Of a rather inexperienced group of young men, the Towson Generals were able to send six wrestlers to the MPSSAA State Tournament, and hope to send even more in the 2010-2011 season having graduated just one.

“We had a bunch of young guys and they really came a long way,” Towson coach Philip Simmonds said.  “They worked hard all year long and really surprised ourselves when we took six guys to states.  

“We had a good group and only graduated one of those guys, so we have a lot of retunes and hope for a good season this year.”

Exiting the wrestling scene in the first practice of 2009, Towson’s Jesse Garrett recovered from a broken leg to return just weeks before the Baltimore County tournament, placing fourth and moving through regions to the state tournament.

This year, Garrett hopes to stay healthy and finished by placing in the states.

“I think we are going to do pretty well,” Garrett said.  “We need to keep working hard and listen to the coaches; run our sprints as hard as we can.”

In the off-season, 18 Towson wrestlers traveled the more than 300-mle trip to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s wrestling camp, and four others attended a two-week intensive camp at the Ohio State University in preparing for the 2010-2011 season.

“Jonn Grovogui, Jesse Garrett, Hussan James and Will Beckman, they are all great leaders,” Simmonds said.  “They are tough, hardnosed kids and just give 100 percent all of the time.

“I think, if we can get everybody healthy and fill in a few spots, we will give a lot of people a run for their money.”

Probable Towson Lineup

103-Ronnie May
112-Chase Gordon
119-Brett Evans
125-Matt Ridgely
130-Nathan Kahla
135-Hussan James
140-Jordon Rezek / Harrison Hart
145-Jesse Garrett
152-Matt Eicholtz / John Ripka
160-Jonn Grovogui / Al Sahlu
171-Nathan Nerortas / Ellis Faener / Peter Zaleski
189-Will Beckman / Janey Ferguson
215-Bobby Lindsey / Michael Mathews / Nathan Nemortes