Heading into this weekend’s MPSSAA state tournaments, the Maryland State Wrestling Association (MSWA) has published its latest team and individual rankings. Mount St. Joseph tops the Overall teams rankings and the Gaels are also rated No. 1 for Duals and Tournaments.

The individual rankings for each weight class are quite comprehensive with overall rankings, as well as breakouts for 3A/4A, 2A/1A and private schools, as well as others to watch.

Overall Teams
1-Mt. St. Joe (40)
2-St. Paul’s (37)
3-McDonogh (35)
Tie-Middletown (35)
5-Damascus (33)
6-North Hagerstown (28)
7-South Carroll (23)
8-Huntingtown (21)
Tie-Oakdale (21)
10-Glenelg (19)
11-Urbana (15)
12-Sparrows Point (14)
13-Leonardtown (12)
Tie-Spalding (12)
15-South River (11)
16-Northern Garrett (10)
17-Good Counsel (9)
Tie-Southern Garrett (9)
19-Georgetown Prep (8)
20-Winston Churchill (7)

1-Mt. St. Joe (20)
2-St. Paul’s (19)
3-Middletown (18)
4-Damascus (17)
5-McDonogh (16)
6-North Hagerstown (15)
7-Sparrows Point (14)
8-Glenelg (13)
9-Leonardtown (12)
10-Huntingtown (11)
11-Northern Garrett (10)
12-Southern Garrett (9)
13-South Carroll (8)
14-Oakdale (7)
15-South River (6)
16-Parkdale (5)
17-Urbana (4)
18-Loyola (3)
19-Oakland Mills (2)
20-Broadneck (1)

Others to watch: Old Mill, Good Counsel, Spalding, Mt. Hebron, Bel Air, Kent Island, North Caroline, Stephen Decatur, Winston Churchill, Century, Winters Mill, La Plata, Owings Mills, Linganore, Springbrook, Westminster, Hereford, Northwest-Mont

1-Mt. St. Joe (20)
2-McDonogh (19)
3-St. Paul’s (18)
4-Middletown (17)
5-Damascus (16)
6-South Carroll (15)
7-Oakdale (14)
8-North Hagerstown (13)
9-Spalding (12)
10-Urbana (11)
11-Huntingtown (10)
12-Good Counsel (9)
13-Georgetown Prep (8)
14-Winston Churchill (7)
15-Glenelg (6)
16-South River (5)
17-Old Mill (4)
18-Atholton (3)
19-Oakland Mills (2)
20-Loyola (1)

Others to watch: Sparrows Point, Southern Garrett, Leonardtown, Parkdale, Stephen Decatur, Catoctin, Gilman, Marriott’s Ridge, Hereford, Owings Mills, North Caroline, Winters Mill, Bel Air, Bethesda-Chevy Chase

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) SO
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) FR
3-Kidus Gebrgiongois (Parkdale) SR
4-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) SO
5-Phil Smith (Franklin) FR
6-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) FR
7-Mamadou Diallo (DuVal) JR
8-Montez Coleman (North County) SR
9-Drew Pruett (Atholton) SO
10-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) SO
11-Daiquan Anderson (Oakland Mills) SR
12-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) FR
13-Shawn Strand (Loyola) SO
14-Yonas Harris (Northwest-Mont) JR
15-Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) SO
16-Brison Dixon (Southern Garrett) SR
17-Jagger Clapsadle (South Carroll) FR
18-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) FR
19-Owen Butler (La Plata) FR
20-Blake Jury (Huntingtown) FR
21-Tristan McGee (Chopticon) FR
22-Nebiu Gebrehana (High Point) SR
23-Jose Echenoa (Quince Orchard) SO
24-Silas Patton (Damascus) FR
25-Maximus Bentley (Easton) FR

Others to watch:
Matt Childs (Rising Sun) SR
Isaac Barber (South River) FR
Tyler Cook (North Hagerstown) FR
Vinnie Catania (Tuscarora) JR
Pierre Lotts (Elkton) JR
Matthew Fouts (Sparrows Point) FR
Will Lomax (Dunbar) SO

Sam Smirnoff (Spalding) FR was No.7 when his season ended due to injury. He was the No.3 Private School wrestler at the time.

