Most sports fans know of Eddie Feiner, and his four-man traveling softball  team that was known as “The King and His Court.”

At the Meadowmill Athletic Club on Thursday afternoon, the Gilman 7 has made MIAA history as the Kings of the Squash Court.  The Greyhounds won another championship, their fourth in four years, and they have never lost a league match since the inception of the conference.

The best match of the day was between Gilman’s Taylor Tutrone and BL’s Michael Mutscheller.

Although he was tested, Tutrone won game five 11-4 to defeat Mutscheller 3-2 to remain undefeated after four years of play for the Gilman squash team.  Tutrone led his team to a 7-0 sweep of the Lakers in the MIAA A Conference championship game, culminating a brilliant four year career for coach Boo Smith. Tutrone completes a stellar career, playing No. 1 for almost all of his matches since he was a freshman, and he never lost in MIAA play.

Last week at the nationals, Tutrone played the best in the country, and he came out 3-1.

David Hoffman, playing the majority of his matches at No. 2, only lost once in four years, and that was as a freshman.  Hoffman lost to Kelly Dayton in 2008, when Dayton was a junior.

“It’s been a good four years,” said Hoffman. “Our school has ben fortunate to have a ton of good squash players at the same place, at the same time.”

“It’s exciting,” said Tutrone. “We’ve dominated as a team.”

Tutrone said that his match with Mutscheller was well fought.  “He really wanted to win to end my streak.”

Coach Smith, who now has 117 wins as the coach of the Greyhounds, said that Tutrone and Hoffman came in as freshman, and they’ve played 1 and 2 ever since.

The Gilman seven have amassed 20 collective championships under Smith.  In addition to Tutrone and Hoffman with four each, Will Hanley and Daniel Hoffman played on three championship teams, and Michael East, Peter Dewire and Jakob Metz all played on two.

Mutscheller that he thought he had Tutrone at two-all, but he ran out of gas.

“He’s always killing the ball, making me get to every shot,” concluded Mutscheller.

Next week the MIAA will hold the individual championships, and Mutscheller and Tutrone are expected to do battle again.

Gilman 7, Boys’ Latin 0
No. 1 Tutrone (Gilman) def Mutscheller 3-2
No. 2 David Hoffman (Gilman) def Snyder 3-0
No. 3 East (Gilman) def Bedford 3-0
No. 4 Hanley (Gilman) def Ward 3-0
No. 5 Dewire (Gilman) def Adams 3-0
No. 6 Metz (Gilman) def Parriot 3-0
No. 7 Daniel Hoffman (Gilman) def Porter 3-0