielson. The talented sophomore was a runner-up here last year and followed that up with a fifth place showing at the prestigious Ironman tournament before injuries derailed his promising freshman campaign.
Five Eagles finished as runners-up, Joel Brown (113), Matt Lawrence (138), Harrison Trahan (160), Dominic Solis (182), and Gabrielson. Gerard Johnson was fifth at 126.
Ray Oliver was Gabrielson’s first high school tournament and the freshman gave notice that he will be a force, decking the No.1 seed, Amir Pierce (Smyrna), at the close of the third period in semis, 3:57. Lawrence followed suit pinning a top seed of his own in the semi-finals, Alex Poore (Caravel Academy), 4:35.
Smyrna’s two champions were Gabe Giampietro (106) and JT Davis (182). Giampietro downed Bullis’ Tallion Elliot, 12-8, for his second Ray Oliver gold. Last year, he handled Fedalen in the finals, 6-5. Davis, who Flo has slotted at No.19 in the country, earned a 7-2 decision over Solis for his second crown as well.
Bullis is a team that is rising in Maryland due to some new recruits and transfers. Two of their three titlists wrestled elsewhere last year (Damon McGee and Gene Quodala), and the other, Meyer Shapiro, was blowing up the junior league scene. McGee (138) was toiling away in the wrestling room of the country’s top team, New Jersey’s Blair Academy, at this time last year. The Virginia native came out ahead of Lawrence, 4-1.
Quodala meanwhile was plying his trade down the road from the tournament site at St. Paul’s. The Crusaders never attended Ray Oliver, so this was Quodala’s first time on the stage and he walked away with the crown using an 8-7 win over Smyrna’s Joseph Natarcola in the finals.
Shapiro was one of the most heavily recruited kids coming out of the junior league ranks in recent years. The freshman was rumored to be a lock for Mt. St. Joseph. Then there were rumblings that he was going to McDonogh. The last this intrepid reporter heard Shapiro was taking his talents to Pennsylvania and Wyoming Seminary. At last, when the decision was made, it was to attend Bullis. Shapiro beat Caravel’s Ethan Gray, 10-4, in the finals. In the semi-finals, he decked Gilman’s three-time state placer, Andy Weinstein, at the 2:00 mark of the first period.
Georgetown Prep’s Kyonte Hamilton was Maryland’s only other champion. Hamilton is FloWrestling’s No.8 220lber in the nation and he grabbed his first Ray Oliver crown with a second period pin of Gilman’s Mattheus Carroll, 2:56. Hamilton was a runner-up to Kappes as a freshman last year.
Luke Poore (113), Nick Hall (160), and AJ Berneri (170) were gold medal winners for Caravel Academy. Jevon Saffold (Sussex Central) was the 152lb champion.
Pictured above: McDonogh’s Cooper Flynn stands atop the podium at the Ray Oliver Tournament for a third time, as the nation’s 10th-ranked 120-pounder was one of four Eagles to win crowns.
Team Scores:
1-Smyrna (DE) 244
2-McDonogh 228
3-Caravel Academy (DE) 186.5
4-Bullis 176
5-Sussex Central 141
6-Spalding 93
7-Gonzaga (DC) 76
8-Gilman 57
9-Severn 47
10-Georgetown Prep 44
11-Hayfield (VA) 26
12-Landon 19.5
Individual Results:
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gabe Giampietro of Smyrna
2nd Place – Tallion Elliott Jr. of Bullis
3rd Place – William Bressner of Gilman
4th Place – Thomas Phillips of Sussex Central
5th Place – Mateo Hernadez of Hayfield
6th Place – Flynn Shoji of Gonzaga
1st Place Match
Gabe Giampietro (Smyrna) 46-2, So. over Tallion Elliott Jr. (Bullis) 56-11, So. (Dec 12-8)
3rd Place Match
William Bressner (Gilman) 27-20, So. over Thomas Phillips (Sussex Central) 1-2, So. (Fall 1:28)
5th Place Match
Mateo Hernadez (Hayfield) 1-2, So. over Flynn Shoji (Gonzaga) 0-3, Fr. (MD 13-5)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Luke Poore of Caravel Academy
2nd Place – Joel Brown of McDonogh School
3rd Place – Ryan Money of Severn School
4th Place – Patrick Maglathlin of Hayfield
5th Place – Dylan King of Sussex Central