1-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) SO (W)
2-Daiquan Anderson (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
3-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) FR (S)
4-Brison Dixon (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
5-Jagger Clapsadle (South Carroll) FR (W)
6-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) FR (N)
7-Owen Butler (La Plata) FR (S)
8-Maximus Bentley (Easton) FR (E)

1-Kidus Gebrgiongois (Parkdale) SR (S)
2-Phil Smith (Franklin) FR (N)
3-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) FR (S)
4-Mamadou Diallo (DuVal) JR (S)
5-Montez Coleman (North County) SR (E)
6-Drew Pruett (Atholton) SO (E)
7-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) SO (E)
8-Yonas Harris (Northwest-Mont) JR (W)

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) SO
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) FR
3-Shawn Strand (Loyola) SO
4-Mitch Garretson (Spalding) FR
5-Patrick Kielb (Landon) FR
6-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) FR
7-Andy Weinstein (Gilman)
8-Bazin Sineshaw (Bullis)

1-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) SO
2-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) JR
3-CJ Cramma (Magruder) JR
4-Axel Giron (Parkdale) SO
5-Robert Kaminski (Stephen Decatur) SR
6-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) FR
7-Parker McDowell (Leonardtown) JR
8-Dakota Bowers (South Carroll) FR
9-Will Guida (St. Paul’s) FR
10-Sean Scott (McDonogh) SO
11-Dean Laumann (Spalding) FR
12-Jerry Vo (Chesapeake-BC) SR
13-Gorsha Reitterer (Lansdowne) SR
14-Terrell Mills (Poly) SR
15-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) SO
16-Jon Price (Rising Sun) JR
17-Teddy Baker (Mountain Ridge) JR
18-Jason Guglielmini (Middletown) SO
19-Bryce Palamar (Williamsport) JR
20-Siavash Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) FR
21-Kemper Stearns (Walter Johnson) JR
22-Justin Balcita (North Hagerstown) JR
23-Nick Schardt (Broadneck) SO
24-Calvin Brumfield (South River) JR
25-Anthony Potter (C. Milton Wright) SR

Others to watch:
Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) FR
Pat Hughes (James M Bennett) SO
Adam Roberts (Thomas Stone) JR

Christian Balmoris (Springbrook) SR was No.5 when his season ended. He was the No.4 3A/4A wrestler. Balmoris was a state runner-up last year.
Alex Figuerias (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO was No.8 when his season ended. He was the No.2 (at the time) wrestler in the private school rankings.
TJ Macklin (Damascus) SR was No.10 when his season ended. He was the No.8 3A/4A wrestler.
Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) SO was No.17 when his season ended due to injury. He was the No.6 (at the time) wrestler in the private school rankings.
Cole Jones (John Carroll) FR, was No.25 when his season ended due to injury. He was the No.5 wrestler (at the time) in the private school rankings.

1-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) JR (W)
2-Dakota Bowers (South Carroll) FR (W)
3-Jerry Vo (Chesapeake-BC) SR (N)
4-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) SO (E)
5-Jon Price (Rising Sun) JR (E)
6-Teddy Baker (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
7-Jason Guglielmini (Middletown) SO (W)
8-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) FR (S)

1-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) SO (E)
2-CJ Cramma (Magruder) JR (W)
3-Axel Giron (Parkdale) SO (S)
4-Robert Kaminski (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)
5-Parker McDowell (Leonardtown) JR (S)
6-Gorsha Reitterer (Lansdowne) SR (N)
7-Terrell Mills (Poly) SR (N)
8-Siavash Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) FR (W)

1-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) FR
2-Will Guida (St. Paul’s) FR
3-Sean Scott (McDonogh) SO
4-Dean Laumann (Spalding) FR
5-Nick Kobrick (Curley) FR
6-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis)
7-John Bakey (Heights School) FR
8-Raj Malviya (Glenelg Country School) SR

1-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
2-Nathan Gainey (Arundel) SR
3-Steven Yutzy (Northern Garrett) SR
4-Travis Crawford (South Carroll) SO
5-Nasir Tucker (Mardela) SR
6-PJ Truntich (Spalding) SO
7-John McLaughlin (Damascus) SO
8-Lucas Young (Winston Churchill) SR
9-Chris Spano (Marriotts Ridge) SR
10-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) JR
11-Ryan Crosby (Clarksburg) SR
12-Brian Truppo (Poolesville) SR
13-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
14-Cody Swigart (Urbana) JR
15-Jimmy Cavin (Hereford) SR
16-Colin Day (Northeast-CC) JR
17-Casey Payne (North County) SR
18-Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe) FR
19-Sam Kalishman (St. Paul’s) FR
20-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) FR
21-Joe Keane (Georgetown Prep)
22-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) JR
23-Mark Martinez (Parkdale) SR
24-Josh Lawson (Stephen Decatur) SR
25-Mike Fouts (Sparrows Point) SO

Others to watch:
Caleb Blancafor (North Point) JR
Alex Kephart (Huntingtown) JR
Jacob Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SR
Haven Huntsberry (Boonsboro) SR

Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) FR was No.7 when his season ended. He was the No.3 PS wrestler at the time.
Ryan Leventhal (McDonogh) SO was No.13 when his season ended. He was the No5 PS wrestler at the time.
Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) SO was No.16 when his season ended. He was the No.6 1A/2A wrestler at the time.

