McDonogh girls basketball team got off to a good start at the Hilton Resort Classic on Saturday in South Carolina, as the Eagles defeated Nation Ford, 49-37.

Candice Hendericks led the Eagles (3-2) with 13 points and Taryn Durant combined with Marin Kobb for 16 points.  Taylor Cummings paced a strong defensive effort with eight steals and she scored six points, while Kobb added eight rebounds.

McDonogh took control with a 24-14 first half.

McDonogh 49, Nation Ford 37
North Harford242549
Nation Ford
North Harford: Kobb 7, Rees 4, Durant 9, Cummings 6, Jacobs 5, Winder 3, Wynn 2, Hendricks.
Nation Ford: Glover 14, K. Bright 3, E. Bright 6, Lucas 4, McCorvey 2, Yarborough 8.