The Arena Club in Bel Air will host a free Speed & Power training session this Saturday (Feb. 26) from 12:00-3:00 p.m. for male and female middle school and high school athletes looking to prepare for athletics at the next level.

Led by the Arena Club’s Mike Edge (BS CPT, CSCS), a pro with 23 years of experience in strength and conditioning, participants will receive a full afternoon of speed and strength analysis, including laser timed sprints, motion video analysis and full evaluations on strength and agility through a number of different performance tests, as well as dynamic warm-up and cool down techniques.

“The facility, equipment, and more importantly the coaches make our Ultimate Speed and Power Training / SPEED & POWER HOUR unique,” said Edge, who is a NSPA certified strength and conditioning specialist and a member of the strength and conditioning staff of the Washington Nationals.  “Our experienced coaches and trainers range from Division I strength and conditioning coaches to a current and active decathlete.  A blend of mixed martial arts and martial arts instructors to former high level gymnasts.  

“We feature prep training for football and lacrosse as well as showcase training for baseball and softball.  Our sports specific and age appropriate approach technique is second to none with our state of the art facility including indoor turf fields; aquatics facility (for off day training with sport cords and deep water training), outdoor fields and 3 group exercise studios for variety,” added Edge.  “We also have hot yoga and pilates for the ultimate in cross training for younger to older athletes.”

Saturday’s event is open to individuals and teams from throughout the Baltimore metro area.  This opportunity is well worth the trip to Bel Air.  The Arena Club is located at 2304 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015.  To register, call 410-734-7300.  This event is limited to one free hour per person/team.

Here is everything that is included in your free hour of speed and power training, as well as basic bios on the other participating trainers:

  • Dynamic Warm-Ups
  • Newest Equipment
  • Sports Motion Video Analysis
  • Vertical Jump Training & Testing (Vertimax Elite 8 and Vertec)
  • TRX Suspension Training for Core and Total Body Strength
  • Sport Cordz Speed Training
  • Lateral Cordz (Later speed training)
  • Battle Ropes (Upper Body Strength & Endurance)
  • Timed 40’s (Laser Timed)
  • Power Ball (Core Strength)
  • Power Sleds (Power & Strength for all sports)
  • Agility Bags with Chip-O-Meter Bands (Agility Training patented by Chip Smith)
  • Evaluation by Strength Coaches
  • And much more

Brief bios:

Alex Tingue, BS, CPT, USAW;  former Asst. Strength and Conditioning coach for University of Delaware,  Sprinter and Jumper for UofD Track and Field; current record holder at UofD for Decathlon.

Jack Griffin BS, CPT: former Asst. Strength and Conditioning coach for University of Maryland.  Four year football player for University of Maryland both offense and defense under Ralph Friedgen.

Dennis Wright BS, CPT, PES:  Sports performance enhancement specialist and martial arts instructor of 10 years.

Brian McGivern, BS, CSCS: current head strength and conditioning coach at Loyola University.  Direct supervision of Division I college athletes and college prep program design.

Nicole Bosley-Smith, BS, CPT, SNC, TRX:  certified in sports nutrition, former optional level gymnast/emphasis in female athletic conditioning and flexibility. Suspension training certified.

Mike Gullion, CPT, TRX: certified mixed martial arts instructor for three years, current competitor in US sanctioned squat and power lifting competitions.

Coach Keith Rawlings, Arena Club owner, coach of football for over 20 years, former John Carroll head football coach, current defensive coordinator at St Paul’s.