The Glenelg Gladiators had to wait a few more days, but they finally got their chance to meet the La Plata Warriors head-to-head, Saturday, and the top team of Howard County came out to a big win, 30-29.

The La Plata Warriors had a large hole to dig out of after nine matches, trailing Glenelg 30-8, but some of the top Warriors wrestlers came together to accumulate 29 team-points, falling just one shy of tying the dual meet.

And it really was just one point, as La Plata’s Brannon was one spoint away from a mjor decision over Borkowski, which would have earned and extra team point, and Zimmerman’s final bout was just three points short of a major.

But the Gladiators were able to fend off those hard-defended points, and work a 22-point lead in the beginning of the match to secure the dual-meet win.

Pinning for Glenelg was Pruett, Fitzgibbons, and Caffery, with added decisions by Zoller, Carter, Pagnotta and Milani.

Papanicolas was the only Warrior wrestler to win in the early goings of Saturday’s meet, winning by a technical fall and seeing laters wins from Jennings, Brannon, Lopez, Jiggs and Zimmerman.

Glenelg 30, La Plata 29

Pruett (G) fall Lee (LP) 1:32 [6-0 G]
Fitzgibbons (G) fall Roberts (LP) 1:15 [12-0 G]
Boarman (LP) d. Hoyt (G) 5-3 3OT [12-3 G]
Papanicolas (LP) Tf. Miller (G) 19-2 [12-8 G]
Zoller (G) dec. Patterson (LP) 5-4 [15-8 G]
Carter (G) dec. N. Higgs (LP) 7-0 [18-8 G]
Au. Pagnotta (G) dec. Gutierrez (LP) 8-1 [21-8 G]
Caffrey (G) fall. Adams (LP) 1:39 [27-8 G]
Milani (G) dec. Dull (LP) 5-4 [30-8 G]
Jennings (LP) fall Dymond (G) 2:45 [30-14 G]
Brannon (LP) dec.Borkowski (G) 7-0 [30-17 G]
Llopez (LP) fall An. Pagnotta (G) 2:26 [30-23 G]
J. Higgs (LP) dec. Asher (G) 3-1 [30-26 G]
Zimmerman (LP) dec. Walls (G) 7-2 [30-29 G]