1-Steven Yutzy (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
2-Travis Crawford (South Carroll) SO (W)
3-Nasir Tucker (Mardela) SR (E)
4-Chris Spano (Marriotts Ridge) SR (S)
5-Jimmy Cavin (Hereford) SR (N)
6-Colin Day (Northeast-CC) JR (E)
7-Mike Fouts (Sparrows Point) SO (N)
8-Jacob Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)

1-Nathan Gainey (Arundel) SR (E)
2-John McLaughlin (Damascus) SO (W)
3-Lucas Young (Winston Churchill) SR (W)
4-Ryan Crosby (Clarksburg) SR (W)
5-Brian Truppo (Poolesville) SR (W)
6-Cody Swigart (Urbana) JR (N)
7-Casey Payne (North County) SR (E)
8-Mark Martinez (Parkdale) SR (S)

1-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding) SO
3-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) JR
4-Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe) FR
5-Sam Kalishman (St. Paul’s) FR
6-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) FR
7-Joe Keane (Georgetown Prep)
8-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) JR

1-Brian Stuart (North Hagerstown) JR
2-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) SR ***University of Pittsburgh
3-Nathanil White (DeMatha) JR
4-Earl Blake (Linganore) SO
5-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) JR
6-Ray Kable (McDonogh) SO
7-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) SO
8-Rick Couch (Spalding) SO
9-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) FR
10-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) FR
11-Colin Savage (Poolesville) FR
12-Decklan Fischer (Snow Hill) JR
13-Cody Crawford (Williamsport) JR
14-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) SO
15-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SR
16-Devin Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) SR
17-Tyson McDuffy (Owings Mills) JR
18-Chris Kirchner (North County) SR
19-Chase Wilson (Sherwood) SR
20-Clark Glory (Wheaton) SR
21-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) SO
22-Jared Butler (Pallotti) SR
23-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) FR
24-Donavyn Hohman (Fallston) SR
25-Logan Arnold (Chopticon) SR

Others to watch:
Andrew Thomas (Eleanor Roosevelt) JR
Khari Nelson (Bowie) FR
Hunter Sharpe (Southern-AA) SR
Marco Frederico (La Plata) JR
Dyllan Ramirez (Damascus) SO

Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) SR, who is headed to the University of Pennsylvania, was No.1 when his season ended due to injury. He is a three-time state champion.
Luke Strappelli (John Carroll) JR, a two-time state placer, was No.9 when his season ended due to injury. He was the No.4 wrestler in the PS rankings.
Khalil Rich (Hereford) SR was No.18 when his season ended due to injury. He was No.6 in the 1A/2A rankings.

1-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) SR ***University of Pittsburgh (W)
2-Decklan Fischer (Snow Hill) JR (E)
3-Cody Crawford (Williamsport) JR (W)
4-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SR (W)
5-Devin Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
6-Tyson McDuffy (Owings Mills) JR (N)
7-Donavyn Hohman (Fallston) SR (E)
8-Hunter Sharpe (Southern-AA) SR (S)

1-Brian Stuart (North Hagerstown) JR (N)
2-Earl Blake (Linganore) SO (N)
3-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) JR (W)
4-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) SO (E)
5-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) FR (S)
6-Colin Savage (Poolesville) FR (W)
7-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) SO (N)
8-Chris Kirchner (North County) SR (E)

1-Nathanil White (DeMatha) JR
2-Ray Kable (McDonogh) SO
3-Rick Couch (Spalding) SO
4-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) FR
5-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) SO
6-Jared Butler (Pallotti) SR
7-Billy Trout (Mt. Carmel) JR
8-Drew Franklin (Gilman) SR

1-Shawn Orem (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Caden Mareno (McDonogh) JR
3-JD FitzPatrick (Walter Johnson) SR
4-Scott Obendorfer (Damascus) SR ***Penn State
5-Max Hammond (Sparrows Point) SO
6-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) JR
7-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) JR
8-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) JR
9-Chris Sanchez (DeMatha) SO
10-Grady Hotz (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
11-Marcelo Motta (Bullis) SR
12-Josh Aybar (Loyola) FR
13-Isaiah Edmond (North Point) JR
14-Isaiah Williams (Parkdale) SR
15-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) SO
16-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) SO
17-Will Sadowski (North Harford) SR
18-Robbie Fleming (Old Mill) JR
19-Alex Rounceville (Southern-AA) SR ***Belmont Abby
20-Alejandro Lopez (Quince Orchard) JR
21-Jacob Blyukher (Centennial) JR
22-Zach McAleer (Manchester Valley) SR
23-Cam Werner (South Carroll) SO
24-Alex Lloyd (Havre de Grace) JR
25-Dylan Finlay (Kent Island) JR

Others to watch:
Nate Tasker (Southern Garrett) JR
Mike Bellerose (La Plata) JR

Joe McCord (Georgetown Prep) SR was No.19 when his season ended.
De’Airus Carr (Dunbar) FR was No.21 when his season ended. He was the No.5 1A/2A wrestler at the time.
Cole Brown (Gilman) JR was No.22 when his season ended.

