The McDonogh squash rolled past Park School in a MIAA match, Tuesday, at Meadow Mill Athletic Club, posting a clean 7-0 sweep.

The Eagles won 21 of the 23 games contested and had only one match go the full five sets.

Here are the individual results:

No.1 Hoff (McD) def. Katz, 3-0
No. 2 Weisss (McD) def. Swan, 3-0
No. 3 Brown (McD) def. Waimain, 3-0
No. 4 Hauver (McD) def. Halle, 3-0
No. 5 Cromwell (McD) def. Cunningham, 3-0
No. 6 Bell (McD) def. Kowenhoen, 3-2
No. 7 Stoyenko (McD) def. Bucholtz, 3-1