Things weren’t looking great for the Glenelg Gladiators when looking at the overall number of top seeds, but the team came out fighting and saw 10 wrestlers go undefeated to advance to Saturday’s Howard County Wrestling Championship semifinals.

Leading in the team score by 15 points, the Gladiators are ahead of second place River Hill, who also put together an astonishing nine-wrestler lineup for the semifinals, keeping it a competition for the county crown.

Oddly enough, the Gladiators only go head-to-head with the Hawks one time in the semifinals, when Glenelg’s Charles Walls takes on River Hill’s Ryan Noonan at 160.  The lack of match-ups means the county tournament could very well come down to the last championship final of the night.

Oakland Mills and Wilde Lake battled hard on Friday, pushing seven wrestlers each into the next round of the championship bracket, while the Reservoir Gators put forward five wrestlers.

Team Scores into semis:

1. Glenelg 106.0
2. River Hill 90.5
3. Reservoir 89.5
4. Wilde Lake 88.0
5. Oakland Mills 70.5
6. Mount Hebron 59.0
7. Hammond 53.0
8. Centennial 48.0
9. Marriotts Ridge 32.0
10. Atholton 30.0
11. Long Reach 17.0
12. Howard 12.0

Howard County Semifinal Match-ups:

Mason Kilcarr (RES) Ethan Eckley (WLK)
Taariq Mohammed (RH) Zach Hensley (OKM)

Tony Farace (OKM) Hans Wicklein (RES)
Alex Polonsky (WLK) Colin Morse (MRR)

Iam Hochuli (MRR) Eric Lee (RES)
Alex Stewart (MTH) Ryan Carter (GLE)

Nathan Kraisser (CEN) Ryan Blum (RH)
Drew Vickers (MTH) Ethan Trinh (WLK)

Cameron Kirby (RH) Zach Fernande (MTH)
Seth Rowell (RES) Richie Randall (OKM)

Marcus Coffield (WLK) Macon Stanley (CEN)
Jerry Fumba (OKM) John Milani (GLE)

Tola Morankinlo (WLK) Parker Dymond (GLE)
Donovan Peek (RES) Brett Kaufman (ATH)

Jack Borkowski (GLE) David Ulysse (OKM)
Cory Daniel (RH) Vryan Overton (HAM)

Alex DoQuang (OKM) Kyle Eckart (HOW)
Mathias Ngang (HAM) Anthony Pagnotta (GLE)

Charles Walls (GLE) Ryan Noonan (RH)
Joey Yarn (OKM) William Kelly (HAM)

Mark Colabucci (RES) Logan Kirby (RH)
Alvan Harris (WLK) David Pruett (GLE)

Zathy Ndiang (WLK) Glenn Lucas (GLE)
Jon Iwaskiw (MTH) Omar Messallam (RH)

Jacob Benedict (RH) Matt Herlihy (RES)
Baldwin Asala (HAM) Matt Gochar (GLE)

Josh Hamilton (RES) Nick Hoyt (GLE)
Payton Rose (HAM) AJ Wade (MTH)