Above: Marriotts Ridge’s  Will Vaxmonsky (forground) works from the bottom during his 7-5 overtime decision over Rising Sun’s Silas Filliaux during their 138lbs. championship match.

Mustangs bring home five titles, Mount Hebron is 2nd with three champs, Bauer avenges loss to Mansfield

The point scoring system at the Severna Park Scuffle is different than a bracketed tournament since they do seven pool rounds, then place the wrestlers into a small bracket to determine the place-winners. On Saturday evening, Marriotts Ridge’s gaudy total of 619 points put them 80 points ahead of runner-up, and Howard County rival, Mount Hebron (619-539).

“It was a great win,” Mustang coach Jason Conley said. “We were missing one starter, so it was as close to a full lineup as we’ve had this year. It was just nice to see a lot of the boys come back and get some wins, like Vaxmonsky at 38. Ethan lost an early one in the tournament and came back and won. It was great seeing Cestone win his championship match and get his 100th win tonight. I was really proud of them. It’s a great group of boys, great team. It was just a great win. The boys came tonight. Awesome win.”

Marriotts Ridge went five-for-five in the championship finals, and the five champs were the most of any squad. Bringing titles home were, Austin Manwhiller (106, No. 24 in BillyB’s Wrestling World’s latest Maryland rankings), Ethan Bohan (126), Will Vaxmonsky (138), Justin Hooper (170, No. 18 at 160), and No. 12 Austin Cestone (195).

Bohan (No. 16) downed Calvert’s Devin Jones, 8-4, in his championship match. In the first match of the pool rounds on Friday, the unranked Jones defeated Bohan, 5-2.

“I knew I had to do better on top because last time I wrestled him I put legs in and he got me and I went to my back,” Bohan added. “So, I just wanted to get revenge from that last match in the beginning of the tournament. I was really motivated because I didn’t want to lose to him again because I knew I could beat him. The first match I don’t usually do as well. So, I thought to myself, ‘I know I can beat this kid.’ I didn’t like how I was in neutral, but I think I did a lot better on top and getting some back points that I really needed.”

No. 11 Vaxmonsky also exacted a bit of revenge against his finals opponent, Rising Sun’s Silas Filliaux (No. 10). Filliaux beat Vaxmonsky, 3-0, to win the Falcon Invitational hosted by Winters Mill two weekends ago. In this meeting, Vaxmonsky came on at the end of the match to tie it at five and force overtime where he’d secure the takedown, and the win.

“Going into the match I knew he was really tough in neutral,” said Vaxmonsky. “He’s just a real tough wrestler overall. He beat me at the Winters Mill tournament a few weeks ago. But I knew that I could learn from my mistakes from that match. I kept it zero-zero at the end of the first period from neutral which was huge because he got a takedown at Winters Mill and that really set the whole match. I think I wrestled pretty well. I still think I can work on neutral and take him down. But other than that, I think I clutched out at the end and wrestled pretty good.”

Mount Hebron equaled Marriotts Ridge’s number of finalists, but could only secure gold in three of the bouts. Ali Pender (152), Zach Wilhelm (182), and Nick Nordhausen (285) left the building as champions.

Pender (No. 20) pinned Perryville’s Jarrett Hunter (honorable mention) with 12 seconds left in the first period. Pender pinned his way through the pool round, and the only match to go the distance was his semifinal meeting with Annapolis’ Presley Miller that resulted in a major-decision, 8-0.

“Previous to my match I saw my teammate lose so I kinda did it for him really,” Pender said. “I really wanted to get the pin. I missed getting one of my pins. I missed one pin out of all my matches.”

Nordhausen (No. 12) defeated C. Milton Wright’s Sawyer Sturla (No. 10), 2-0, for his title. Finishing as runner-ups for the Vikings were Yahir Lemus (120) and Jamison Hulbert (145).

North Caroline also had five wrestlers reach the championship bouts, but only one of them came through with a win, No. 9 Tyler Bauer. Bauer, who was an undefeated 2A/1A state champion last year, was tripped up in December by Snow Hill’s Ethan Mansfield (No. 8). In that meeting Mansfield registered a win by major-decision.
That result had all eyes in the gym glued to the mat when these two faced off in the 160lb final. Bauer was in control of this match from the beginning and was able to avenge that earlier loss with a 9-5 decision.

