Walking into the North County High School gym, both the Reservoir Gators and the Bel Air Bobcats knew they were not favored to win the 2010 State Dual Championships.

Both teams advanced in the tournament finals being beaten by, or being seeded lower than the team they were facing, but both were determine to put on a show, and the Gators and Bobcats worked upsets for their respective 3A/4A and 1A/2A State Dual Meet Championships.

LaPlata put up a fight with the Gators in the 3A/4A finals, coming back from a eight-ping deficit with two matches to go and working a decision and tech fall to close the match with a 31-31 time, sending the State Duals Title to the rulebook.

The teams were even in points, both sitting with 31, but it was the Gators who earned the title of champions as they out-pinned LaPlata, three pins to two.

Prior to the Duals, LaPlata had defeated Glenelg this regular season in a dual, and with Glenelg also defeating Reservoir with ease in a dual, the Warriors were seen as favorites to win.

But as the Gators proved in the 3A/4A, favorites aren’t always champions, and the Bobcats echoed the idea in upending Glenelg in the 1A/2A side, 32-23.

The Bel Air Bobcats went into the tournament as the fourth seed, but walked out as state champions, late Tuesday night, beating No. 1 seeded Owings Mills, 39-28, and surprising the reigning champion Glenelg, 32-23.

Entering the final two matches with the scored tied, 23-23, Bel Air saw a lead-taking win from Calligaro at 160 and a tournament title fall from Kuegler at 171 for the 32-23 final.

Glenelg fought its way back into the match after a slow start, trailing by as much as 10 points, but the Bobcats earned points consistently to the final fall for the win.

With Glenelg already defeating Bel Air during the regular season, 41-24, the Bobcats had to fight back from the earlier loss and not only capture their state title, but also disrupt Glenelg’s shot at a repeat.

Reservoir 31, LaPlata 31
140: Laplata pin (6-0 Laplata)
145: Reservoir dec (6-3 Laplata)
152: Reservoir maj (7-6 Reservoir)
160: Laplata pin (12-7 Laplata)
171: Laplata tech (17-7 Laplata)
189: Laplata dec (20-7 Laplata)
215: Reservoir pin (20-13 Laplata)
285: Reservoir pin (20-19 Laplata)
103: Reservoir dec (20-22 Reservoir)
112: Reservoir pin (20-28 Reservoir)
119: Laplata dec (23-28 Reservoir)
125: Reservoir dec (23-31 Reservoir)
130: Laplata dec (26-31 Reservoir)
135: Laplata tech (31-31)

Matches 7-7
Pins 3-2 Reservoir for the win

Bel Air 32, Glenelg 23
189-Glenelg dec. (0-3)
215-BA pin (6-3)
285- BA MD (10-3)
103- BA dec (13-3)
112-Glenelg tech (13-8)
119- Glenelg dec (13-11)
125- Glenelg dec (13-14)
130- BA dec (16-14)
135- BA mdec (20-14)
140- BA dec (23-14)
145- Glenelg dec (23-17)
152- Glenelg pin (23-23)
160- BA dec (26-23)
171- BA pin (32-23)