1-Max Hammond (Sparrows Point) SO (N)
2-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) JR (S)
3-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) SO (E)
4-Alex Rounceville (Southern-AA) SR ***Belmont Abby (S)
5-Cam Werner (South Carroll) SO (W)
6-Alex Lloyd (Havre de Grace) JR (E)
7-Dylan Finlay (Kent Island) JR (S)
8-Nate Tasker (Southern Garrett) JR (W)

1-JD FitzPatrick (Walter Johnson) SR (W)
2-Scott Obendorfer (Damascus) SR ***Penn State (W)
3-Isaiah Edmond (North Point) JR (S)
4-Isaiah Williams (Parkdale) (S)
5-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) SO (E)
6-Will Sadowski (North Harford) SR
7-Robbie Fleming (Old Mill) JR (E)
8-Alejandro Lopez (Quince Orchard) JR (W)

1-Shawn Orem (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Caden Mareno (McDonogh) JR
3-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) JR
4-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) JR
5-Chris Sanchez (Good Counsel) SO
6-Grady Hotz (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
7-Marcelo Motta (Bullis) SR
8-Josh Aybar (Loyola) FR

1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) SR ***University of MD
2-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) SO
3-Imran Heard (St. Paul’s) JR
4-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) JR ***Dartmouth
5-Logan Arneson (Urbana) SR
6-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) SO
7-Grant Gorvett (McDonogh) JR
8-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) SO
9-Braeden Alevizatos (Gilman) SR
10-Todd Del Tufo (Reservoir) JR
11-Jimmy Hayden (Mt. Hebron) SR
12-Tyler Harbison (South Carroll) SO
13-Nick Gonzalez (Clarksburg) JR
14-Ryan Castro (South River) SR
15-Brad Walsh (Westminster) JR
16-Owen Joyce (Broadneck) JR
17-Kerwin McLendon (Old Mill) SR
18-Ethan Hoenig (Sparrows Point) SR
19-Camryn Grindle (Perry Hall) SR
20-Luke Lowery (Northern Garrett) SR
21-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) SO
22-Mason Cox (Chopticon) SR
23-Jack Chipps (La Plata) JR
24-Alec Falconer (Quince Orchard) SR
25-Ryan Holland (Montgomery Blair) JR

Others to watch:
Josh Creegan (Damascus) JR
Ryan Godfrey (Hereford) SR
Julius Snead (Parkside) SR
Josh Valdez (Easton) JR

1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) SR ***University of MD (W)
2-Tyler Harbison (South Carroll) SO (W)
3-Ethan Hoenig (Sparrows Point) SR (N)
4-Luke Lowery (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
5-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
6-Jack Chipps (La Plata) JR (S)
7-Ryan Godfrey (Hereford) SR (N)
8-Julius Snead (Parkside) SR (E)

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) SO (E)
2-Logan Arneson (Urbana) SR (N)
3-Todd Del Tufo (Reservoir) JR (E)
4-Jimmy Hayden (Mt. Hebron) SR (E)
5-Nick Gonzalez (Clarksburg) JR
6-Ryan Castro (South River) SR (E)
7-Brad Walsh (Westminster) JR
8-Camryn Grindle (Perry Hall) SR (N)

1-Imran Heard (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) JR ***Dartmouth
3-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) SO
4-Grant Gorvett (McDonogh) JR
5-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) SO
6-Braeden Alevizatos (Gilman) SR
7-Cole Robilotto (Good Counsel) SO
8-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) FR
Tie-Newt Davis (Pallotti) JR

1-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) SR ***Duke
2-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) SR ***University of MD
3-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) SR
4-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) JR
5-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) SR
6-Nick Goray (Spalding) SR
7-Josh Paige (Middletown) JR
8-Shane Acton (Urbana) JR
9-John Rynn (Oakland Mills) SR
10-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) SO
11-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) FR
12-Chase Pennell (Old Mill) SR
13-Nolan Smith (Paint Branch) SR
14-Jordan Day (Northern Garrett)
15-Cameron Ritchey (Mountain Ridge) JR
16-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) SO
17-Troy Blessing (Winters Mill) JR
18-Jimmy Schwab (Southern Garrett) SR
19-Wyatt Payne (Catoctin)
20-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) SR
21-Joey Bromley (Linganore)
22-Benjamin Cianco (Leonardtown) SR
23-Tony Sita (Huntingtown) SR
24-Tyler Watkins (Westminster) SR
25-Ali Pender (Mt. Hebron) JR