“That was always a big burden on my shoulders there to beat him,” Bauer continued. “He’s a great wrestler. Nothing taken from him, I just got him this time and he got me that time. It’s nice to have the team behind you and everything else to support you. I knew I had to be on my feet. He’s a better mat wrestler than I am. I’m a lot better on my feet. Shot for shot, he shot a lot more, but my defense was just there. There were shots that I could have taken, but didn’t have to because he shot so much.”

Coming up short in their title quests for the Bulldogs were, Reilly McIntyre (113), Tyler Riley (170), Alex Grable (195), and Noah Schall (220).

C. Milton Wright’s fourth place showing was powered by three champions, No. 8 Michael Mitrega (113), No. 9 James Riveira (120), and No. 1 Wyatt Graham (220).
Mitrega picked up a 9-3 win over North Caroline’s McIntyre (honorable mention) and Graham pinned the Bulldog’s Schall 20 seconds into the second period.

Riveira had to bounce back after the tough loss to Bel Air’s Brent Lorin on Thursday night, and did so in style. In the semifinals, Riveira downed North Caroline’s Ryan Bauer (No. 13 at 126), 9-3. The freshman was equally impressive in the finals, scoring a 9-2 decision over No. 11 Lemus.

“I knew he was stronger than me,” said Riveira. “All I had to do was get ankles and set him up and it worked pretty good. I had to bounce back (from Thursday’s loss). I didn’t want to take any other Ls. So, I did what I had to do and I got it done.”

The 132lb final was one of the marquee match-ups of the championship round and the match didn’t disappoint. No. 1 Nathaniel White (Bowie) edged Snow Hill’s No. 11 Decklan Fischer, 6-4.

Howard’s Shayan Kassiri won the 145lb title with a 3-1 victory over Mt. Hebron’s Hulbert.

Team Scores:
1. Marriotts Ridge – 619
2. Mount Hebron – 539
3. North Caroline – 523
4. C Milton Wright – 435
5. Bowie – 427
6. Southern – 396
7. Howard – 380
8. Rising Sun – 320
9. Catonsville – 315
10. Perryville – 293
11. Severna Park – 279
12. Snow Hill – 270
13. Northeast – 261
14. Calvert – 164
15. Annapolis – 141
16. Glen Burnie – 85

1st/2nd – A. Manwhiller (MAR) pinned T. Mitchell (How) 1:40
3rd/4th – Chadwick (SVP) dec Ritter (CAT) 4-3
5th/6th – Garvin (RIS) dec Cook (NEA) 6-5
7th/8th – Lopez (MTH) pinned Barnett (PEV)
9th/10th – Huff (NCA) pinned Heim (ANN)

1st/2nd – M. Mitrega (CMW) dec R McIntyre (NCA) 9-3
3rd/4th – Hemmis (CAT) wbf Commock (BOW)
5th/6th – Ball (SOA) pinned Miller (RIS)
7th/8th – McGuire (MTH) dec Wiggens (MAR) 12-7
9th/10th – Kundu (HOW) pinned Weatherington (PEV)

1st/2nd – Riveira (CMW) dec Lemus (MTH) 9-2
3rd/4th – Bauer (NCA) Inj Def Price (RIS)
5th/6th – Leonard (PEV) pinned Segretti (SOA)
7th/8th – Glover (MAR) pinned Scott (ANN)
9th/10th – Johnson (SHI) mdec Ritter (CAT) 10-2

1st/2nd – Bohan (MAR) dec Jones (CAL) 8-4
3rd/4th – Nelson (BOW) dec Foote (HOW) 4-3
5th/6th – Neal (SOA) dec McMillan (RIS) 5-2
7th/8th – Baker (CAT) pinned Doan (MTH)
9th/10th – Ortega (CMW) dec Thompson (SVP) 10-5

