Friars crown four champs, have 12 placers overall

by Billy Loverocket
Drew Haugh’s Archbishop Curley wrestling squad showed steady improvement over the course of the 2018-2019 season. They finished in tenth place at the state tournament and found themselves listed amongst the top tournament teams in the state when the dust settled.
The Friars came in third at last year’s Knightmare and came through this year with the team title at Parkville High School on Saturday afternoon. After day one, Curley was tied with Boys’ Latin in first with 83 points. The Friars distanced themselves from the Lakers and eventual runner-up Langley from Virginia on the second day, coming out ahead by 36.5, 250.5-214. Boys’ Latin landed in the three spot with 206.5 points.
“After finishing third last year, we really felt we could win it this year, as we are a senior laden team that have all been wrestling together since their freshman year,” Curley coach Drew Haugh said. “We were tied with Boys’ Latin 83-83 after the first day. We knew we had to win the third place matches and beat them head to head.
“We had seven in the finals and they had six. There were three head to heads which we won two of them, so we felt we wrapped it up at that time. Langley ended up passing BL for second. So, our guys were pretty pumped after winning the tournament.”
Freshman Dylan Young grabbed Curley’s first gold of the day with an impressive showing that led to him being named the Outstanding Lightweight of the tournament. Young did not allow a point and used two pins and a technical fall to blaze through the bracket.
“Young wrestled great. He tore up the competition and won the outstanding wrestler award.” Haugh added. “He is a freshman who wrestled for Perry Hall’s junior league. His coach, Doug Yoakum, has really groomed Dylan to start on the varsity and win his first tournament and the OW to go with it.”
Nick Kobrick (138), Will Riley (152), and Garrett Butt (195) were the Friars other titlists. Christian Kalb (113), Adrian Triguero (132), and Trevor Lintz Sr. (182) earned silver. Picking up bronze were Bradley Lintz (120), Jeremiah Trotman (220), and Judah Conway (285). Ray Smythe was fifth at 126 and Matt Miller placed sixth at 170.
Haugh heaped praise on his champions.
“Our 138 pound wrestler, Senior Captain Nick Kobrick, blazed through his opponents, was so technically sound, winning his weight class. Will Riley won the 152 lb class. Will is a Senior Captain who is as tough as nails. He wrestled a great final against one of Boys’ Latin’s best wrestlers (Mason Alford-James). Will has so much grit and determination, he is a real pleasure to coach.
“Garrett Butt, also a Senior Captain, put on a clinic in the finals. Garrett is so tough and hard-nosed, he can match up with anybody and win. And if he doesn’t win, he goes out fighting, never quitting or giving up.”
Langley took three wall charts back to Virginia as Alex Woltman (126), Sebastian Moller River (132), and Caleb Womack (220) reached the top rung. Moller River was bestowed the Outstanding Middle Weight honor.
Boys’ Latin had two champions, Cedric Tyson (120) and TJ Morton (182). Morton was named the Outstanding Upper Weight for his efforts.
The hosts saw one grappler earn supremacy in his weight as heavyweight Emmanuel Anoante edged Langley’s Jack Bush, 4-3. Baltimore County public schools crowned another champ in Eastern Tech’s Matt Haines (113). Calvert Hall’s Liam Kammer won the 170lb weight class.
The last two champs hail from Harford County, Rising Sun’s Mason Craig (145) and Edgewood’s Trae Hughes (160).
Haugh has watched the seniors on his team grow over the years and felt they were working towards bigger things with the way they finished last year.
“The momentum definitely carried over from last season. The Seniors have been so positive and work so hard, setting the tone in the room for the rest of them. Again, they have been together since ninth grade and have shown incredible leadership, on and off the mat.”
