Patterson Mill picked up a pair of wins Wednesday night, handling Havre de Grace and North East in an UCBAC tri-meet.

Winning by fall over the Warriors was Mark Mossa at 112 in 52 seconds, Raul Rivera at 140 and Mike Dashiell at 28, while decisions were earned by Sinha Devakar at 152, winning 6-1, and Tyler Mackenchine at 171, beating Wolbert, 7-1.

Other team-point winners came by forfeit recipients Chase Tallen (103), Nathen Cooper (119), Jason Noss (125), Zach Cullions (130), Jon Williams (135), Jake Stone (145), Jeff England (160) and Corey Myers (189).

Havre de Grace’s lone win came at 215 when T. Peters beat Connor McCleod, 9-4.

North East saw a little more success against the Huskies, winning five matches on the night, seeing decisions from Mazurick (125) and Russell (152), major decisions by Fortune (103) and Downe (160), and a fall at 215 from Sexton.

Other Huskies duplicating wins in the second match of the night were Mossa (112), Rivera (140), Mackekenie (171) and Dasheill (285), all recording falls in the second match.

Patterson Mill’s next bit of competition comes at the Kent County Invitational this weekend with North East, as Havre de Grace takes on Cambridge South Dorchester Friday.

Patterson Mill 72, Harve de Grace 3

103 Tallen PM win by FF
112 Mossa PM win by pin over Wilson :52
119 Cooper PM win by FF
125 Jason Noss PM win by FF
130 Zach Cullison PM win by FF
135 Jon Williams PM win by FF
140 Rivera PM win by pin over Peters 1:32
145 Stone PM win by FF
152 Devakar PM 6-1 Dec over Scarough HDG
160 England PM win by FF
171 Machekenie 7-1 Dec over Wolbert
189 Myers PM win by FF
215 T. Peters HDG 9-4 Dec over McCleod
285 Dashiell PM pin 3:14 over Vancherie

Patterson Mill 51, North East 20

103 Fortune NE 9-0 Dec over Chase Tallen PM
112 Mark Mossa PM pin at 4:48 over M. Beckert NE
119 Nathen Cooper PM wins by FF
125 Mazurick NE 8-2 Dec over Jason Noss PM
130 Zach Cullison PM pin 4:36 over T. Beckert NE
135 Jon Williams PM 15-0 Tech Fall over Curry NE
140 Rual Rivera PM pin 3:04 over Keeley NE
145 Jake Stone PM pin 1:36 over Rodriguez NE
152 Russell NE 8-6 Dec over Sinha Devakar PM
160 Downe NE 10-2 Dec over Jeff England PM
171 Tyler Mackenie PM pin 5:25 over Nagovich NE
189 Corey Myers PM 14-0 Dec over Boone NE
215 Sexton NE pin 5:30 over Ryan Zwirlein PM
285 Mike Dashiell pin 1:23 over Hanna NE