1st/2nd – White (BOW) dec Fischer (SHI) 6-4
3rd/4th – Gladstone (MAR) pinned Silsey (NCA)
5th/6th – Scheer (MTH) pinned Murry (CAT)
7th/8th – Keeley (HOW) dec Strickler (SVP) 12-6
9th/10th – Katzenberger (NEA) pinned Craig (RIS)

1st/2nd – Vaxmonsky (MAR) dec Filliaux (RIS) 7-5 OT
3rd/4th – Preston (NEA) dec Layton (NCA) 4-2
5th/6th – Kampert (MTH) pinned Zacerous (PEV)
7th/8th – Mazzei (BOW) dec Anderson (SOA) 6-1
9th/10th – Blanchart (CMW) pinned Shadowens (SVP)

1st/2nd – Kassiri (HOW) dec Hulbert (MTH) 3-1
3rd/4th – Hillard (NCA) wbf Fratta (MAR)
5th/6th – Finney (CMW) dec Dobash (PEV) 7-6
7th/8th – Foster (BOW) pinned Frederick (CAT)
9th/10th – Doyle (NEA) pinned Latson (SOA)

1st/2nd – Pender (MTH) pinned Hunter (PEV) 1:48
3rd/4th – Miller (ANN) dec Scruggs (BOW) 2-0
5th/6th – Gargano (NEA) dec Holder NCA 6-3
7th/8th – Gabriel (HOW) wbf Buck (CAL)
9th/10th – Citrano (MAR) pinned Andulis (SVP)

1st/2nd – Bauer (NCA) dec Mansfield (SHI) 9-5
3rd/4th – David (PEV) wbf Muffley (BOW)
5th/6th – Rush (NEA) dec Dvorack (CMW) 10-3
7th/8th – Hipsley (HOW) wbf Gonzalez (MTH)
9th/10th – Bowers (CAT) wbf Johnson (ANN)

1st/2nd – Hooper (MAR) pinned Riley (NCA) 1:51
3rd/4th –Moore (RIS) mdec White (SOA) 10-2
5th/6th – Diehl (CAT) pinned Lewis (BOW)
7th/8th – Maldavado (CAL) wbf Trombley (CMW)
9th/10th – Anderson (GLB) dec Hallums (HOW) 11-6

1st/2nd – Wilhelm (MTH) pinned Dennis (SHI) 4:14
3rd/4th – Alum (MAR) pinned Jones (CAL)
5th/6th – Herring (SOA) dec Gaffney (BOW) 6-5
7th/8th – Schilipp (SVP) dec Robinson (CAT) 4-2 OT
9th/10th – Rivera (NCA) wbf Johnson (GLB)

1st/2nd – Cestone (MAR) mdec Grable (NCA) 13-5
3rd/4th – Bishop (SHI) pinned Ireland (SOA)
5th/6th – Cimorosi (RIS) pinned Riley (CMW)
7th/8th – Witlin (MTH) pinned Raymond (BOW)
9th/10th – Lefever (HOW) wbf

1st/2nd – Graham (CMW) pinned Schall (NCA) 2:22
3rd/4th – Wrisk (HOW) dec Johnson (CAT) 5-3
5th/6th – Broadway (SVP) dec Baxter (MAR) 10-5 OT)
7th/8th – King (BOW) wbf Ditto (ANN)
9th/10th – Lankford (SOA) wbf

1st/2nd – Nordhausen (MTH) dec Sturla (CMW) 2-0
3rd/4th – Tompkins (SVP) dec Miller (SOA) 7-2
5th/6th – Thomas (PEV) pinned Pierre (HOW)
7th/8th – Vandenburg (MAR) dec Ahmed (GLB) 6-4
9th/10th – Stinchcomb (NEA) pinned Francis (NCA)

Video of all championship matches:
106-Manwhiller vs Mitchell

113-Mitrega vs McIntyre

120-Riveira vs Lemus

126-Bohan vs Jones

132-White vs Fischer

138-Vaxmonsky vs Filliaux

145-Kassiri vs Hulbert

152-Pender vs Hunter

160-Bauer vs Mansfield

170-Hooper vs Riley

182-Wilhelm vs Dennis

195-Cestone vs Grable

220-Graham vs Schall

285-Nordhausen vs Sturla