Others to watch:
Luis “Cito” Altamirano (Atholton) SR
Kyle Williamson (Howard) SR
Patrick Kirlin (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
Evan Mansfield (Snow Hill) JR

Ethan Stern (Mt. St. Joe) SO was No.19 when his season ended due to injury. He was No. 6 in the private school rankings.
Dylan Istre (Glenelg) SR was No.21 when his season ended.
Liam Bowers (Bel Air) JR was No.22 when his season ended.

1-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) SR (N)
2-Josh Paige (Middletown) JR (W)
3-John Rynn (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
4-Jordan Day (Northern Garrett) (W)
5-Cameron Ritchey (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
6-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) SO (N)
7-Troy Blessing (Winters Mill) JR (W)
8-Evan Mansfield (Snow Hill) JR (S)

1-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)
3-Shane Acton (Urbana) JR (N)
4-Chase Pennell (Old Mill) SR (E)
5-Nolan Smith (Paint Branch) SR (W)
6-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) SR (N)
7-Joey Bromley (Linganore) (N)
8-Benjamin Cianco (Leonardtown) SR (S)

1-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) SR ***Duke
2-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) SR ***University of MD
3-Nick Goray (Spalding) SR
4-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) SO
5-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) FR
6-Eric Ashton (John Carroll) SR
7-Jamie Rice (Boys’ Latin) JR
8-Avery Miller (Good Counsel) SO

1-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) SR
2-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Josh Laubach (Curley) JR
4-Dominick Reyes (Loyola) SR
5-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) SO
6-Jake Nielson (Urbana) JR
7-Adam Bain (Middletown) SR
8-Chase DeMaille (Oakdale) SR
9-Jake Mackenzie (South Carroll) SR
10-Lance Andriani (Northern Calvert) JR
11-Tyler Savage (Spalding) SO
12-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) SO
13-Nick Sulhoff (Huntingtown) SR
14-Seamus Selmi (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
15-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) JR
16-Scott Miser (Bel Air) SR ***McDaniel
17-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) SO
18-Josh Small (Catoctin) JR
19-Alec Horner (Southern Garrett) JR
20-Michael Bromley (Linganore) SO
21-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) SO
22-Jake Griffin (Liberty) JR
23-Avery Thurman (Dunbar) SR
24-Ariq Nixon (Edgewood) SR
25-Liam Lehr (Winston Churchill) SR

Others to watch:
Pat Hofstedt (Severna Park) ***Washington & Lee
Luke Rosen (Patterson Mill) SR
Justin Hooper (Marriotts Ridge) JR

Isaac Myers (John Carroll) SO was No.10 when his season ended due to a concussion. He was No.4 (at the time) in the private school rankings.
Brett Gallagher (Landon) JR was No.18 when his season ended. At the time, he was No.8 in the private school rankings.

1-Adam Bain (Middletown) SR (W)
2-Jake Mackenzie (South Carroll) SR (W)
3-Josh Small (Catoctin) JR (W)
4-Alec Horner (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
5-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) SO (N)
6-Avery Thurman (Dunbar) SR (N)
7-Luke Rosen (Patterson Mill) SR (E)
8-Justin Hooper (Marriotts Ridge) (S)

1-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) SO (S)
2-Jake Nielson (Urbana) JR (N)
3-Chase DeMaille (Oakdale) SR (N)
4-Lance Andriani (Northern Calvert) JR (S)
5-Nick Sulhoff (Huntingtown) SR (S)
6-Seamus Selmi (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO (W)
7-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) JR (W)
8-Scott Miser (Bel Air) SR ***McDaniel (E)

1-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) SR
2-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Josh Laubach (Curley) JR
4-Dominick Reyes (Loyola) SR
5-Tyler Savage (Spalding) SO
6-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) SO
7-Everett McDuffie (St. Paul’s) SO
8-Evan Gaines (Boys’ Latin) SR

1-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) JR
2-Neil Schuster (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) JR
4-Aryemis Brown (Bullis) SR ***Air Force Academy
5-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) FR
6-Jake Makosy (Urbana) SR
7-Tyler Bauer (North Caroline) JR
8-Cody Davis (Century) SR
9-Jacob Jarosz (Severn) JR
10-Max Sotka (Glenelg) JR
11-TJ Quelet (St. James) SO
12-Jaleni Machen (Landon) SO
13-Sean Billups (Atholton) SO
14-Amr Narmouq (Centennial) SR
15-Austin Cestone (Marriotts Ridge) SO
16-Josh Merkle (Southern-AA) JR
17-Evan Bliden (Liberty) JR
18-Joey Embleton (Southern Garrett) JR
19-Brett Williams (Quince Orchard) SR
20-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) FR
21-Luke Patterson (Northwest-Mont)
22-Luke Vaughters (St. Mary’s) SR
23-Taylor Randolph (Loyola) JR
24-Rasim Aliyev (Pikesville)
25-Jake Hipps (Kent Island) JR