6th Place – Garrett Hudson of Smyrna
1st Place Match
Luke Poore (Caravel Academy) 35-5, Fr. over Joel Brown (McDonogh School) 2-1, Fr. (MD 11-2)
3rd Place Match
Ryan Money (Severn School) 38-12, So. over Patrick Maglathlin (Hayfield) 32-19, Jr. (Dec 14-8)
5th Place Match
Dylan King (Sussex Central) 8-17, Jr. over Garrett Hudson (Smyrna) 1-3, Fr. (Dec 2-0)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cooper Flynn of McDonogh School
2nd Place – NaSir Wilkinson of Bullis
3rd Place – Jamar Wells of Smyrna
4th Place – Dylan Knight of Caravel Academy
5th Place – Dylan Andruzzi of Smyrna
6th Place – Evan Broomall of Sussex Central
1st Place Match
Cooper Flynn (McDonogh School) 53-7, Jr. over NaSir Wilkinson (Bullis) 38-10, Jr. (MD 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Jamar Wells (Smyrna) 3-1, Fr. over Dylan Knight (Caravel Academy) 38-14, So. (Dec 2-1)
5th Place Match
Dylan Andruzzi (Smyrna) 23-21, Sr. over Evan Broomall (Sussex Central) 21-21, So. (Fall 1:35)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Meyer Shapiro of Bullis
2nd Place – Ethan Gray of Caravel Academy
3rd Place – Anthony Glass of Smyrna
4th Place – Andy Weinstein of Gilman
5th Place – Gerrard Johnson of McDonogh School
6th Place – Daniel Griffin of Gilman
1st Place Match
Meyer Shapiro (Bullis) 4-0, Fr. over Ethan Gray (Caravel Academy) 44-4, Jr. (Dec 10-4)
3rd Place Match
Anthony Glass (Smyrna) 4-1, Sr. over Andy Weinstein (Gilman) 28-18, Sr. (Fall 1:21)
5th Place Match
Gerrard Johnson (McDonogh School) 3-2, Fr. over Daniel Griffin (Gilman) 11-11, So. (Dec 4-1)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Richard Fedalen of McDonogh School
2nd Place – Clayton Gabrielson of McDonogh School
3rd Place – Amir Pierce of Smyrna
4th Place – Mason Ankrom of Sussex Central
5th Place – Micheal Kling of Caravel Academy
6th Place – Lorenzo Lopez of Landon
1st Place Match
Richard Fedalen (McDonogh School) 12-3, So. over Clayton Gabrielson (McDonogh School) 2-1, Fr. (For.)
3rd Place Match
Amir Pierce (Smyrna) 21-10, Sr. over Mason Ankrom (Sussex Central) 38-17, Jr. (Dec 4-0)
5th Place Match
Micheal Kling (Caravel Academy) 16-6, So. over Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) 1-3, Sr. (For.)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Damon McGee of Bullis
2nd Place – Matt Lawrence of McDonogh School
3rd Place – Alex Poore of Caravel Academy
4th Place – Isaiah Jenkins of Smyrna
5th Place – Cole Jester of Sussex Central
6th Place – Jack Nuermberger of Gilman
1st Place Match
Damon McGee (Bullis) 28-1, Jr. over Matt Lawrence (McDonogh School) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Alex Poore (Caravel Academy) 41-3, So. over Isaiah Jenkins (Smyrna) 37-11, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
5th Place Match
Cole Jester (Sussex Central) 27-23, Jr. over Jack Nuermberger (Gilman) 11-21, So. (MD 14-2)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gene Quodala of Bullis
2nd Place – Joseph Natarcola of Smyrna
3rd Place – Nick Paolucci of Archbishop Spalding
4th Place – Brad LaBella of Severn School
5th Place – John Antonio of Caravel Academy
6th Place – Joseph Tramonte of Gonzaga
1st Place Match
Gene Quodala (Bullis) 19-12, Jr. over Joseph Natarcola (Smyrna) 21-4, Jr. (Dec 8-7)
3rd Place Match
Nick Paolucci (Archbishop Spalding) 4-1, Sr. over Brad LaBella (Severn School) 35-11, Sr. (Dec 8-3)
5th Place Match
John Antonio (Caravel Academy) 23-19, So. over Joseph Tramonte (Gonzaga) 3-3, Jr. (For.)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jevon Saffold of Sussex Central
2nd Place – Harrison Snyder of Gonzaga
3rd Place – Mitch Garretson of Archbishop Spalding
4th Place – Bryce Mullen of Smyrna
5th Place – Matt Duarte of Caravel Academy
6th Place – Drew Salazar of Archbishop Spalding
1st Place Match
Jevon Saffold (Sussex Central) 32-16, Sr. over Harrison Snyder (Gonzaga) 2-1, Sr. (Fall 1:09)
3rd Place Match
Mitch Garretson (Archbishop Spalding) 4-1, Sr. over Bryce Mullen (Smyrna) 36-18, So. (Inj. 1:21)
