The McDonogh Eagles came to the Meadowmill Athletic Club on Thursday afternoon with a 4-1 record in the MIAA A Conference, and their goal was to give the Gilman Greyhounds their first conference loss in four years.  The Greyhounds (15-0, 8-0), however, were intent on keeping their streak going and they continued their winning ways, sweeping the Eagles, 7-0, to keep their remarkable undefeated record in tact.

Taylor Tutrone (playing #1) and David Hoffman (#2) set the tone again for coach Boo Smith. Only Tutrone’s match with McDonogh junior Foster Hoff had drama, as Hoff captured game two, and lead 5-1 in game three before Tutrone came back to dispatch Hoff  3-1 ( 11-8, 6-11, 11-8,11-9).

Tutrone has never lost an A conference match, and Hoffman has only lost once. Tutrone and Hoffman have played #1 and #2 for Smith since they were freshmen.

“It was a well played match by Foster Hoff,” said Tutrone, who along with Hoffman will attend Princeton University next fall.  “It’s the toughest he’s ever fought against me.”

Hoff said the key to his game was patience.

“I had to hold the tee and keep Taylor off the tee and play it down the wall until he gave an opportunity to me,” said Hoff.  He has very good shots.  From anywhere on the court, he can put it in the corner, and if you leave the ball up, he puts it away.”

Smith called Hoff an excellent player.

The Greyhounds were coming off a 27-0 win at the Flanigan Tournament at Mercerberg in Pennsylvania.

Next month they will play in the high school nationals at Yale.

Hoffman said it’s been a great four years.

“We’re focusing on getting ready for the nationals, which will be the biggest part of my four year career,” Tutrone said.  

“This is the best team I’ve ever had,” said Smith.  “The senior class is remarkable.”


#1   Tutrone (Gil)  def Hoff (McD) 3-1
#2   David Hoffman (Gil) def Weiss McD) 3-0
#3   East (Gil) def Brown (McD) 3-0
#4   Hanley (Gil)def Cromwell (McD) 3-0
#5   Dewire (Gil)def Hauver (McD) 3-0
#6   Metz (Gil)def Tiberii (McD) 3-0
#7   Dan Hoffman (Gil) def Berg(McD) 3-0

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