Led by race winner Madeline Dulac (20:54), the McDonogh girls cross country tream defeated Severn and Maryvale Prep, Wednesday at Anne Arundel Community College, by sweeping the top five spots in the meet.

Joe Baird, Miranda Beale, Maggie Gill and Anna Reinhart took places two through five, respectively, for the Eagles, followed by Maryvale’s Emma Tizard (6th) and Harmony Roche (7th).

Here are the complete results:


1Madeline Dulac20:54McDonoghMcDonogh 15,
Severn 48
2Jo Baird22:24McDonogh
3Miranda Beale22:36McDonogh
4Maggie Gill23:09McDonoghMcDonogh 15,
Maryvale 44
5Anna Reinhart23:16McDonogh
6Emma Tizard23:28Maryvale
7Harmony Roche24:06SevernMaryvale 22,
Severn 37
8Claire Sinnott24:23McDonogh
9Maddie Moritz24:31Maryvale
10Rachel Perler24:33McDonogh
11Sidney Hayes24:37McDonogh
12Sarah Bouchard24:48Severn
13Jackie Moritz24:50Maryvale
14Amanda Bochniak24:52Maryvale
15Colleen McDowell24:55Maryvale
16Grace Weaver24:56Severn
17Meghan Hildreth24:57Maryvale
18Claire McDowell25:09Maryvale
19Chelsea Reed25:13McDonogh
20Jaclyn Nagy25:14Severn
21Maddie Zuschnitt25:25Severn
22Kiersten Martin25:38McDonogh
23Natalie Peelish25:43Severn
24Rachel Bradley25:51Maryvale
25Kara Hoppes26:01McDonogh
26Zsa Moyer26:01McDonogh
27Cece Volker26:05Maryvale
28Allyson Hyatt26:10McDonogh
29MJ Rice26:17McDonogh
30Megan Woods26:20McDonogh
31Caroline Flahive26:20Maryvale
32Bella Huther26:22McDonogh
33Brenna Roddy26:23Maryvale
34Colleen Cook26:34Maryvale
35Anne Wyrough26:39Severn
36Mary Kate Montgomery27:00Severn
37Anna Flahive27:35Maryvale
38Kayleen Schmidt27:45Maryvale
39Reilly Dunn27:59Severn
40Eva Bilo28:12Severn
41Anna Valletta29:23Maryvale
42Meg Griffin30:10McDonogh
43Maggie Preas30:25McDonogh
44Annie Cook30:26McDonogh
45Chrysalis Borja30:50Maryvale
46Cara Fioravante31:14Maryvale
47Emily Schmicker31:40Severn
48Emma Baird33:46Maryvale