On October 8th, Kenwood High School inducted the fourth class into the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame, with 12 former Bluebird athletes enshrined.

The event celebrates Kenwood’s rich tradition in both academics and athletics, which has endured in the Essex/ Middle River community for more than 75 years.

“Participating in athletics has helped in the development of many of our graduates and had a lasting impression on them,” said Kenwood athletic director Derek Maki.  “The 12 individuals that were recognized have gone on to have successful careers and will serve as role models for our current student population.”

Hereare the members of the class of 2010, followed by their graduation years:

John Pederson – 1963

Walter Mendich – 1941

Buddy Alrich – 1963

Jeffery Boller – 1976

Dean Prudoe – 1974

Greg Connelly – 1966

Edward Bailor – 1970

Donna Harold – 1957

Maurice White – 1965

Rick Coburn – 1964

Larry Harmel – 1963

Catherine Stainer – 1965