5th Place Match
Matt Duarte (Caravel Academy) 9-16, Fr. over Drew Salazar (Archbishop Spalding) 1-3, So. (TB-1 2-1)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nick Hall of Caravel Academy
2nd Place – Harrison Trahan of McDonogh School
3rd Place – Drew Mayhall of Smyrna
4th Place – Isaac Ruderman of Bullis
5th Place – Dylan Lewis of Archbishop Spalding
6th Place – Tarryl Sturgis of Sussex Central
1st Place Match
Nick Hall (Caravel Academy) 43-2, So. over Harrison Trahan (McDonogh School) 41-13, Jr. (Fall 2:48)
3rd Place Match
Drew Mayhall (Smyrna) 3-1, Jr. over Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) 53-18, Sr. (Fall 2:52)
5th Place Match
Dylan Lewis (Archbishop Spalding) 2-2, So. over Tarryl Sturgis (Sussex Central) 29-19, Sr. (For.)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – AJ Berneri of Caravel Academy
2nd Place – Gavin Sembly of Smyrna
3rd Place – William Turner of Gonzaga
4th Place – Dylan Board of Hayfield
5th Place – Samuel Jones of Sussex Central
6th Place – Sean Yousefi of Georgetown Prep
1st Place Match
AJ Berneri (Caravel Academy) 38-8, Sr. over Gavin Sembly (Smyrna) 27-20, Sr. (Fall 3:20)
3rd Place Match
William Turner (Gonzaga) 4-1, Sr. over Dylan Board (Hayfield) 10-13, So. (Fall 0:34)
5th Place Match
Samuel Jones (Sussex Central) 6-5, Jr. over Sean Yousefi (Georgetown Prep) 7-30, Sr. (Fall 4:35)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JT Davis of Smyrna
2nd Place – Dominic Solis of McDonogh School
3rd Place – Matt Parker of Archbishop Spalding
4th Place – Quentin Day of Severn School
5th Place – Jerrold Johnson of Landon
6th Place – Jovani Castaneda of Sussex Central
1st Place Match
JT Davis (Smyrna) 45-3, Sr. over Dominic Solis (McDonogh School) 42-11, Sr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Place Match
Matt Parker (Archbishop Spalding) 3-1, Sr. over Quentin Day (Severn School) 32-11, Jr. (Fall 5:52)
5th Place Match
Jerrold Johnson (Landon) 2-2, Sr. over Jovani Castaneda (Sussex Central) 4-13, Jr. (Fall 0:54)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jack Wimmer of McDonogh School
2nd Place – Austin Brown of Bullis
3rd Place – Kadari Machen of Gonzaga
4th Place – Terrance Frisby of Sussex Central
5th Place – Alex Munoz of Georgetown Prep
6th Place – Andre Smith of Caravel Academy
1st Place Match
Jack Wimmer (McDonogh School) 43-9, Sr. over Austin Brown (Bullis) 55-12, Sr. (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place Match
Kadari Machen (Gonzaga) 3-1, So. over Terrance Frisby (Sussex Central) 2-2, Sr. (Fall 1:35)
5th Place Match
Alex Munoz (Georgetown Prep) 3-2, So. over Andre Smith (Caravel Academy) 10-23, So. (Fall 1:53)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kyonte Hamilton of Georgetown Prep
2nd Place – Mattheus Carroll of Gilman
3rd Place – Hugo Harp of Smyrna
4th Place – Brandon Avila of Archbishop Spalding
5th Place – Dereck Soto of Sussex Central
6th Place – Anthony Ranauto of Caravel Academy
1st Place Match
Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) 48-5, Jr. over Mattheus Carroll (Gilman) 34-11, Jr. (Fall 2:52)
3rd Place Match
Hugo Harp (Smyrna) 43-3, Sr. over Brandon Avila (Archbishop Spalding) 1-2, So. (Fall 2:56)
5th Place Match
Dereck Soto (Sussex Central) 1-2, Jr. over Anthony Ranauto (Caravel Academy) 11-15, Jr. (Fall 0:37)
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Garrett P. Kappes of McDonogh School
2nd Place – Terrell Jackson of Bullis
3rd Place – Andrew DeBenedictis-Bayne of Smyrna
4th Place – Tyler Karr of Sussex Central
5th Place – Chase Lusk of Archbishop Spalding
6th Place – Matt Carroll of Smyrna
1st Place Match
Garrett P. Kappes (McDonogh School) 37-4, Sr. over Terrell Jackson (Bullis) 41-26, Jr. (Fall 1:10)
3rd Place Match
Andrew DeBenedictis-Bayne (Smyrna) 20-10, Sr. over Tyler Karr (Sussex Central) 30-24, Sr. (Fall 1:31)
5th Place Match
Chase Lusk (Archbishop Spalding) 4-2, Jr. over Matt Carroll (Smyrna) 1-3, So. (Fall 1:40)