Led by Michelle Dimenna’s winning run of 20:34, Notre Dame Prep captured victories over St. Mary’s and Mercy in IAAM cross country on Wednesday, while St. Mary’s came away with a win over Mercy.

Here are the complete results:


1Michelle Dimenna20:34NDPNDP 25,
St. Mary’s 30
2Caroline Reiser20:36St. Mary’s
3Mary Reiser20:37St. Mary’s
4Kyla Keefe21:02NDPNDP 19,
Mercy 42
5Sumner Legambi21:07NDP
6Brianna Stewart21:37St. Mary’s
7Kasey Fogelsanger21:54MercySt. Mary’s 19,
Mercy 42
8Amelia Tearnan22:01Mercy
9Laura Monaghan22:03NDP
10Sarah Sabastian22:14NDP
11Jenna Gilman22:20St. Mary’s
12Katie Delaney22:23St. Mary’s
13Rachel Quinn22:35NDP
14Claire Goggins22:41NDP
15Mary Lombardo22:49NDP
16Danielle Seifert23:05NDP
17Mary Kate Helm23:06NDP
18Lauren Craig23:21NDP
19Julia Jacobs23:25St. Mary’s
20Brittany Martin23:26NDP
21Alex Malstron23:33NDP
22Abby Blevins23:56St. Mary’s
2324:10St. Mary’s
24Angie Smith24:29NDP
25Kelsey Fiddes24:35Mercy
26Tori Kontor24:37St. Mary’s
27Katie Alman24:52Mercy
28Claire Ford25:00NDP
29Julia Conners25:14NDP
30Meghan Stewart25:19NDP
31Abby Feola25:22NDP
32Erin Cain25:24NDP
33Sarah Kasun25:24NDP
34Genn O’Keefe25:34NDP
35Caitlin Reagan25:40NDP
36Amanda Campbell25:41NDP
37Alice White25:42NDP
38Leah Feulner25:43NDP
39Allison Ruddy25:48Mercy
40Hamnati Aberle25:48NDP
41Aleta Terrill26:00Mercy
42Liza Bower26:09NDP
43Ebby Goggins26:13NDP
44Jenny Schindler26:24NDP
45Missy Velez26:33NDP
46Maggie Perkins26:37NDP
47Lizzie Stillinghagan26:42Mercy
48Tory Nymick26:45NDP
49Meredith Gentzel26:46St. Mary’s
50Jane Lorenzi26:53NDP
51Abbie Matson27:03Mercy
52Nikki Arcodia27:12NDP
53Anna Murphy27:25NDP
54Stephanie Voith27:32Mercy
55Megan Cain27:53NDP
56Mackenzie Konka27:58St. Mary’s
57Lindsey Aborn28:07NDP
58Nikki Mennucci28:39St. Mary’s
59Molly Martin28:43St. Mary’s
60Megan McWaters28:43St. Mary’s
61Olivia Sweeney30:10Mercy
62Caitlin Whissel30:16St. Mary’s
63Katy Pineda30:59Mercy
64Kristina Schafer32:03Mercy
65Emily Hanna32:38St. Mary’s
66Michela Gaviorna34:13St. Mary’s
67Maggie Lawder34:47Mercy
68Elizabeth McSarley34:48Mercy
69Mariel Bolton37:40Mercy