Others to watch:
Cameron Nelson (Patapsco) SR
Trevor Crowley (Leonardtown) SO
Jacob Baker (Catoctin) FR
Quentin Hager (Sparrows Point) SR

Robert Doetsch (Dundalk) SR was No.2 when his season ended due to injury. The defending state champ, was also the No.2 3A/4A wrestler at the time.
Jemar Cannon (Dunbar) JR was No.16 when his season ended. He was also the No.5 1A/2A wrestler at the time.

1-Tyler Bauer (North Caroline) JR (E)
2-Cody Davis (Century) SR (W)
3-Austin Cestone (Marriotts Ridge) SO (S)
4-Josh Merkle (Southern-AA) JR (S)
5-Evan Bliden (Liberty) JR (W)
6-Joey Embleton (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
7-Rasim Aliyev (Pikesville) (N)
8-Jake Hipps (Kent Island) JR (S)

1-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) JR (N)
2-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) JR (S)
3-Jake Makosy (Urbana) SR (N)
4-Max Sotka (Glenelg) JR (E)
5-Sean Billups (Atholton) SO (E)
6-Amr Narmouq (Centennial) SR (E)
7-Brett Williams (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
8-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) FR (W)

1-Neil Schuster (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Aryemis Brown (Bullis) SR ***Air Force Academy
3-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) FR
4-Jacob Jarosz (Severn) JR
5-TJ Quelet (St. James) SO
6-Jaleni Machen (Landon) SO
7-Luke Vaughters (St. Mary’s) SR
8-Taylor Randolph (Loyola) JR

1-Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s) SR ***Princeton
2-Jamar Williams (South Carroll) SR
3-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) SR
4-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) SO
5-Eugene Zacerous (Perryville) SR
6-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) FR
7-Caleb Wilson (Georgetown Prep) SR
8-Cam Farrow (Middletown) JR
9-Kaleb Corbin (North Hagerstown) SR
10-Brady Loveless (Kent Island) SR
11-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) JR
12-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) SO
13-Jason Litvak (Loyola) JR
14-Dustin Radford (Spalding) FR
15-Tucker Almany (St. James) SR ***St. Joseph’s University
16-Jeremy Cranston (Gilman) JR
17-Andrew Welch (Winston Churchill) JR
18-Khalil Owens (Northwest-Mont) SR
19-Garrett Murray (Glenelg) SR
20-Ryan Briggs (Good Counsel) SR
21-Demontae Wright (Edmondson) SO
22-Jason Smith (Old Mill) JR
23-RJ Monoghan (Catoctin) JR
24-Troy Grandstaff (Marriotts Ridge) SR
25-John Clifford (Springbrook) SR (W)

Others to watch:
Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) FR (W)

1-Jamar Williams (South Carroll) SR (W)
2-Eugene Zacerous (Perryville) SR (E)
3-Cam Farrow (Middletown) JR (W)
4-Brady Loveless (Kent Island) SR (S)
5-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
6-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) SO (N)
7-Demontae Wright (Edmondson) (N)
8-RJ Monoghan (Catoctin) JR (W)

1-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) SR (N)
2-Kaleb Corbin (North Hagerstown) SR (N)
3-Andrew Welch (Winston Churchill) JR (W)
4-Khalil Owens (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
5-Garrett Murray (Glenelg) SR (E)
6-Jason Smith (Old Mill) (E)
7-John Clifford (Springbrook) SR (W)
8-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) FR (W)

1-Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s) SR ***Princeton
2-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) FR
4-Caleb Wilson (Georgetown Prep) SR
5-Jason Litvak (Loyola) JR
6-Dustin Radford (Spalding) FR
7-Tucker Almany (St. James) SR ***St. Joseph’s University
8-Jeremy Cranston (Gilman) JR