Team Scores:
1-Archbishop Curley 250.5
2-Langley 214
3-Boys’ Latin 206.5
4-Rising Sun 141
5-Eastern Tech 110
6-Edgewood 103
7-Parkville 98
8-Calvert Hall 91.5
9-Friends 64
10-Chesapeake-BC 55
11-Patapsco 49
Weight: 106
1st: Dylan Young, Curley 3-0
2nd: Ryan Ronsckevitz, Langley 2-1
3rd: Erik Langley, Parkville 2-1
4th: Blake Flauger, Rising Sun 2-2
5th: Peter Zejmis, Friends 2-2
6th: Clayton Dicus, Eastern Tech 0-1
Weight: 113
1st: Matt Haines, Eastern Tech 2-0
2nd: Christian Kalb, Curley 2-1
3rd: Matt Logue, Calvert Hall 3-1
4th: Teddy Davies, Boys’ Latin 2-2
5th: Jonathan Booker, Edgewood 1-2
6th: Shawn Mari, Chesapeake 1-3
Weight: 120
1st: Cedric Tyson, Boys’ Latin 3-0
2nd: Dorrian Jackson, Eastern Tech 2-1
3rd: Bradley Lintz, Curley 3-1
4th: Matt Oliver, Edgewood 2-2
5th: Dalton Morris, Parkville 2-2
6th: Johan Shattuck, Friends 1-3
Weight: 126
1st: Alex Woltman, Langley 3-0
2nd: Colby Miller, Rising Sun 2-1
3rd: Duncan Kammer, Calvert Hall 3-1
4th: Roberto Zavala, Chesapeake 2-2
5th: Ray Smythe, Curley 2-2
6th: Giovanni Brown, Parkville 1-3
Weight: 132
1st: Sebastian Moller River, Langley 3-0
2nd: Adrian Triguero, Curley 2-1
3rd: Quinn Smith, Friends 3-1
4th: Logan Garvin, Rising Sun 2-2
5th: Anthony Garcia, Patapsco 2-2
6th: Zach Obrocki, Calvert Hall 1-3
Weight: 138
1st: Nick Kobrick, Curley 3-0
2nd: Gavin Corridon, Eastern Tech 2-1
3rd: Micah Thomas, Rising Sun 3-1
4th: Justin Kagen, Boys’ Latin 2-2
5th: Corey Jones, Parkville 2-2
6th: Thomas Doody, Langley 2-3
Weight: 145
1st: Mason Craig, Rising Sun 3-0
2nd: Kyle Brown, Edgewood 2-1
3rd: Aidan Noonan, Langley 3-1
4th: Nathan Crouse, Boys’ Latin 2-2
5th: Mitchell Wilson, Patapsco 2-2
6th: Jeremiah Jackson, Parkville 1-3
Weight: 152
1st: Will Riley, Curley 3-0
2nd: Mason Alford-James, Boys’ Latin 2-1
3rd: Dylan Mohr, Rising Sun 3-1
4th: Syvil Blake, Patapsco 2-2
5th: Kevin Minh, Eastern Tech 2-2
6th: Curtis Smith, Edgewood 1-3
Weight: 160
1st: Trae Hughes, Edgewood 3-0
2nd: Romero Jackson, Chesapeake 2-1
3rd: Gavin Proutt, Boys’ Latin 3-1
4th: Sean Marcille, Langley 3-2
5th: Charlie Maskel, Calvert Hall 3-2
6th: Caleb Kirk, Rising Sun 3-3
Weight: 170
1st: Liam Kammer, Calvert Hall 3-0
2nd: Riley McClure, Boys’ Latin 2-1
3rd: Anthony Sekulow, Parkville 3-1
4th: Devin Housman, Langley 2-2
5th: Praise Kroma, Chesapeake 4-2
6th: Matt Miller, Curley 3-3
Weight: 182
1st: JT Morton, Boys’ Latin 3-0
2nd: Trevor Lintz Sr, Curley 1-1
3rd: Pierson White, Langley 3-1
4th: Tyreak Carey, Edgewood 1-2
5th: Travis Elliott, Eastern Tech 1-2
6th: Nick Cortee, Calvert Hall 0-3
Weight: 195
1st: Garrett Butt, Curley 3-0
2nd: Justin Waters, Boys’ Latin 2-1
3rd: Liam Noonan, Langley 3-1
4th: Willie Mallonee, Friends 2-2
5th: William Stansburry, Patapsco 3-2
6th: Sean Nelson, Edgewood 2-3
Weight: 220
1st: Caleb Womack, Langley 3-0
2nd: Mason Isaac, Boys’ Latin 2-1
3rd: Jeremiah Trotman, Curley 3-1
4th: Perryn Publico, Eastern Tech 2-2
5th: Nasir Hart, Parkville 2-2
6th: Michael McQuaid, Calvert Hall 2-3
Weight: 285
1st: Emmanuel Anoante, Parkville 2-0
2nd: Jack Bush, Langley 1-1
3rd: Judah Conaway, Curley 2-1
4th: Ethan Shackelford, Rising Sun 1-2
5th: Xander O’Malley, Boys’ Latin 0-1