1-Ethan Smith (Sparrows Point) SR
2-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) SO
3-David Schultz (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) FR
5-Paul Purkey (Damascus) JR
6-Riley Stewart (Georgetown Prep) SR
7-Ernie Sigmon (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
8-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) SO
9-Tommy Gomez (Bel Air) SR
10-Hunter Crowley (Patterson Mill) JR
11-Abu Abdillah (Paint Branch) SR
12-Wyatt Thompson (Broadneck) SR
13-Garrett Vandervalk (Westminster) SR
14-Paul Johnson (Oakland Mills) SR
15-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) SO
16-Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) JR
17-Seth Cranford (Northern Calvert) JR
18-Austin Cole (Charles H. Flowers)
19-Jaden Mack (North Point)
20-Drew Brenowitz (Good Counsel) SO
21-Brayon Farmer (Lackey) SR
22-Mert Gulen (Middletown) SR
23-Jacob Kobus (North County) SR
24-Fio Tranquill (Winston Churchill) JR
25-Jordan Bishop (Snow Hill) JR

Others to watch:
Michael Scott (Kent Isalnd) SR

Jr. Njogho (Parkdale) was No.11 when his season ended. He was No.5 in the 3A/4A rankings.

1-Ethan Smith (Sparrows Point) SR (N)
2-Hunter Crowley (Patterson Mill) JR (E)
3-Paul Johnson (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
4-Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) JR (N)
5-Brayon Farmer (Lackey) SR (S)
6-Mert Gulen (Middletown) SR (W)
7-Jordan Bishop (Snow Hill) JR (E)
8-Michael Scott (Kent Isalnd) SR (S)

1-Paul Purkey (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) SO (E)
3-Tommy Gomez (Bel Air) SR (E)
4-Abu Abdillah (Paint Branch) SR (W)
5-Wyatt Thompson (Broadneck) SR (E)
6-Garrett Vandervalk (Westminster) SR (N)
7-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) SO (N)
8-Seth Cranford (Northern Calvert) JR (S)

1-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) SO
2-David Schultz (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) FR
4-Riley Stewart (Georgetown Prep) SR
5-Ernie Sigmon (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
6-Drew Brenowitz (Good Counsel) SO
7-Jerry Rosser (John Carroll)
8-Ian Takas (Loyola) SO

1-Noah Kalishman (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) SR
3-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) JR
4-Austin Stith (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Gabe McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
6-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) SO
7-Cody Williams (McDonogh) FR
8-Tyrone Roper (Curley) SR
9-Jacob Brummett (Gilman) SR
10-Tyler Clemmer (Middletown) SR
11-Zach Strand (Easton) SR
12-Alex Eaton (North Caroline) SR
13-Caleb Bourne (Stephen Decatur) JR
14-Alexander Green (Leonardtown) JR
15-Naisir Bakare (Old Mill) JR
16-Arlen Agiliga (Patterson Mill) JR
17-Marvin Mitchell (Northern Calvert) SR
18-Elijah Baisden (Damascus) SO
19-Karson Robinette (Allegany)
20-Joe Goline (Walkersville) JR
21-Elijah Solomon (Franklin) SO
22-Drew Cheezum (Kenwood) SR
23-Noah Johnson (Western Tech) SR
24-Carter Johnson (Landon) JR
25-Mac Alban (Boys’ Latin) JR

Austin Smith (Paint Branch) JR was No.14 when his season ended due to injury. He was No.6 in the 3A/4A Rankings.
Kyleel Buckner (Dunbar) SR, a two-time state placer, was No.20 when his season ended. He was No.6 in the 1A/2A Rankings.

1-Tyler Clemmer (Middletown) SR (W)
2-Zach Strand (Easton) SR (E)
3-Alex Eaton (North Caroline) SR (E)
4-Arlen Agiliga (Patterson Mill) JR (E)
5-Karson Robinette (Allegany) (W)
5-Joe Goline (Walkersville) JR (W)
7-Noah Johnson (Western Tech) SR (N)
8-Aaron Smith (Oakland Mills) SO (S)

1-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) SR (S)
2-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) JR (E)
3-Gabe McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR (W)
4-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) SO (N)
5-Caleb Bourne (Stephen Decatur) JR (S)
6-Alexander Green (Leonardtown) JR (S)
7-Naisir Bakare (Old Mill) JR (E)
8-Marvin Mitchell (Northern Calvert) SR (S)

1-Noah Kalishman (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Austin Stith (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Cody Williams (McDonogh) FR
4-Tyrone Roper (Curley) SR
5-Jacob Brummett (Gilman) SR
6-Carter Johnson (Landon) JR
7-Mac Alban (Boys’ Latin) JR
8-Will Maigetter (Loyola) JR

1-Brady Daniel (Good Counsel) SR
2-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) SO
3-John Urban (St. Paul’s) JR
4-Keagan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) JR
6-Bryce DeMaille (Oakdale) JR
7-John Luke Iglesias (Walt Whitman) JR
8-Jared Burgoyne (Huntingtown) SR
9-Nathan Forschner (Parkdale) SR
10-Alex Woodburn (Leonardtown) SR
11-Jian Joobeen (Stephen Decatur) SR
12-Michael Bradshaw (Damascus) SR
13-Jack Akers (Century) SR
14-Isaac Lawson (Wicomico) SR
15-Rudy Ngougni (Montgomery Blair) JR
16-Junior Pimentol (Rockville) SR
17-Ethan Sypes (Bullis) JR
18-Gerard Nutter (New Town) SR
19-Harry Walsh (Manchester Valley) SR
20-Tyler Woodard (Dulaney) JR
21-Nick Nordhausen (Mt. Hebron) JR
22-Chris Bonilla Arocho (Meade) SR
23-Zach Osborne (South River) SR
24-Troy Gladney (Hereford) SR
25-Randy Gassaway (Franklin) SR

Others to watch:
Riley Bushman (Severna Park) SR

1-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) SO (N)
2-Jack Akers (Century) SR (W)
3-Isaac Lawson (Wicomico) (E)
4-Gerard Nutter (New Town) (N)
5-Troy Gladney (Hereford) (N)
6-AJ Holmes (Winters Mill) SR (W)
7-Edmond Harrison (Western Tech) (N)
8-Sean Hermann (Middletown) SO (W)

1-Bryce DeMaille (Oakdale) JR (N)
2-John Luke Iglesias (Walt Whitman) (W)
3-Jared Burgoyne (Huntingtown) SR (S)
4-Nathan Forschner (Parkdale) SR (S)
5-Alex Woodburn (Leonardtown) SR (S)
6-Jian Joobeen (Stephen Decatur) (S)
7-Michael Bradshaw (Damascus) SR (W)
8-Rudy Ngougni (Montgomery Blair) JR (W)

1-Brady Daniel (Good Counsel) SR
2-John Urban (St. Paul’s) JR
3-Keagan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) JR
5-Ethan Sypes (Bullis) JR
6-John Schreck (Friends) SR
7-Vinny Tomarchio (Glenelg Country) JR
8-Mike Vargas (Curley) SO

1-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) JR
2-Thomas Gates (Georgetown Prep) SR
3-Sean Mullican (Middletown) SR ***West Virginia
4-Chukwudi Kalu (Western Tech) SR
5-Brendan Woody (South River) SR
6-Jalen Lea (Good Counsel) SR
7-Vinnie Shaffer (Curley) SR
8-Adam Berg (John Carroll) JR
9-Alon Hough (Woodlawn) SR
10-Yeabsira Tilahun (Dundalk) SR
11-Jamie Rodriguez (Westminster) SR
12-Sam Rothstein (Century) SR
13-Shawn King-Pimbo (South Hagerstown) JR
14-William Smith (Dunbar) SR
15-Keon Hunter (Edmondson) JR
16-Tyler Ecker (Reservoir) SR
17-Paul Warner (Mt. St. Joe) JR
18-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SO
19-Ean Spencer (Stephen Decatur) SR
20-Jerold Gaither (Mt. Carmel) JR
21-Troy Hamilton (High Point) SR
22-Joseph Monroe (Largo) SR
23-Jose Vasquez (Parkside) JR
24-Cole Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SO
25-Paul Hann (Francis Scott Key) SR

Others to watch:
Harry Tompkins (Severna Park) JR
Stanley McCombs (Old Mill) SR

Thomas Weems (Overlea) was No.20 when his season ended. He was the No.6 1A/2A wrestler.
Andrew Bikay (Owings Mills) was No.22 when his season ended. He was the No.7 1A/2A wrestler.

1-Sean Mullican (Middletown) SR ***West Virginia (W)
2-Chukwudi Kalu (Western Tech) SR (N)
3-Sam Rothstein (Century) SR (W)
4-William Smith (Dunbar) SR (N)
5-Keon Hunter (Edmondson) (N)
6-Joseph Monroe (Largo) (S)
7-Jose Vasquez (Parkside) JR (E)
8-Cole Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SO (W)

1-Brendan Woody (South River) SR (E)
2-Alon Hough (Woodlawn) SR (N)
3-Yeabsira Tilahun (Dundalk) SR (N)
4-Jamie Rodriguez (Westminster) SR (N)
5-Shawn King-Pimbo (South Hagerstown) (N)
6-Tyler Ecker (Reservoir) SR (E)
7-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SO (S)
8-Ean Spencer (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)

1-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) JR
2-Thomas Gates (Georgetown Prep) SR
3-Jalen Lea (Good Counsel) SR
4-Vinnie Shaffer (Curley) SR
5-Adam Berg (John Carroll) JR
6-Paul Warner (Mt. St. Joe) JR
7-Jerold Gaither (Mt. Carmel) JR
8-Terrance Bridgers (Landon) SO